NGO in the Child protection Industry Cambodia

Child Sex Tourists Bus in Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Your webmaster has only choosen a few of the 3000 (in words three thousand) of NGO's riding the gravy train in Cambodia to give you an idea.

In Khmer the Word "Organisation" translates to "Angkar". Under the Khmer Rouge everything was done for "Angkar" an entity that turned out to be one of the most ruthless and murderous entities in Cambodian History. The Khmer Rouge Leaders did exactly what Thierry Darnaudet is trying. They keep in the Background and pull the strings and let local People like Samleang Seila (Country Director of APLE) give the impression that APLE is a local Childprotection NGO and do the dirty work.

It's amazing how simple it is to establish a "foreign funded" Non Government Organisation in Cambodia.
Before you even think about opening up a Child Protection Business in Cambodia, here's some advise:
"Orphanages with a heavy Western involvement inadvertently create a Western-infused cultural oasis that is separate from the child's birth culture."

Are you from the UK and consider working for a child related NGO?
Better read this press snippet. Britain now offers NGO's and who else to draw on the criminal record data base of the UK, presumably because they believe that most of those working in child related org. are indeed criminal.
read more:Britain offers online check on NGO applicants
And some advise for western donors:
Advise to Donors at Christmas 2012 Fundraising Campaigns
if you cannot find the article on BBC, click here:Stop giving to Charity

Unicef - what are donor funds used for ? A 2013 Example
In January Unicef Germany had a Group of 10 Unicef People travel to Cambodia to be toured around by Unicef CambodiaUnicef Cambodia Headquarter Phnom Penh and look at some "Projects" of their "Water works" Campaign. The daily blog of revealed that this costly trip of 10 was a merely camouflaged entertainment trip to an exotic country for the 8 voluntary Fundraisers and 2 Unicef Germany Staff. It included a visit to "Friends" in Phnom Penh which also runs the Childsafe campaign - there is absolutely no connection to the subject of "water works" ! Later on a School, a Hospital was visited to look at broken latrines and water filters that consisted of a block of sandstone and a filter mesh where water had to be poured over. Again, like in most Tourist agenda's Cambodian Children had to stand in line to have their pictures taken along with the white tourists. Similarities to a visit in a Zoo are obvious. The Project produced an estimated 30.000 Euro costs for the Group of 10. no "Water works" Project was acutally added or set up and the question arises of how many new Wells , Latrines, Toilets could have been built with this Money that Donors gave to improve the Life in Cambodia.

Unicef Germany first denied that Unicef actually paid for the 8 Volunteers in the group and claimed they paid all expenses by themself. A little later they admitted that "yes" Unicef actually paid a part.

My advise to Donors. Just stick it !! Keep your Money or give some to the needy in your local community.

Foreign funded NGO's that spearheaded the Hate Campaign against western men in Cambodia:
APLE,Mlop Tapang and Starfish aswell as Friends/Childsafe are the initiators of the ongoing Anti-paedophile Hype against western men. The Myth that Cambodia is a heaven for foreign western Paedophiles was created by this handfull of people and of course Thierry Darnaudet the CEO and Founder of APLE. All in line with the UNand her far reaching Programs.:
un-sex-for-food-2006.jpg un-peacekeeper-wants-sex.jpg

They are exclusively established and run by former BACKPACKER Tourists/Volunteers that don't have any Qualification in social science or Child related matters. They simply set up tent and decided to stay and run a child shelter,NGO or similar.They call themselfes "social entrepeneurs" but are in fact "moral panic" creeps. Thousands of so called "Volunteers" set foot on Cambodia every year and many are likely to become Copycats of the above.

In the Background mostly Terre des Hommes - Netherlands, Globalhumanitaria -Spain, Aecid - Spain have done most of the funding while smaller NGO's like Ecpat,Intervida,Anesvad have used the opportunity to shine in the Media by having their names on the Childsafe and Protect Ad's in Cambodia.
Government Organisations that participated in the Ad Campaign fundings are: Aecid,The Canadian-,U.S.-, British, Swiss and other western countries governments. All are complicit in the ongoing Gangstalking and smear campaign against western men in Cambodia.

An exception to this is the US christian faith based "WORLD VISION"
World Vision which is well established around the world but has a controversial past that links it to the CIA operation-phoenix.jpg and an even more controversial ad campaign designed by the US Government Agency "ICE" (Immigration and Custom Enforcement)that label every westerner as a "potential Paedophile".World Vision Ad in Tourist Areas around Cambodia

Cambodia has no Law that would regulate the NGO Sector and every attempt by the Cambodian Government to set up such a NGO Law was torpedoed for the last 10 years or so. With help of the US, Australia, Canada, the UN and European Union any attempt to regulate the NGO Sector was torpedoed. Of course the reason for this is that NGO do a lot more than just charity work, but that is kept secret.
NGO Law for Transparency

So here they are, bombarding the western media with constant Reports of how bad things are in Cambodia and cashing in huge amounts of Donations. NO QUESTIONS AKSED ! (ps:in Dec. 2012 it became clear that due to the ongoing financial crisis many NGO's will have to shut down in 2013: see
NGO no longer on Donors mind

Before getting into Detail with the above NGO's here is a little overview how foreign funded NGO's are seen in other 3. World Countries around the world.

The Problems NGO in general cause in the was best graphically displayed by a NGO critic in Quetta:NGO a Problem not only in Cambodia ngo-watchdog.jpg The UN Cash cow corruption-triangle2.jpg

Help all Children in need, but don't give them food or money and in no way support Parents of these poor Children on your own suggests this ad from Friends/Childsafe in Cambodia:p4150181.jpg

(Give your money to us, the FAT CAT NGO's) That is their recommandation to you, the donor from Sebastien Marot's Childsafe campaign. They deny you the basic human right to feel pity with somebody in trouble or not so well off as you are.

Before you enter the World of the unknown facts behind NGO's, i recommend you check out some interesting Books on the subject:

1. Graham Hancock's "LORDS OF POVERTY" (the power,prestige and corruption of the international aid business) ISBN 0-87113-469-1.

2.Another Author, Linda Polman from The Netherlands has put her findings in "The Crisis Caravan" ISBN-13 978-0312610586,"de Bemedleidings Karavan" in dutch, also available in German under "die Mitleidsindustrie".

3.And since we are on the Subject of Cambodia and Sex: "Emergency Sex" by 3 UN peacekeeping people, Kenneth Cain,Heidi Postlewait,Andrew Thompson. They could well be called the "average NGO worker".un-peacekeeper-wants-sex.jpg

4.The fact that foreign funded rescue NGO's are actually hurting Cambodian Women is well documented in Laura Maria Agustin's Book > Sex at the Margins (ISBN 978-1-84277-860-9) She reports that most Sex Workers don't see themself as victims and don't want to be "rescued". Instead of a good income to support large families they are offered training jobs in sewing classes where they can earn 60$ a month, providing they find a job in one of cambodias backbreaking factories.

Many of the international NGO's operating in Cambodia are also busy elswhere in the 3. world, cashing in on misery and desaster. Haiti for example is another equally dark chapter of NGO activity .

Even the ultra conservative BBC from the UK reported on the subject, this time not in favour of the NGO's. see their website and search "The truth about NGO"and hear their podcasts:

There are many similarities of the NGO Sector in Haiti,Malawi and India. Please listen to this podcast !!

actually registered in the US as a corporation in Miami, Florida)
The spanish, APLE's major donor and international promoter of APLE's
PROTECT Program has recently moved office to the U.S. to raise more funds for the PROTECT Program they run with APLE.

For this they have set up office in New York on
32 Broadway, Suite 301,New York, 10004 NY,
Tel. +1 212 7428012,
because of the close proximity to the UN which loves to fund "Global" projects.

It's not surprising that the "real" office is located in Miami, Florida:see their "whois" website info:
Domain ID:D103428345-LROR
Created On:09-Dec-2003 19:59:11 UTC
Last Updated On:15-Jun-2012 00:25:09 UTC
Expiration Date:09-Dec-2013 19:59:11 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:1 & 1 Internet AG (R73-LROR)
Registrant ID:SPAG-42252028
Registrant Name:Alma Melendez
Registrant Organization:Global Humanitaria Corp (I always said it's a Business !!!)
Registrant Street1:2355 Salzedo St
Registrant Street2:Suite 307
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Miami
Registrant State/Province:FL
Registrant Postal Code:33134
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.3054465101
Registrant Phone Ext.:
Registrant FAX:
Registrant FAX Ext.:
Admin ID:SPAG-42252026
Admin Name:Alma Melendez
Admin Organization:Global Humanitaria Corp
Admin Street1:2355 Salzedo St
Admin Street2:Suite 307
Admin Street3:
Admin City:Miami
Admin State/Province:FL
Admin Postal Code:33134
Admin Country:US
Admin Phone:+1.3054465101
Admin Phone Ext.:
Admin FAX:
Admin FAX Ext.:
Tech ID:SPAG-42252027
Tech Name:Javier Gil
Tech Organization:Global Humanitaria
Tech Street1:Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes n 632
Tech Street2:1 planta, escalera C
Tech Street3:
Tech City:Barcelona
Tech State/Province:
Tech Postal Code:08007
Tech Country:ES
Tech Phone:+34.902201320
Tech Phone Ext.:
Tech FAX:
Tech FAX Ext.:

Although Globalhumanitaria is the main promoter of the controversial PROTECT Program that Darnaudet invented, there have been no reports of arrests of foreign paedophiles around the world, wherever they are present. They appear like any other NGO and work the health and education sector.

World Vision

click here to enter : World Vision A Christian faith NGO from the US that is more Government Organisation that you may think. From using vulnerable Children as a bait (see pictures unter the link) to connections to the CIA, it's all there. World Vision ran Refugee Camps in South Vietnam during the Vietnam War and is accused to have caused the death of more than 20.000 Vietnamese because of the World Vision Staff pointing out possible VietCong Sympathizers or VietCong Fighters in the Refugee Camps during Operation Phoenix. Read more at the above link.

International Justice Mission (IJM)ijm-canada-director.jpg gary-haugen-intl.-justice-mission.jpg
another fanatic U.S.,christian faith based NGO that has used CIA Style covert tactics and Gangstalking in Cambodia to track down Pedophiles, which are exclusively white or at least not Cambodian. (except US Embassy Personal etc.) US Embassy,ICE & CIA
click here for more details:
IJM International Justice Mission On youtube you will find a number of clips IJM uploaded. You will find enough proof there that they send young americans to cambodian brothels (of course with hidden cameras) to exploit underaged prostitutes. Why they don't send the same people to american brothels with underaged prostitutes is clear. It's risky and would propably not sell so well as a cambodian story.
And how about their presence in their home country where Child Sex Trafficking is relevant, too :

Mlop Tapang, Sihanoukville
APLE's closest ally and practically the equivalent of the "Ministry for Childrens Affairs" is :Mlop Tapang Sihanoukville Cambodia

Maggie Eno, the British Backpacker understood like no other what opportunities where available in Sihanoukville. Today her Operation employs more than 160 Streetworkers and she owns a totally donation funded Childrens Home that originally had cost more than 250.000 USD. To read more about this organisation click on the above link.
Starfish Project, Sihanoukville
Starfish Sihanoukville, Cambodia
This NGO is merely a front for a Cafe in Downtown Sihanoukville and a Souvenir Shop at Serendipidy Beach, where other NGO's meet, having a coffee and small talk. Starfish was initially run by US Citizen Deidre O'shea, which was later replaced by Swedish Erika Hilmersen from Nykoeping, Sweden.
O'shea was Part of the "Sihanoukville Response Group" targeting western Men that where seen mingeling with Cambodian Fruit- and Souvenir selling Kids at Serendipidy Beach in Front of Uncle Bob's Bar (Bob Skelton, the 3.member) under the shade of a big Tree which later became the Symbol of Maggie Eno's Mlop Tapang NGO (another founding Member of the Sihanoukville Response Group). See more under the link, above.

Friends-Cambodia, Phnom Penh (inventor of the Childsafe Campaign)
p3091731.jpg childsafe-moto--shirt.jpg p1020518.jpg p9220332.jpg friends-childsafe-moto.jpg

Sebastien Marot another french Traveller turned NGO, who studied political science and worked for the french diplomatic corps in Asia decided to give his political carrier the boot, come back as a Backpacker and start his own NGO "
Friends" instead. In 2011 the model expanded not only in Cambodia, but also Thailand and Laos and (via partners) to Honduras. He quickly joint forces with Maggie Eno's Mlop Tapang which is handling the Childsafe Motodop issues in Sihanoukville. (see more:Friends Child Safe

To see how Cambodian Taxi Drivers are trained to become "special undercover agents"for Sebastien Marot's CHILDSAFE snitch network see following pics:
buneang-or-childsafe-2.jpg buneang-or-childsafe-center.jpg buneang-or-childsafe-training-1.jpg buneang-or-childsafe-training-2.jpg buneang-or-childsafe-training-3.jpg buneang-or-with-childsafe-training-poster.jpg
Somaly Mam Foundation
An insider report:
I have just returned from Cambodia working with AFESIP one of Somaly Mam's organizations. I want to warn people that although Somaly Mam has a compelling personal story and international profile as a champion of rights for sex trafficking survivors, her organizations are severely problematic. After 7 months in Cambodia attempting to help AFESIP build its psychology program I determined that the organization is so dysfunctional and emotionally unhealthy that my job was impossible. I met others who had attempted to work for Somaly Mam run organizations (Voices for Change and Somaly Mam Foundation - in Cambodia) who encountered similar (and worse) problems.

Please think twice about going to work or volunteer for any of these organizations. The reality does not match the public image. Feel free to contact the editor under the above web link.
A recent Report in the Cambodian Daily (April 22,23 +27. 2012) highlighted the SOMALY MAM Lie !

see:somaly-mam-1.jpg somaly-mam-2.jpg somaly-mam-3.jpg somaly-mam-4.jpg somaly-mam-5.jpg somaly-mam-6.jpg somaly-mam-7.jpg somaly-mam-8.jpg
Somaly Mam, herself a Victim of Human Trafficking by her own family quickly advanced to become what some call an "ICON on Human Trafficking and Child abuse issues in Cambodia" in the U.S. With the Help of her french Husband and many concerned People around the World she managed to set up a fundraising NGO (
Somaly Mam Foundation) in the US and spearheaded Anti Prostitution and Trafficking Demonstrations and Actions (with in Cambodia. After a major crackdown by Cambodian Police on a brothel in Phnom Penh many Cambodian Women where taken into police custody and later held in the "so called shelter" of The Women did not want to be kept there and tried to break out, while their relatives and friends tried to break them free from their virtual Jail. It's not a secret that many arrested Prostitutes in Cambodia get raped and abused by the Prison Guards and Police.

The LIE of Somaly Mam, which she had spread for years was:

1. that her daughter got kidnapped by some criminals as a punishment for her activities in the above case.

The truth is, that her daughter ran away with her boyfriend after the separation of Somaly Mam from her french Husband.

2. that 8 girls got killed by the thugs that freed them from the shelter.

None of this ever happened. She just made it up to ...... ? Yes, propably to raise more funds.

She managed to get even UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to repeat the above claims in front of intl. NGO's and Country Representatives in New York.

Only after mounting pressure from her former french husband and the international media did Somaly Mam confirm that she made it all up.

At the End of 2012 the Somaly Mam foundation again made headlines, this time with another outrageous lie that she presented to the UN General Assembly:
Long Pros, a Cambodian Girl in her 20's for years was used by Afesip as the ultimate example of Slavery, Human Trafficking in Cambodia. She was a TV Talk Show regular and used by the US Media extensively. Now her Story that she lost one of her eyes because she was attacked while imprisoned in a brothel has been questioned and found untrue. Read the following snippets.

bayon-pearnik-on-afesip-nov.2012.jpg somaly-mam-12-2012-1.jpg somaly-mam-12-2012-2.jpg somaly-mam-12-2012-3.jpg

check out what "Phnom Penh" Insiders say to this >
Save the Children
In August 2012 Pakistan kicked out the entire foreign staff of the UK based "
Save the Children" because they operated the CIA directed "fake insulation campaign" in Abottabad, Pakistan
in order to get hold of Bin Laden. Save the Children Uk was quickly to denie all charges of wrong doing (how could they do otherwise ?) This shows, when the
CIA thinks it's not opportune to use World Vision for its covert operation, it can use a foreign NGO, instead. This practice is no isolated case.

The Question on my mind is: If the US is soo keen on protecting children in Asia from harm, why do they kill them using CIA commanded Drones in Pakistan and other parts of the World ?
Hagar hagar-intl.jpg pierre-tami-hagar.jpg
Apart from Hagar's main business, the catering business it also runs a "Shelter Program" for abused children. They are referred here mostly by APLE and the likes. Once a child is in this "Shelter"hagar-shelter---locked-up-rescued-kids.jpg there usually is no escape from there, and even parents cannot get them home. hagar-shelter-no-escape-for-kids.jpg The child is an asset and is kept (mostly against it's will) until it is of no further use to the NGO's, which means after they have been presented to court to make the case against the accused abuser. Not surprisingly Hagar's Intl. Ceo Talmage Payne is a former World Vision Country Director Cambodia
Children that are "rescued" usually end up in "Shelter" like the one Hagar, World Vision and Mlop Tapang operates. There they become an asset for the NGO and the Proscecutor.

The Kids are not allowed to go back to their families until they are fully exploited by the ngo/proscecutor alliance.
hagar-trauma-ctr-1.jpg See also the recent assessment of Phnom Penh Expats:Opinions from the Web

Pretty much like this story from france:

A relative of the British family murdered in the French Alps has demanded British authorities return the two children who survived the massacre to their family and claimed a French nuclear worker found dead at the scene was the intended target of the attack.

Dr Ahmad al-Saffar told the Guardian the family wanted the two children who survived the attack returned to them from foster care where they were placed when they came back to Britain.

He said the family believed the sisters, aged seven and four, should be being brought up in a Muslim household. Saffar added that they were being kept in foster care "against their will", which was exacerbating the "pain and suffering" caused by the loss of their parents.

Saffar is the uncle of Iqbal al-Saffar, who was found dead in a car in Annecy in September. Also shot dead was her husband, Saad al-Hilli, from Surrey, and her mother. One of their children was shot and beaten with a pistol, while another escaped unhurt. Nearby the body of a French cyclist was found.

Saffar criticised the French prosecutor and said the family felt they were not being treated as victims but were being put on trial and their lives put under a microscope.

Recent reports said ballistic tests showed the French cyclist was shot first, contrary to what had been first reported about the attack. The French authorities said they did know who was shot first.

Saffar said his family resented the speculation that feuds among relatives may have been a motive for the killing. He said: "From my family's perception I do not see any single reason why three members of my family were the targets for a murder. I do not see any reason. None of these [supposed motives] the French prosecutor has mentioned are credible at all."

"I think the French cyclist was the target. The mounting evidence and leaks are saying the main target was the cyclist. There is no reason for our family to be targeted in France when they were on vacation."

The cyclist, Sylvain Mollier, worked as a welder at the subsidiary of a French nuclear company.

Saffar dismissed speculation about a row over the will of Saad al-Hilli's father: "I think this was ridiculous, this is not something unique to the al-Hilli family. Some differences arose after the father's death, but the family are civilised people, they are not solving their problems in this brutal way."

He added: "The French prosecutor is putting our family on trial, they are not being treated as the victims any longer, they are the accused."

Speculation centred on Saad al-Hilli's brother, Zaid. Saffar said he and Zaid had helped organise the funerals last weekend in Britain and was saddened by the speculation. "This really is very disturbing to bring up these issues as the reason for this savage murder," he said. "He felt very bad about this speculation."

Earlier this month it was claimed the family had a Swiss bank account and that Hilli had been in Geneva shortly before his death. An illegal Taser gun was claimed to have been found in the family's Surrey home.

Over the weekend, Le Monde claimed Saad al-Hilli's father was linked to a payment of over £800,000 from the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, with the report saying the information had been passed to French police by German intelligence. The claims were rejected by French police who said they had no knowledge of the alleged payments nor had been given details about them.

Saffar said he doubted the claim, saying: "The father left Iraq in the 1970s because of disagreements with the regime."

Hilli's seven-year-old daughter, Zainab, was left severely wounded, and four-year-old Zeena traumatised after hiding under her mother as the gunman sprayed the car with bullets.

Saffar said Surrey county council, which has placed the orphaned sisters in foster care, should return the children to the family. "Their suffering and pain continues on top of what pain and suffering they have experienced," he said.

"They should be with their family to give them some comfort and we see that every time we meet them."

Saffar, who saw the children with their aunt last weekend, said: "It was hard to see Zainab, to hear her ask why our meetings are so short."

Their aunt is seeking guardianship of the two surviving children from the attack. Saffar said: "The social services can see these two girls want to be with their aunt." The foster parents were not Muslims, he added, and the sisters were "deprived of being in an environment which is the same as [provided] by their parents, in regards of religion and culture".

Saffar said: "We are not saying anything negative about this [foster] family – they are good – but we think the girls are better off with their aunt. The affection is not there."

He said of Zainab, whom the hitman attacked and left for dead: "I saw her last Saturday. She is doing fine. One can see very clearly she is with a foster family against her will."

In the Guardian interview, the al-Hilli family's dissatisfaction with the French investigation is barely disguised.

Saffar said the family were not being kept in touch with the progress of the investigation. He said: "We have had no contact from the French about the investigation, just interviews when we were in France after the murders, and no contact since."

The family had one meeting with British police, in addition to interviews as witnesses.

He criticised the French prosecutor, Eric Maillaud, saying: "His job is to find the killer and not to focus on the family. I hope it will not take him 10 years to solve the crime, as he has said. I think he should hand it over to someone else to do a better job."
In Sept. 2012 the Russian Government ordered the closure of the USAID Mission in Moscow and sent home the foreign staff because they too, where suspected and possibly trapped in spying on their host country. Again the CIA is believed to be behind most of the covert actions using USAID as cover.
GLOBAL-PAC (when criminals open a child protection entrapment website)
One might be happy to read that Cambodia is no longer a safe country for Western tourists and expats searching for sex, especially those interested in under age girls and boys. One might be less happy to learn that Cambodia, or ‘Scambodia’ as it is called by expats is a dangerous place for innocent Western men with money, including those naïve enough to want to be involved in local charitable work. The main reason for this is a wicked alliance between some corrupt police and members of the judiciary and certain ‘child rights’ organizations.

In three cases, and possibly four, in Cambodia, we have found that the Phnom Penh-based Cambodian Women's Crisis Centre (CWCC) has manufactured evidence to convict Western men of the rape of underage girls. This organization is funded from overseas on the basis of such convictions. It bribes the girls that it persuades to make the accusations with attractive ‘compensation’ and it pays the police. Before one says ‘but that’s just Cambodia’, the CWCC is supported by international aid organizations, including USAID and AUSAid, and other women’s crisis and child rights activist organizations. Elsewhere on this web site there is dramatic evidence of what this organization has been engaging in – activities that have resulted in the imprisonment of a number of innocent men.

Side by side with this organization, we find another NGO, the Cambodian Institute of Human Rights, CIHR, whose director embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars meant to promote human rights. He has moved on to become a spokesman for the Royalist Funcinpec party, to which the CWCC is also aligned, being owned as it is by the Funcinpec Minister of Women's Affairs,
Mu Sochua, who is the real force behind the CWCC.

We are now asking some questions. The frauds and extortion of these NGOs have been brought to the attention of USAID and AUSAID. Not only do they not appear to want to know about them, we are beginning to believe that they already knew but kept trying to hush them up and get around them. The US and Australian embassies appear hostile to this information being extracted. We began to wonder if there was someone in the US who could bring this to the attention of a relevant senator or congressman, and then the situation became even worse.

The Cambodian Women's Crisis Center (CWCC) is central to our story about Clint Betterridge, Bart Lauwaert (Lauwaert died in jail) and Graham Cleghorn which are told under ‘Country by country’ in the menu. Amongst what is emerging is the almost surreal information that the recent Cambodian Minister of Women's Affairs, Mu Sochua, is a friend and colleague of the Siem Reap director of CWCC. While the CWCC is founded in name by Oung Chanthol, it is strongly supported and promoted to donors and embassies of foreign countries by Mu Sochua.

A senior source within Cambodia tells us that Mu Sochua does not support Prime Minister Samdech Hun Sen, but, on the contrary, criticizes and undermines him, and provokes dissension in Cambodian society, even demonstrations against the Cambodian government. And the story does not end here either - Mu Sochua may be an American citizen. Up to now we assumed that this partly explained the hostility of both USAID and the US Embassy to journalistic enquiries. But the story was far from ended

No, the story was far from ended

Since the above was written, we have learned that some young women whom the CWCC had taken into care on the basis that they had been raped by foreigners, and whose testimony had been fundamental in the conviction of their alleged rapists, had ‘escaped’ from that care – yes escaped, and wanted to retract their testimonies. We also received information that another organization acting as an NGO had threatened individuals who had attempted to interview the girls about their retractions – information vital to those of us attempting to obtain justice for three men in prison we believe to be falsely accused. Yes, the story is bizarre.

The girls got together and wrote a letter to the Prime Minister, saying that they had been bribed and coerced into making false accusations. They even made a banner and had themselves photographed, and then met a lawyer to talk about a class action against the CWCC. It fought back and attempted to re-bribe them to shut up.
Trojan Horse of the child savers - Global-PAC - Protect All the Children

This web site carried an earlier story about Global-PAC which was tongue in cheek because the editor had been warned about the litigious inclinations of its main characters and about its wealth and connections, but now others have followed that lead and published stories about them.

In the original story, readers were warned about accessing the Global-PAC web site, saying that in their zeal to demonstrate the terrible abuse of children, and to be sure that we are fully aware of what kind of abuse it is, they had included several images of young girls displaying themselves in indecent poses. When you access their site, these download onto your PC, over the caption “Is this how you want your child to be displayed for the rest of the world to see?” You could break the law by viewing these images. Their text continues: “These are just a few of the more modest samplings of pornography featuring under-aged models available online.” They ask: “Did you know that in some countries it is possible to ‘buy’ a girl or boy from age 6 to14, for the duration of your stay? Did you know there are ‘package sex tours’ from the US, UK, Japan, Australia and New Zealand?” You could then click for further information or make an immediate donation, or both.

Upon seeing the images, the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong cancelled a speaking engagement with Global-PAC and sent out a warning email to a few people, which was picked up by one of our journalists, so the images may have already vanished from their web site.

Who and where are they?

They appear to be nowhere and everywhere. They may be based in Guangzhou, China, with two contact addresses: Email - and telephone 86 13641375792. The director there may be New Zealander Gerald Thorns. They have been active recently in South East Asia. They express righteous anger against those who attempt to debunk child rights crusaders and in particular those who question the evidence given by innocent children, or cast doubt on their motivations, or those of the NGOs and prosecutors who support them.

We probed a little further into their work and found the following, some of which we must assure the reader is mere speculation. Two other individuals appear to be involved – a New Zealander, Jack Sanders, and an American we will call B. Sanders is a karate expert who moved to China about ten years ago. B has been described by the NZ Herald as ‘either a CIA agent or a character on the fringe of the American intelligence community’, which could be seen as a further manifestation of how some people find time to attend to many deserving causes.

Sanders and B were part of a delegation that visited the remote island of Nauru last year. The Republic of Nauru, which has a coastline of only 30 kilometres, is a single island located north of the Solomon Islands and just south of the equator. Its population is merely 9,500, mainly native Nauruans, and some Asians and Europeans. It appears to be the world’s smallest independent nation. This action of being interested in the wellbeing of the people of a small remote island resonates with an interest in protecting all the children of the world.

We might never have known about this Nauruan interest, were it not that in August 2003, a business dispute in a Melbourne court revealed some intriguing evidence, in the form of allegations that the US government was pressurizing tiny Nauru. Briefly it appeared that a US bank (the Export-Import Bank - Eximbank), considered to be a front for the US government, was attempting to seize the Nauru national airline’s sole aircraft because of a $14 million unpaid debt. In court, the Nauruan officials testified that the US had promised to waive the debt if Nauru met certain conditions, which appeared to be to sort out its offshore banking and passport-selling operations, and to complete a ‘scientific matter’, not specified ‘on the grounds of national security’. As part of the post-September 11, 2001, push against terrorism, Nauru was threatened with sanctions under the US Patriot Act, so the ‘scientific matter’ may have been a mid-Pacific surveillance unit.

The court case revealed that during the previous March, a delegation from Nauru, headed by its President Bernard Dowiyogo, had traveled to Washington to discuss Nauru’s efforts in the war on terrorism. But Dowiyogo died during the trip, so the outcome is unclear. Amongst those advising the Nauruans were Sanders and B.

In the earlier negotiations with Naurua, Sanders was seen to be a representative of the US government, but when questioned about this by the NZ Herald, the US embassy in NZ denied that he was a representative. B is quoted by the Herald as saying that he had never represented himself as a US employee or agent, although he did admit that he had allowed some people to assume he was. This was necessary because he wanted to gather evidence about illicit activities harming Nauru.

Interestingly, several European countries have now blocked telephone calls to and from Naurua because it’s being used for identity theft and phone call scams, through the hijacking of Western web sites.

And then more came

This story came from a Phnom Penh news agency on May 10, 2004 AKP.

Helping in the fight against child sex abuse, the Interior Ministry's anti-trafficking police on Saturday received $5,700 in night-vision goggles and high tech audio devices, according to the Cambodia Daily. Thong Lim, deputy director of the ministry's Central Justice Police Department, confirmed Sunday that the NGO Global-PAC had donated the equipment and will cooperate with police to fight sex crimes in Cambodia. "Our specialty is in surveillance," Global-PAC General Director Gerald Thorns said. Though operating in Burma, China, Laos, Thailand and several South American and Eastern European countries, Thorns said the operation was a ‘virtual’ NGO with no main office, only a few dozen staff worldwide and investigators hired on a contractual basis. Global-PAC intends to begin a project in Sihanoukville, Thorns said. - AKP.

One of our readers commented that this seemed to corroborate the ‘invisible’ nature of Global-PAC’s activities. The element of ‘surveillance’ is interesting, in view of the alleged CIA connection. But, when asked about the gift, the Ministry of Interior replied that they had actually received two air conditioners and some other rather trivial things.

The mystery anti-pedophiles

Within days of our story, our colleague Richard Woodd of the Phnom Penh Post wrote what can only be described as highly critical opinions of Global-PAC, under the title Sanders and Thorns: the mystery anti-pedophiles.

"Amateurs trying to get a foot in the door," was how he said a police adviser to the Ministry of Interior had described the two New Zealanders, Jack Sanders and Gerald Thorns. And about the gifts - "Our generals were unwise to accept gifts from them."

He quotes Mike Bush, police liaison officer at the New Zealand Embassy in Bangkok: "Extremely dubious. They are not wanted for any crime but I would definitely like to have a meeting with them about certain matters that I cannot discuss with the media. Because they are New Zealanders, I personally have an interest in whether their motives are genuine. Only time will tell if they are credible and legitimate."

Journalist Woodd then adds a fascinating snippet: “Possibly flushed out by a broadcast email from the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong, labeling them possible scam artists. You could tell something hit the fan because newshounds from several countries went into piranha attack mode - - - It spreads quicker than an Aussie bush fire.”

Woodd then revealed an email he had received a few days earlier warning him about them. “Be careful if you go down this rabbit hole; it is very, very deep my friend." The mailer went on to say that Sanders and Thorns were security intelligence ‘deep cover operatives’, using the apparently legitimate cover of an anti-pedophile NGO.

The source went on to suggest that he had met the pair, and two others named Chamberlain and Richards in Afghanistan, that they used ‘cult followers for expendable deep ops’ together with criminals and high-level politicians, that Chamberlain did the training and that they had deep cover operatives and operations in Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Cuba, Chile, and Spain. And Naura resurfaced as he revealed that the second guy in Afghanistan, Richards, was a Canadian lawyer who was involved in that operation.

The plot thickens. The Phnom Penh Post met Sanders and Thorns by invitation at the office of the Anti-Trafficking and Juvenile Protection Police, a department of the Ministry of Interior. Present were the director, General Un Sokunthea, and Brig Gen Thong Lim, deputy director of Central Justice. The Brigadier was introduced as ‘honorary president’ of Global-PAC in Cambodia. Now we may be getting somewhere. Also at the meeting was journalist Martin Chulov from The Australian, who supported the pair and had written previous praiseworthy articles about them.

Here at last is The Australian! We have been struggling to try to understand why The Australian pilloried Clint Betterridge (See ‘Stop this extradition’ under Country by country), and ran a national campaign against him, and ignored the damning evidence that we and other friends of Clint sent them about the corruption and extortion used by NGOs and the police and military in Cambodia. Here now is a representative of The Australian attending a meeting at the heart of the Cambodian military establishment. Martin Chulov had also written about Global-PAC’s ‘Embassy of Nauru’ in Beijing through which they claimed they had smuggled high-level defectors out of North Korea. So tiny Nauru now had an embassy in Beijing.

Woodd published this email from Global-PAC: "We gather evidence on sex tourists and pedophiles and provide it to law enforcement agencies in Cambodia or to the embassies of the culprit's country of origin. That is why we are not eager to give personal details. We are watched by pedophiles, just as we watch them."

Thorns said that the organized sex tourism business had become ‘secure, sophisticated, and very lucrative’. He is in an excellent position to be aware of this, as the Cambodian military and police run the business.

It was Woodd that reported the Foreign Correspondents Club of Hong Kong cancelling a proposed presentation from Global-PAC after seeing its ‘dodgy’ website with its ‘somewhat pornographic images of scantily clad young girls’ and its invitation to ‘Donate Now!’ He also reported Sanders’ recent talk to the Fringe Club in Hong Kong, according to Sanders ‘attended by church leaders and diplomats’. Intriguingly, Sanders mentioned that the content of the talk or meeting ‘included cultic and military group involvement in child abuse’. Does anyone know what is going on here?

Richard Woodd did look for anyone in authority who would vouch for Global-PAC, and did not have to look far because British Ambassador, Stephen Bridges, who had met Sanders and Thorns for two hours was most impressed. "I was introduced to Sanders via a friend in South China, where Sanders lives. They have been to Cambodia on several short visits. I have no reason to doubt their authenticity. I applaud any organization that is prepared to make a positive contribution towards reducing sexual abuse of children, which is a massive problem in Cambodia."

Woodd reports his last email from Global-PAC as: "I think there is a lot of disinfo being fired around about us. Hopefully we will continue our plans but it depends on the fallout from the press reports and the Cambodian Government accepting our version of what is really happening behind the scenes. Cheers. Jack."

Woodd closes: “My guess is that they're paid operatives of some sort and that their clumsy attempt at presenting themselves directly to generals Sokunthea and Lim was intentionally designed to make themselves appear to be eager amateurs with simple good intentions.

“Fact: These guys are being funded by organizations that choose to remain in the shadows, have money to burn, and are willing to burn it on a couple of ‘supposed’ rank amateurs. With so many reputable, well established NGOs in Cambodia, why would anyone choose to fund these dicey characters?

“The glowing endorsement from the British Ambassador, Stephen Bridges, is the biggest tip-off as to the authenticity of these creeps. It's obvious that Mr. Bridges has been directed to vouch for these jokers, either that or he - - - is a complete ass-biscuit who doesn't know his dick from a donut hole.

“Something is fishy in Cambodia. Is this a poorly executed front for Bush's war on sex? Perhaps that or something even darker.

“Creepy bunch of characters with a creepy website manage to spook the entire NGO community of Cambodia and score stacks of cash and a stamp of approval from the British Ambassador, Stephen Bridges at the same time. What's wrong with this picture?”

What is going on?

The British Ambassador, Stephen Bridges, supports a US-funded and possible CIA related child protection front, called Global-PAC, but a front for what? Any clues?
Nauru makes some sense. As the world’s smallest independent state it is possible to use it both for the creation of citizenships and for opening up embassies in foreign countries. The Nauru embassy in Beijing, if it is true, was a masterstroke.

But why the international pedophile bashing, the child protection? Is it an excellent political-ideological device for penetrating Third World countries, bearing gifts to local NGOs, police and military? Have people in Washington sat down and asked what worldwide movement could get us sympathetic and powerful connections in countries all over the globe? Such as the women’s and children’s rights movement in Cambodia headed up by a powerful woman government minister who is challenging the prime minister and who happens to be an American citizen? Such as the military/police that control the national sex industry?

We just got this note – “One of their big ideas was to install surveillance software at email cafes all over Cambodia.”

It is very easy to set up an NGO in Cambodia – It costs only $200 and you receive tax breaks and police protection. Child rights is an unassailable cause and attracts money from donors, including USAID.

What about British Ambassador Bridges? There is probably the simple explanation that child rights and locking up pedophiles have been the planks of his main do gooder bandwagon for some time.

We are aware that Global PAC places the illegal gift of indecent child images on your hard drive when you innocently access their web site, but what other Trojan Horse gifts are they bearing as they advance into Third World countries?

A discussion about all of this has begun between some people in the Antipodes, SE Asia, and Europe.


Global-Pac’s protector is Gen Ung Sokunthea, whose son Lt Ung is the recipient of much of their patronage and was sent by them on a high-tech course to Berlin late 2004, with the assistance of the British ambassador. Gen Ung's husband is Governor of Mondulkiri Province.
The Turf War between Starfish and Global Pac

Global-PAC on Starfish

In June 4,2004 a local Newspaper correctly reported ("Virtual Global-PAC keeps feet on ground in Sihanoukville") that, representing Global-Pac, I had indeed visited the Starfish Project in March in spite of denials that anyone in Starfish had even "heard of" Global-Pac.

Mr Will Capel (Post, June 18, "Starfish on Global-PAC") appears to have now had a "total recall" experience which is so far at variance with what actually took place it has all the extreme literary licence one would expect in a novel. The truth in true slick willy style, is treated like selections from an a la carte menu, including adding a few items that were never there for good measure.

Firstly, there was no "lecture" nor any pretence on my part about being fully in the know about what was happening in Sihanoukville. On the contrary the whole purpose of the meeting was one of fact finding to avoid any meaningless duplication of efforts or "turf" wars, should Global-Pac decide to become involved either in projects of its own, or in the funding of existing projects such as the one in which Starfish is engaged. Mr Capel was very proud to speak at length about his claimed achievements and those of other staff members in the project in response to my questions.

Secondly, Mr Capel asked only two questions about Global-Pac, namely who had suggested I talk to him [as noted earlier a senior diplomat] and, at the end, "and who, or what is Global-Pac anyway?" to which there were no follow up questions to my reply because he was evidently satisfied and wanted to get the interview over with as his friend was waiting. The only response to a question I asked of him which might have been considered evasive was my query regarding organized pedophile rings operating in Sihanoukville, to which he responded he was sure that there were but couldn't prove it.

Personally, after more than seven weeks in Sihanoukville in total, I have yet to be convinced that there are major international pedophile rings actively organizing sex tours to Sihanoukville. There is obviously some opportunistic pedophile activity involving foreigners but for the most part, foreigners, either here for the longer term or visiting, appear to be well-behaved. Suggestions to the contrary may be helpful in the short term to secure funding but in the end we are all better served by confining ourselves to facts, rather than unscrupulous "scaremongering" and that is exactly what reports prepared will say.

Thirdly, it is ridiculous to suggest that Global-Pac's offering and granting of limited material assistance to the police was anything less than welcome and appropriate. It is completely false for Mr Capel to claim that he was the origin of these ideas in our March discussion. The ideas in part came from a diplomatic source earlier than March and were then developed further and finally implemented in May because no other organization had "put their money where they claimed their mouths were" so to speak, or were actively working on similar plans.

For a meeting with me that he originally had forgotten took place, Mr Capel has since had some very creative and self-serving recollections, that seek to "demonize" Global-Pac as a possible competitor for both ideas and actions.

I have no similar desire for reasons of "turf wars" or otherwise, to disparage the work of others, or to claim a monopoly on worthwhile ideas. The project in which Starfish and many others in Sihanoukville is engaged is a very worthwhile one. The gifts to the anti-trafficking police were also worthwhile and both deserve recognition for that. Engaging in a small-minded and self-serving turf war to put other contributors down, or to demonize them, should not be allowed to detract from the constructive efforts of many diverse groups who can assist with the very real problems of child-exploitation, wherever they occur.

Gerald Thorns, for Global-Pac - Sihanoukville

And Starfish's response:

I am writing in response to Richard Woodd's article "Virtual Global-PAC keeps feet on ground in Sihanoukville" , and specifically to Ted Underhill's comments about Gerald Thorns's activities in Sihanoukville.

I did meet with Mr Thorns in late March for approximately one hour. I spoke about the activities of the Starfish Project and M'lop Tapang (MT), both of which have garnered extensive coverage in this Kingdom's English-language press, as well as the Sihanoukville Response Network (SRN) , an embryonic project that is being developed with the cooperation of Starfish, M'lop Tapang, LICADHO, and concerned Khmer and expatriate members of the Sihanoukville community to identify and tackle issues of child sexual abuse in the Municipality.

As a member of the informal advisory boards of Starfish, MT, and the SRN, I informed Mr. Thorns of our activities, gave a loose outline of our plans, and invited him to meet Deirdre O'Shea, the director of the Starfish Project, as well as Margaret Eno, director of M'lop Tapang, to talk further. When I asked Mr. Thorns about Global-PAC's activities and plans, he was extremely evasive and uninformed. Perhaps I should have spoken with Mr. Underhill instead, since as coordinator of Global-PAC's South American activities he feigns greater awareness of the situation in Sihanoukville than Mr. Thorns.

As Mr. Thorns claimed to have a passion for children's rights and issues surrounding that, I looked forward to receiving more information about Global-PAC's future; what I received instead was a barrage of spam email from a Global-PAC Hotmail address concerning New Zealand intelligence agents, Hong Kong pedophile rings, and Embassy of Nauru information, not to mention further details that reminded me more of the National Enquirer back home than the activities of a serious organization claiming to be concerned with the rights of children in Cambodia. The first correspondence I received concerning Global-PAC's actual activities in Cambodia was a series of forwarded paranoid letters exchanged between Global-PAC and reporters for the Daily and Post, approximately one week before the initial articles hit the news stalls here.

There has been no communication between Global-PAC and Starfish, M'lop Tapang, or the SRN since that initial meeting. Starfish, MT, and the SRN are transparent organizations with clear structures and open accounting that continue to produce verifiable results in Sihanoukville municipality and surrounding provinces. All three organizations were started by local residents of Sihanoukville to address problems that we identified as peculiar to Sihanoukville that were being passed over by other NGOs or the government; at the same time, we recognize that solving these difficult issues involves an incredible amount of networking and mutual support with different ministries, organizations, embassies, and individuals who share the same goals.

Leaving aside how Mr Thorns and his organization have been portrayed in the media, I remain skeptical that Global-PAC is interested in helping children's rights or fighting pedophilia in Sihanoukville given the information that they have given me as their "contact" with Starfish, which is minimal, the content of their emails, which verge on the ridiculous, their activities with the police, which appear unscrupulous, and the content of their website, which borders on pornographic.

Global-PAC's plans for "a safe child victim interview room, guesthouse training and posters, and helping train police" sound suspiciously like projects already being executed by MT, the SRN, and Christian Guth's role with the Anti-Trafficking and Child Protection Police.

These plans have nothing to do with the Starfish Project other than Starfish's role as incubator for MT and the SRN, and our continuing relationship with the Sihanoukville Police departments. In fact, they sound remarkably similar to the content of my discussion/ ecture with Mr Thorns in late March - I call it a lecture because he had precious little to say, and what he did mention made clear that he had no plan whatsoever and was desperate to hear what others were doing.

As a concerned resident of Sihanoukville, if Global-PAC can tackle the issue of child sexual exploitation effectively, I certainly welcome their activities and hope that they rise to the challenge. As a concerned advisor to Starfish, MT, and the SRN, I wonder why they have not drawn upon the experience accumulated by Khmer and expatriate residents of Sihanoukville who recognize that a Phnom Penh, or global, solution is not necessarily applicable to our community and may do more harm than good.

Either way, I look forward to seeing concrete results from their actions here, if or when they materialize. In the meantime, I am happy to say that Global-PAC is not associated with the Starfish Project in any way, and until they choose to act in a transparent, clear, and open way with verified results, they will not be associated with Starfish.

As a final thought, I am left wondering why the Post never attempted to contact myself or Starfish to comment on Mr Underhill's allegations before they were published.

Will Capel - Sihanoukville
Friends Phnom Penh

NGO's offer Children for Rent (Haiti example)

This could be anywhere on Sihanoukville's Ocheteal/Serendipidy Beach

Thursday, Jul 07 2011

The scandal of orphanages in tourist resorts and disaster zones that rent children to fleece gullible Westerners

11th April 2011

As a child welfare expert who has worked amid bullets and bombs in some of the world’s toughest war zones, Jennifer Morgan is not someone easily shaken. But even she admits she was shocked by some of the orphanages she visited recently in Haiti.

‘Outside it is a sunny day. Then you step inside the walls of an orphanage and realise that the children there have been exposed to rapes, severe beatings, emotional and mental trauma,’ she said. It was even more disturbing, she added, than the damaged children she came across amid the deadly mayhem of Darfur.

But perhaps the most troubling thing is that these tragic scenes in Haiti are not unusual. In dozens of places around the world, unregulated orphanages have become a boom business trading off Western guilt. Our desire to help is backfiring in the most dreadful fashion.

Worrying trend: Unicef says children's welfare at orphanages is often secondary to profit

Morgan, whose job is to reunite children with their families, was even screamed at one day by the director of an orphanage in Port-au-Prince. ‘Stop reuniting children with their families,’ he shouted. ‘You’re destroying my business.’

We need to wake up to the emergence of this vile industry. In tourist hotspots and disaster zones from Asia to Latin America, children are being abused and exploited to raise money from well-meaning aid groups, volunteers and holidaymakers.

Westerners seek to help abandoned children but have ended up creating a grotesque market that capitalises on their concerns. Misguided pity is piling on misery, creating and fuelling an industry that separates children from families and drives many into slave labour, sexual abuse and terrible trauma.


Now the Cambodian government has announced an inquiry into the country’s orphanages after the United Nations Children’s Fund (Unicef) voiced concerns. The number of orphanages has nearly doubled in five years, as has the number of children in care – yet almost three-quarters of them have at least one living parent.

I first became aware of the issue travelling around Africa and Asia. Going into schools and orphanages made me wonder about unchecked visitors encouraged to mingle with young children.

My concerns crystallised during investigations into ‘voluntourism’, the fastest-growing sector of one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet. Insiders admitted that packages including voluntary work in orphanages sold the best, whether to gap-year teenagers or middle-aged professionals with a romantic desire to do good during their holidays.

The increasing number of orphanages matches rising levels of tourism. Many are clustered in the most popular destinations, with holidaymakers bombarded by offers to visit privately-run centres and donate time or money.

With a population of less than 100,000, the town of Siem Reap, gateway to the famous ruins of Angkor Wat, has 35 orphanages. One even parades children late at night behind placards reading ‘Support Our Orphans’ as visitors drink and dine. Typically, the websites show pictures of happy children. Once inside, visitors are greeted with wide smiles and tales of abandonment. But the children may have been stolen, rented from their parents or tricked from impoverished rural villagers with false promises of wealth, education and healthcare.

Some orphanages are fronts for child labour and sexual abuse – the British owner of one orphanage in Siem Reap was jailed earlier this year for assaulting several children in his care. Others are kept deliberately squalid, the children starved to look more needy. Little wonder Unicef says it wants to see most shut down.

The same trade that turns children into commodities has sprung up elsewhere.

In Bali, the number of orphanages has doubled in less than a decade, despite two-thirds of the children having parents. Scouts lure cute children from poor families with promises of food and schooling. Some are then forced to work from dawn to dusk on building sites, making jewellery or selling street food. Malnutrition is common.
A boy can't hide his horror as he sits among the rubble after the Haiti earthquake. Orphanages in disaster zones, such as Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, are abusing, buying and even renting children from their parents to fleece gullible Westerners

A boy can't hide his horror as he sits among the rubble after the Haiti earthquake. Orphanages in disaster zones, such as Haiti's capital, Port-au-Prince, are abusing, buying and even renting children from their parents to fleece gullible Westerners

Brenton Whittaker, founder of local charity Bali Kids, says the worst directors – who live in large houses and educate their own children abroad – sell on all donated goods, even medicines. ‘The conditions are shocking,’ he said. ‘They run these orphanages as a business, spending as little as possible on food, health and education for the kids in order to make the most profits.’

In Sri Lanka, another popular tourist destination, a study found that 92 per cent of children in orphanages had one or both parents living. In Ghana, a government investigation after the rape of an eight-month-old boy in an orphanage found that up to 90 per cent of the 4,500 children in orphanages had at least one parent. Unicef officials said children’s welfare was secondary to profit – and it is estimated that less than a third of income goes on child care.

Not all orphanages in the developing world are bad. There are many excellent centres with dedicated staff. But researchers found that even at the better ones, children are left traumatised by short-term volunteer projects, forming emotional bonds with visitors who then disappear suddenly.

Just as in the West, experts say there should be thorough checks on all visitors and stress that children are nearly always better off with their families. The number of orphanages also soars after disasters. As aid money flows in, images of lost children can be profitable.

There have been big rises after several recent major emergencies, although Save The Children found the number of abandoned children is far lower than imagined. Some ‘orphans’ are even traded for adoption, despite having families.

In Haiti, there were already 600 orphanages before last year’s earthquake, with scores more springing up. The country’s police chief said many are fronts for criminal organisations taking advantage of people left homeless and hungry.

One aid worker saw babies left unsupervised on chairs, in danger of rolling on to the floor. Another official found all the children were painfully thin, so asked the director if they were short of money. The reply was chilling: ‘We have lots of money. But if we keep the children thin, when we send pictures to church groups, they send more money.’

The desire to help needy children is laudable. But good intentions can lead to bad outcomes – as we have seen with foreign aid, so corrosive in so many countries, and the dumping of free goods, which devastates local industries and leads to a dependency culture.

There are times, sadly, when you must be cruel to be kind.
Cees Chameleau Destroying the Competition

Re: School in trouble

Vuthy99 » Wed Nov 17, 2010

Knutselsmurf wrote:Hi,
As you may have heard, 3 months ago a Dutch NGO founder was arrested in Sihanoukville for abusing children. ( Cees Chamuleau from the Netherlands.)
Many people in the Netherlands have sent money to support his school ( Pinoccio school, Kleng Leu / Sihanoukville ).
Of course now that he is in jail, the teachers, the children and the families he supported on behalf of us, are not receiving a penny.
Some of us visited his project in Cambodia, and left their names in a little book, that the desperate teachers are now using to contact us.
Today one of us received an e-mail in broken English, asking for help.
We are willing to help, but it's not that easy to find someone in Cambodia you can trust, and the ones we do trust want to keep as far away from Cees as they can, even when he's locked up.

Any good idea's ?

Son is a bad and ambitious guy and Cees is a stupid. The perfect combination. Benefactors in Europe are very innocent sending money to nowhere, without asking references first in a troublesome country like Cambodia. Cees gave all the administration to Son. This Son mounted a great operation to accuse Cees of pedophile with the support of a guy from M'Lop tapang, a dark NGO that has mounted a mafia-style network in Sihanoukville to spy everybody, especially any foreigner (the name of the guy is unknown but easy to get.) Son got also friends with some policemen. In Cambodia anybody can be accused of pedophilia without proves and the guy is immediately sent to preventive prison under the pressure of organizations like APLE (Son knew this irregularity very well.) The task of APLE, a detective and powerful organizations, is to make sure that any accused of pedophile stays in prison. M'Lop tapang members, according with some villagers, met with Son to support his dream to put Cees in jail under the accusation that he was a pedophile. Long time ago there were words around that he was, but it could not be proved and so far it is not. Cees was also involved in defending the village against an eviction, something that got him powerful and rich enemies in town. Son paid to some children to say to the police that Cees molested him. The same villagers reacted and the children said after that it was Son that paid to them with cell phones and promises of motorbikes. The quick intervention of APLE ensured that Cees was arrested and brought for preventive prison while investigations were on the course.

In Cambodia it can take months and even years, because the persons in prison lost any protection on his rights plus the press creating the idea that the man is in fact a pedophile, so he lost any sympathy.

The way was clean for Son. He started to sell a part of the school. The anger of the villagers made him to leave outside of the place. Then the children and their families gave a testimony before the court that Cees was innocent. Son was afraid in escaped for a time, but as impunity continue in his favor, plus the pressure of M'Lop tapang and APLE and the indifference of the police, he returned and continue his task of stealing the organization. He tried to get the accounts of Cees, he sold the land and people invaded the school, letting the children without school

(APLE that says that it protects children from abusers, did nothing to prevent it, its intention is to make sure that Cees stays in prison, while Son let the children without nothing.)

This week Son and the police went to the place and took all the computers (those donated by the innocent Dutch benefactors months ago for poor children in Sihanoukville.) According to the villagers, Son made a contract with the police in order to sell the computers. He said that he is the owner of the organization.

While it happens, the lawyer of Cees says that the sentence to Cees will be this week and that he will be declared innocent of molesting any child. But there were some pictures found on the computer that are not Cambodians, but from the Internet that could give him maybe 12 months more in the shadows. The point is that nothing has been found that Cees molested children in that village, that Son is the real villain and that justice in Cambodia is a mess.


Comment from your Webmaster:
It's not unlikely that childporn was downloaded on Cees' Computer without his knowledge, to set him up. See Global-Pac Global - Pac (closed down) which was specialized in this kind of dirty work. Cees Chameleau has beeing targeted several times by Mlop Tapang and associates but never was there any wrongdoing on his account. Years ago there was a smear campaign against him on blog presumably because he was and is not part of the "NGO Mafia".
NGO's an oversight of the UN List on NGO's

When your Webmaster looked up the Khmer Yellowpages to see who these 3000 NGO's in Cambodia are he had to consult the UN Website for a more comprehensive List. Just take a look - it's unbelievable - but than, it's a profitable Business ! Who wants to complain ?

Astonishingly APLE (action pour les enfants) and Darnaudet's Calcutta Home for Street Children (ACTT all children together trust) is not in the UN List !!

The truth about NGO in Haiti

The-Truth-About-Haiti Forum with Ezili DantÃ⊃2;
Ezili Danto of HLLN

It is the big world charity industry and security consultancies that make out like fat rats in every Haiti crisis, not the little Haiti town mayor who wants a cut of the trickle down.

Ezili's Haitian Lawyers Leadership Network ("HLLN") is the most noted group of Haitian scholars, lawyers, doctors, grassroots organizations, artists, students, human rights activists and non-Haitian solidarity activists to give Haitians and friends-of-Haiti the Rada to Petwo - or, generally the Warrior and Pacifist tools, narratives - the very lexicon - to defend Haiti's defenseless people from the ravages of neo-liberalism, NGO false charity and US/Euro/UN false benevolence. One Haitian radio personality recently noted, in sum, that "no one has written more about Haiti in recent years or documented Haiti's riches, and rich and paradoxical way of being in a more thorough and comprehensive manner than Ezili DantÃ⊃2; of HLLN."

It's more than two months after the earthquake and the media coverage seemingly has forgotten that the fleecing of aid dollars earmarked for Haiti's earthquake victims happens BEFORE the trickle down aid gets to Haiti. So, instead of focusing on the fact that less than one cent from every aid dollar collected, in the name of Haiti's pain, gets to the Haitian government, the media assist the charity and NGO industry in Haiti by focusing their reporting on the smallest of corruptions, that of the Haitian official who wants a portion of the food, water or tents actually reaching Haiti. The big crooks, the corrupt World Relief organizations, USAID, UN and their NGOs and the 10,000 charities in Haiti masturbating on Black pain in the name of "helping Haitians" get free passes.

Right now, the UN, USAID, US State Department, European Union, everyone, is anxiously weighing in on the game to rebuild Port au Prince, just as they did when Gonaives - the Northern coastal town that got flooded by hurricanes in 2004 and then again in the four back-to-back hurricanes of 2008. For us Haitians it's an old song, just different Haitians suffering and dying, different Haiti town that has crumbled, foreign reconstruction monies never rebuilds where the poorest live. That's a period, not a comma. Remember Katrina. Remember Rawanda, Remember Clinton with Rawanda, Bush with Katrina and don't forget the role of the Red Cross in both.

If one just looks back at the flooding of Gonaives, Haiti in 2004 and 2008, just at that one Haiti example, and calculate how much money was raised by the World Relief Organizations, the NGOs, the UN, US State Department consultancies, the European Union, Canada, et al, in the name of "rebuilding and bringing relief to the people of Gonaives, in those two instances combined, you'll see that conservatively more than $3 billion dollars were collectively raised by these Internationals, their NGOs and private US charities to reconstruct and provide hurricane relief, flood rebuilding, food, water, medicine and shelter to the people of Gonaives, Haiti. Today, the people of Gonaives are still walking on muddy roads. Little was rebuilt and the people will tell you they mostly got no help other than food and water in the first couple of weeks when the media cameras where on.

That's why at Ezili HLLN we forgo the UN, USAID, OAS donor conferences on rebuilding and reconstructing Port au Prince.
We know the story. We are the Haitians who've endured and know well the international corruption. Like most of Haiti and Haitians, one-third of our friends and colleagues perished in the January 12, 2010 earthquake.

It's not possible to absorb this unless you become more than you were on January 11, 2010. And for us, who work at the Ezili DantÃ⊃2; Witness Project and the Ezili HLLNetwork there are no words to capture the pain, grief and suffering especially as we've never recovered from the two Bush coup d'etat's and death squad ravages in 1991, 2004, the slaughters of the UN and imposed-Boca Raton regime from 2004 and 2006. Not to mention what was lost in hurricanes in 2004 and 2008.

One Haitian heading for Haiti who we advised to be careful, responded "I'm dead already." I supposed that's very true. For to survive and recover from such staggering, unfathomable cruelties doesn't seem possible. But, we've indeed survive US/Euro containment in poverty for centuries and overcome their donors lyrical waxing about rebuilding/reconstructing Haiti in their images since Haiti's endless Independence Debt began. We've so been through this too many times before. US/Euro aid and donor monies go to State Department cronies, former USAID-mission directors and their ex-employees who have set up NGO charities and security firms. They gobble up monies raised in the name of poor Haitians and then later on count on the mainstream media's colonial narrative on Haiti to play the "Haiti can't absorb aid" song or the "Haitian government is weak" chorus refrain or the ever racist "Haiti is corrupt and inherently violent" 206-year-old symphony.

When all is said and done it's an old story and only the Haiti neophyte, idiot or the ridiculously optimistic go to these meetings where the agenda is not set by Haitians but by foreigners looking out for themselves. At the end of the day, after shipping fees, NGO salaries and apportioning current disaster funds for the NGO's "future disaster fund" coffers, what aid actually ends up in Haiti is mostly rotted food that doesn't reach the most needy of the poor.

The only relief that is sustainable, dignified, humane and that actually works in Haiti is Haitians helping Haitians. And that is why as a Haiti-led, Haiti capacity building organization, Ezili's HLLN is currently mobilizing help to continue our educational work, our public advocacy work, to assist the earthquake victims and long-term sustainable development.

We are on a fundraising tour with the Haiti Forum and doing teach-ins about Haiti that will provide real information about the NGO charity and World Relief/humanitarian industry in Haiti, and all over the developing world, that has, since the end of the Cold War taken on the role of pushing US foreign interests and neoliberalism abroad.

Neoliberalism and US regime change in Haiti destroys and weakens popular governments the US does not think are corporate-friendly enough and then, instead of justice being done, their charity industry rush in, as a political tool, to empower only certain voices amenable to US interests. President Aristide was twice removed, not because the US/Euros wanted to improve Haiti's human rights and corruption record, but because the US corporatocracy was angry he had raised the minimum wage and simply terrified, that like Cuba and Venezuela, he might nationalize Haiti's - oil, gas, gold, copper, iridium, uranium et al... - resources to improve the people's living standards. There's no question now, as HLLN has documented in these last 6-years of UN/US occupation, that Haiti has significant reserves of oil, gas, gold, copper, iridium, uranium, limestone, coal and other strategic mineral deposits.

In Haiti, it's the voice of the Haitian oligarchy and the anti-Lavalas cartel that is empowered by the NGO industry and USAID programs. That is what the Red Cross, World Vision, Clinton Global Initiative, Catholic Relief Services, CARE International, Save the Children, UNICEF, the UN presence, et al.. - the over 10,000 charities in Haiti - are there to institute in Haiti, not impartial relief, human rights, inclusion and dignity for the Black majority. Humanitarian aid is the tool they hide behind in order to carry out their funding-country's political, cultural and social purposes. And, of course, as well to garner huge economic profit off Haiti's poverty, misery, imposed fratricide and mostly man-made and foreign-manufactured crisis.

Crisis that originates mostly from US/Euro neo-liberalism policies or natural disasters that are made much worst by US/Euro financial colonialism, racism, false benevolence and false charity. This Haiti reality is fully explained at our HLLN Haiti Forums, the consciousness-raising arm of HLLN's FreeHaitiMovement.
Sponsor a To-Tell-The-Truth-About-Haiti Forum

If you sponsor and attend an Ezili HLLN Haiti Forum , you'll be helping to raise relief/rebuilding funds for Haiti's grassroots and for well-known Haiti-led organization, not the NGO "contain-them-in-poverty" industry. And, you will learn the Haiti history and narrative not found anywhere else or in any book!

NGO's a Problem not only in Cambodia

World Vision

World Vision Ad in Tourist Areas around Cambodia

World Vision
Not shy of sending buddhist children, dressed in World Vision T-Shirts and holding Donation Boxes in their small hands, the Buddhist Kids in the pictures below had to sing christian Christmas carols while wearing Santa Claus Hats, World Vision T-shirts as Advertising and holding Donation Boxes at the Big C Shopping Center in the world's Sex Tourism Capital : Pattaya, Thailand on Dec. 24, 2010. Apparently this NGO does'nt care where the Donations come from and how they are obtained.
See pictures below, demonstrating another subtle form of child abuse:

worldvision-xmas2010-1.jpg worldvisionxmas2010-2.jpg

In Cambodia this "not so"- NON government NGO is best known for it's controversial Ad Campaign in Cambodia's Tourist Centers. These Ad's suggest that every white Foreigner is "a potential Paedophile - Child abuser" and Sex Maniac who is out to abuse Children in Cambodia. This Campaign was put together with the "help" of ICE - Immigration and Customs Enforcement of the USA ! So don't be surprised !

Here are the Ad's:
World Vision Ad - controversial p1020374.jpg anti-pedo-ad-sihanoukville-beach.jpg p1020512.jpg world-vision-behind-bars.jpg World Vision Ad in Tourist Areas around Cambodia
Wikipedia is offering some valuable, albeit mild critizism about this powerful Organisation:

World Vision sells "Child Sponsorships" for needy children in the Andrew Geoghegan, an Australian TV Journalist went to Ethiopia to film a story and visit the child he sponsored for a decade, Tsehaynesh Delago and was surprised to find out that the child could not speak any english although the reports he received from the Organisation claimed that the Girl was learning english and making progress. The Girl also claimed she was unaware, until recently, tht she had a sponsor and said the only benefit she ever received from World Vision is a pen and the denim jacket she wore at the day of filming.

See details here:

Another link that opens door to the "dark side" of World Vision is:

World Vision is everywhere, and particulary in Africa has earned lots of critizism. read more:
Gareth Morgan Analysis on World Vision in Africa

According to the above Link World Vision, supposedly a Christian Missionary Group is linked to

1. the CIA related Cuban Bay of Pigs fiasco.

2. Lee Harvey Oswald, the Murderer who killed President Kennedy. Oswald was working with World Vision

3. Vietnam War, where World Vision had a lot to do with identifying targets for the Army's "Operation Phoenix" operation-phoenix.jpg civilian assassination campaign in Vietnam.

4. World Vision ran refugee camps in Nicaragua and El Salvador where the CIA recruited (by force) Nicaraguans and El Salvadorians for the Contras.

5. World Vision ran the Palestine refugee camps in Lebanon where the Israeli controlled Philangist Christians massacred over 2000 women, children and elderly refugees.World Vision Palestine Refugee Camp

6. World Vision took over the camp at Jonestown just after the massacre there.johnestown

7. Mark David Chapman, the man who killed John Lennon was a member of world vision.

8. John Hinkley Jr. w ho tried to kill Ronald Regan was a member of World Vision, while his father John Hinkley sr. was one of the world vision directors.
The connection worked well also under Bush hinckleyandbush.htm [30 KB]

World Vision apparently managed that some of the Links on the above website have been removed. Two, on the John Lennon murder are still active:

wv-covert-prog.htm [21 KB] wv-just-a-cia-front.htm [9 KB]

9. World Vision runs conversion rackets in India

World Vision, as a typical US Organisation does not stand alone with such background. Just search the Web for Peace Corps+Cia or USAID+CIA for more info. It's just too much to cover here.

IJM International Justice Mission

Gary Haugen, President, Washington

IJM, or International Justice Mission

IJM works pretty much the same way APLE (action pour les enfants) does. Gary Haugen who reminds one of a second hand car dealer established the NGO in 1997. He claims the Organisation grew out of a group of Christian Lawyers who desired to provide legal assistance to impoverised victims of abuse in 3. World Countries. In Cambodia IJM was involved in some high profile cases like the arrest of Russian National Trofimov which was sentenced and later extradited from Cambodia. What is criticised is that IJM uses US Law Students to work as undercover agents and go directly into brothels and ask for virgins or very young girls so they can build up a case. They are therefore creating a demand for Virgins for western men.

Here is how they see themself: international-justice-mission-profile.pdf [125 KB]

IJM's work has been under considerable criticism, particulary in Cambodia where IJM claimed to rescue victims from brothels but made no difference if a prostitute was a non-trafficked sex worker working there on her own choice or a trafficked person. IJM claims that their practices are beeing funded in morality which does not make a difference between consensual sex work and slavery. IJM's work has driven many Prostitutes underground where they have been raped, robbed and abused by Cambodian Police and Prison Personal that treated them like Animals !

For IJM it's all about statistics. And the statistics work. It brought IJM among other donations a 5 Million USD Grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

A summery, (by no means complete) can be found here:

IJM like many of their "competitors" like to put their work on film. Check out and you will find the lot. patrick-stayton-ijm-field-officer-siem-reap.jpg

In March 2013 the following "open Letter" reached us from the Philippines
From: victims []
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2013 2:24 PM
To: ''
Subject: You should know your gangster partners before entering into service with them, they are using you to make MONEY







Mr. Haugen,

The victimized citizens of IJM FROM the Republic of the Philippines and victims from Los Angeles Café, Manila raid on the 17th June 2010 also victimized by International Justice Mission American Franchise in the Philippines hereby write to you Mr. Gary Haugen and your International Justice Mission Philippines directly

IJM Philippines is registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission with a board of directors amounting to five foreign Passport holders acting as dummies who can not be held accountable under Philippine Law while they are residing in the United States of America and Columbia, South America for any actions your Philippine Franchise commits namely:

Jorge Atiencia of Apartade Aeree 356072, Bataga Columbia

Dale Hansen Burke of 36 Quincy St, Chevy Chase MD 20815 USA

Richard Campanelli 213 Midvail St, Falls Church MD 22046 USA

Sam Dimen of 102 Highland Road Ryes 10580 USA

Robert N. Hagenau of 267 Fairmont Av, San Carlos CA 94070 USA

We the victimized citizens of the Republic of the Philippines have been trying to contact YOU Mr. Gary Haugen and your American franchise license office in the United States for more than one calendar year since you had us all put in jail in the City of Manila Police headquarters

Mr. Gary Haugen your International Justice Mission Philippine Franchise officers continue to threaten our lives and freedom here in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen as Filipino citizens every time we meet IJM Field Officers in Philippine Court or at the office of the Philippine Human Rights Agency were we have complained against IJM’s scam operation

Mr. Gary Haugen we need to get our dignity back and for you to pay us damages that we deserve for your malicious fabrications against innocent hard working Filipinos

Mr. Gary Haugen you claim to be a human rights advocate and human rights organization then talk to us your victims and hear our side of the story on how you have lied to persecute innocent Philippine Citizens and taken away our human rights? Mr. Gary Haugen you talk the talk but you don’t walk the walk as you claim on CNN to be a champion of human rights

International Justice Mission Philippines have and continue to fabricate malicious, untrue, totally illegal documents about a Filipino taxpaying business called Los Angeles Café where we were happily employed for more than ten years

Los Angeles Cafe was an accredited establishment by the Philippines Department of Tourism and located opposite the United States of America Embassy to the Philippines on Roxas Boulevard

Diplomats from the United States of America Embassy to the Philippines were one of our most valued customers we have many photos of diplomats among others eating and playing pool in our establishment

Los Angeles Cafe have CCTV footage and digital photographs of American diplomatic plated cars from the United States of America Embassy legally parked on M.H. Del Pilar Street, Ermita while the diplomats enjoyed a cold beer on the way home to their compound on Roxas Boulevard or their apartments in Salcedo Village, Makati,

M.H.Del Pilar is the famous Street in Ermita that you and your IJM Philippines franchise complained in an open letter which we attach to the Mayor of Manila for having street people and been dirty with rubbish. What has a street more than 5 kilometers long with five star hotels like the Grand Hyatt Hotel and Casino, Manila Diamond Japanese Hotel being dirty got to do with Los Angeles Café and justify putting innocent people in jail

Why not put the staff of the Grand Hyatt Hotel and the PAGCOR Casino employees in jail for that matter as they are located on M.H. Del Pilar Street

While residents and hotel guests from this famous American Branded Hotel chain frequently visited Los Angeles Café. In fact you even put two Grand Hyatt Hotel employees in jail that dreadful evening while allowing the foreign guests from the Grand Hyatt Hotel to go free as not to damage your Human Rights image

The General Manager and the executive Chef from the Grand Hyatt Hotel were frequent visitors to Los Angeles Cafe

Los Angeles Café is located 200 meters from the World Famous Grand Hyatt Hotel Casino and less than 1 kilometer from the Embassy of the United States of America

Los Angles Café sponsored the American Embassy Manila Gorillas Soft Ball Team that plays every Sunday at the United States of America Roxas Boulevard compound

Both Filipino with International Celebrities and famous sports persons were seen everyday at Los Angeles Cafe, as a matter of fact the majority of the Filipino billiard champions were sponsored by our company and regularly practiced their billiard games on our American Brunswick Tables to bring glory to the Republic of the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen, our HUMAN RIGHTS has been victimized over and over again by you and your International Justice Mission franchise in our own country the beloved Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen why do you not victimize people in your own Country the United States of America or are you scared of the consequences, to you and your family the way your have treated our family’s. We suggest you visit Las Vegas and preach your evangelistic ideas to the tourists walking down the World Famous Las Vegas STRIP

We dare you write to Mayor Oscar B Goodman, Mayor of Las Vegas, City Hall, Tenth Floor?400 Stewart Avenue?Las Vegas, NV 89101 Phone: (702) 229-6241?Fax: (702) 385-7960 and complain about the dirt on the streets of Las Vegas with all the strip joint cards and the Prostitutes walking in short skirts up and down the Las Vegas Strip that children walk with their parents, is that not Human Trafficking as you claim


The American pimps in the streets of Las Vegas tourist area including the strip outside Hard Rock Café openly in front of children sell / pimp girls of all nationalities including Asian girls on their T-Shirts, giving out business cards and even driving Billboard Trucks on the streets see the attached photographs.


Outside Hard Rock Café, The Strip, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Los Angeles Café did not do anything like this type of businesses in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America, Los Angeles Café, Manila was famous for good food, drinks, bands and billiards

Mr. Gary Haugen both you and IJM Philippines had all our Filipina female customers/guests and female staff arrested (Not one Filipino Male or one foreign female or male, figure that out) or as you call it rescued then herded on a truck like animals while been filmed for prime time television, how kind of you Mr. Gary Haugen

Mr. Gar Haugen you have attacked us Filipino Citizens illegally on so many occasions since one of your IJM field Volunteer’s was drunk and nearly killed the Los Angeles Café foreign general manager in 2006, just after the case was elevated to a criminal court you started the malicious campaign against our company and country the Philippines as revenge.

When the criminal case was elevated to the criminal court you knew it would be bad publicity for your scam organization IJM Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen you knew you had to try to destroy Los Angeles Café and you saw us weak enough to do what you fancy, millions of taxes has been lost for the Philippine economy for your revenge vendetta.

Mr. Gary Haugen why do you not go to Las Vegas and try the same scam there on the famous Las Vegas Strip. We are sure the owners of Hard Rock Cafe there will welcome you with open arms and drive you straight back to the airport in Mayor Goodman’s limousine once you start planting evidence on establishments that do not support your scams

Mr. Gary Haugen why do you and your International Justice Mission not have franchises in Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Miami, Chicago, Baghdad, Kabul, London, Berlin, Amsterdam are you scared for your freedom to open your scam operation in these places?

Mr. Gary Haugen why do you open operations in the Philippines, Cambodia, India, South America, Kenya and not yet North America? Do you think we are ore easy to victimize and scam more funds from innocent American Tax payers who believe in what you claim you do not knowing the truth about your victims

Mr. Gary Haugen it appears you are only spending American Tax Payers donations in developing countries like the Philippines and not in the most powerful country in the World. Maybe you could explain your business plan to all the innocent victims in South East Asia including us in the Philippines

The IJM web page clearly states you had USD 21 million dollars in grants and that your IJM payroll was USD 11.5 million dollars in salaries.

Mr. Gary Haugen 55% of IJM grants were drawn for salaries for American employees/volunteers, IJM do not even don’t even operate in the United States of America

Mr. Gary Haugen how much was your salary in 2010 and how much was your travel, food, living expenses paid by International Justice Mission we are sure we have the correct figure from your financial Tax accounts which we have secured a copy

We believe and have proof that your business / operation is simply a money making scam pretending to help and rescue foreign victims from human trafficking using names such as Colin Powell and Hillary Clinton from the United States Department of State

As soon as the so called rescued victims sign documents you and IJM need to convict innocent persons, we have affidavits with written evidence you just throw them so called rescued females on the street like garbage so you don’t have to spend any more money

Mr. Gary Haugen when you and IJM need these victims to get convictions then your IJM Filipina lady lawyers are so sweet talking convincing un-educated people to become criminals by pointing out innocent people with the promise of money after they have signed false affidavits

Mr. Gary Haugen you and IJM make your money convicting innocent citizens running simple restaurants like Los Angeles Cafe that is not combatting human trafficking you are creating it by trafficking complainants

Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM force females who work on their free will as dishwashers, cooks and waitresses to make them complainants, sign false affidavits that they are human trafficking victims is not what the UN decided is human trafficking its their livelihood

Mr. Gary Haugen how many MALE minors / customers have you so far rescued in South East Asia and the Philippines, oops, IJM is not interested in rescuing men as it would not make publicity to further the cause of raising money for your lifestyle

Mr. Gary Haugen why do all the IJM so called rescued victims run away from you and IJM unless you lock them up like animals taking away their freedom with their human right’s as stated by the United Nations under International Law unless they are caged like animals by IJM field officers

Mr. Gary Haugen why do you and IJM who pretend to be human rights advocates not give a reward to our Filipino and Filipino trained security guards

Not one of the 248 female Filipina or foreign customers you had hauled away with IJM’s fabrications was a minor, these female adults then became IJM’s victims of kidnapping

NO you Mr. Gary Haugen could not accept that so you brought your own minors (2 who where not minors) one of them you kidnapped from the village office and made them sign complaints against innocent persons she did not even know for your scam organizations publicity

Mr. Gary Haugen why should management of Los Angeles Café and other hard working individuals spend the rest of our lives in jail for what you claimed were MINORS inside our place of work having some food and drinks when they where not there and we are not even interested in having non spending customers

Mr. Gary Haugen you and IJM transport and harbor minors for your own gain as a human trafficker you are trafficking them as animals to commit crimes of perjury to sign affidavits against innocent people they do not even know

Mr. Gary Haugen a female victim that both you and IJM have attacked twice with false affidavits, had to take her own two children out of school as she was jailed for three weeks and then released as the IJM fabricated case collapsed

The female victim of IJM is now facing charges of child abuse RP 72610 because the IJM planted minor girl kidnapped by IJM Philippines field officers was told to point out your female victim in the police station as her employer at Los Angeles Café

Mr. Gary Haugen the IJM Philippines planted minor had already signed prepared affidavits prepared by IJM Philippines Lawyers officers with the promise of money and freedom.

Unknown to the un-educated minor she had no idea she had committed perjury under the laws of the Philippines when she claimed she worked as a Guest Relations Officer in Los Angeles Cafe

Mr. Gary Haugen, the female IJM victim DID NOT EVEN WORK IN Los Angeles Café

The IJM fabricated affidavit presented to your planted minor was made in haste and stated the female victim working in Los Angeles Café as a manager when in fact she worked in a restaurant across the street from Los Angeles Café as the general manager

Mr. Gary Haugen both you and IJM Philippines field officers should have not been in such haste to make a false affidavit which was prepared by your field officers and lawyers

The husband of the IJM victim is working in Saudi Arabia to finance her lawyer’s fees against your IJM Philippines Lawyers who in turn are now facing estafa and perjury

Mr. Gary Haugen we invite both you and your IJM field officers to meet your female victim and her two young children now living is misery because of your lies and forced false affidavits by your planted minor

Mr. Gary Haugen do your victims from false affidavits and planted minors read your Twitter account we do everyday

Mr. Gary Haugen we read your Twitter posts boasting and gloating about the movie star, five star lifestyle you and your family live

Mr. Gary Haugen you even gloat that you are enjoying fantastic food in various restaurants throughout the World these you post daily on twitter like a spoilt BRAT even with photographs taken from your Apple I-Phone 4

Mr. Gary Haugen many victims of IJM, normal people, politicians, government workers, volunteers, IJM employees know that you and your family live a life of luxury, paid for by donations while claiming to be saving the World from Human Trafficking

The luxury life style includes surfing trips to Florida, lake trips to five star hotels and your latest escapade to Guatemala with your daughters via Dallas, Texas

Mr. Gary Haugen you even stopped over from your American Airlines first class flight in Dallas on the way to Guatemala because your daughters wanted to we eat TEX MEX food, why do you need to tell people about what you and your spoilt daughters are eating

Mean while two of our fellow employees were rotting for 3 weeks in the Manila City Jail for doing their constitutional right to work to support their families, they were made to be real criminals thanks to Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM only later to be released for wrongful detention by the Court

One of your victims was a female single mother, semi professional pool player not a prostitute that IJM branded her

Your victim was managing the pool tables were World Champions have played, when she was arrested for human trafficking and spent three weeks in jail as you and IJM claimed she was a minor victim GRO

Mr. Gary Haugen how can managing the Los Angeles Café 9 billiard tables end up with you been charged with human trafficking and face life in prison are you proud of your self we are sure your daughters are most impressed with what your do for a living by victimizing innocent people to support your living expenses

TWITTER account at

garyhaugenGary Haugen

Off to Guatemala w/ my daughters & their friends to see the IJM team. 1st stop Dallas for TexMex & seeing friend’s

22 Jun


garyhaugenGary Haugen

Heading CNN studios to tape follow up interview w/ Jim Clancy @CNNFreedom on recent rescue of 500+ from slavery by Indian authorities w/ IJM

20 Jun


garyhaugenGary Haugen

Lunch stop: Awesome KFC buffet in Harmarville, PA along the Allegheny River

20 Jun


garyhaugenGary Haugen

Being a dad on Father's day: 12 hr. round trip to Lake Erie to drop off son & buddies for 2 week wrestling camp

20 Jun


garyhaugenGary Haugen

Beautiful night out w/ Jan-dinner at Nat. Museum of Women in the Arts In the a.m. - peewee football tryouts. Yes!

18 Jun

One of our Los Angeles Café employee’s was deprived of her dignity and freedom because of false affidavits secured by you and IJM Philippines

Meanwhile you are continuously flying around the World in Luxury and staying in Five Star Hotels all paid for by the American Tax Payers, do your scammed investors know the Five Star Lifestyle you and your family live with their funds.

Do they know Mr. Gary Haugen how much money you spend every year living the life of a scam artist while pretending to help innocent victims everywhere but in the United States of America

Los Angeles Café’s Billiard operation manageress victim was treated like an animal by your International Justice Mission money grabbing lawyers and officers, a simple female employee who worked to feed her family, fully documented waitress 27 years old married with 2 children

She was locked up through a power of attorney you had made from the local social workers (DSWD) while feeding her ROTTEN RICE unless she accepted to be a complainant against her employer as a minor victim.

Even though she was a married mother of 2 you forced her to provide an ORIGINAL birth-certificate to be released from her detention, her family had to spend their hard earned money to travel not only once but twice to the province to secure the said document depleting their final life savings we Filipinos are not like Americans where you can just get a credit card or loan

Why was she eventually released because your scam could not continue and in desperation your IJM Philippines Franchise made her sign a waiver not to take legal action against them for illegal detention or report them to the Philippines human rights department

Not one of the Government issued ID’s that the victim had was accepted by the Lawyers of the IJM Philippines to prove her age to be 27, until finally under the LAW of the Philippines she could not be detained any longer

Mr. Gary Haugen your victim was forced to sign a waiver by IJM to say she was not held against her will as she was rescued by IJM and she was so happy to be held in jail for no legal reason by IJM

Your victim still has mental scars and now has suicidal thoughts daily

Mr. Gary Haugen tell your daughters what your victim in the Philippines lived through because of your false affidavits when you are eating you next luxury meal.

Mr. Gary Haugen you can even explain to both of your daughters how you make victims to help pay for your First Class tickets on American Airlines where you are a AAdvantage Executive Platinum® card holder

Your female victim also feels sorry for you for having to suffer the broken air con system in your New York taxi, this must have been hard for you to survive as you posted on TWITTER, how more could your female innocent victim of IJM survive in jail with murderers with no sanitation or air-conditioning thanks to you and IJM Philippines

Sincere congratulations to your daughters who are now doing a special project in their expensive Private American School paid for by the donations of your believers as you posted yet again on Twitter

Mr. Gary Haugen sadly your victim’s children’s parents cannot even afford to pay for their school fees since they have lost their jobs and have been innocently jailed by you and IJM Philippines

Will your precious daughters include in their school report the fabricated legal affidavits that International Justice Mission Philippines under your guidance and approval made to try to convict innocent Filipino’s so you can raise more money to pay for you and your families five star life style?“anti-trafficking”-bar-raid-in-angeles-city

You should read the above article, they are so disgusted with your so called aftercare they had to commit the crime of physical injury to their IJM paid security guard, including car jacking and escaping like criminals because of your organization and others you sponsor.

We trust you will include the amazing other story where you name Mr. Gary Haugen is included

director-of-aftercare-cebu-1Mae del Mundo

More Filipina victims forced by International Justice Mission Field Offices / Lawyers to sign prepared False Affidavits so they can be released and go home. Where are their lawyers and parent’s to explain what an the affidavit they are been forced to sign will mean in the future/ IJM want is convictions to justify their existence

“The rescued women were made to board a police bus. However, 50 of them managed to escape through the emergency exit.”

They where so impressed with the rescue by IJM they ESCAPED out the back of the bus while been loaded in the front door like animals

We do not know the above stories and the background but it sounds very strange to us.

The perjury affidavits submitted to the Philippine courts and police about Los Angeles Café, their customers and employees should be shown to the World including your friend Jim Clancy at CNN to show what a money making scam International Justice Mission Philippines has become for the enrichment of your god fearing brain washed employees and lawyers in the Philippines with the rest of Asia

The field mission employees of International Justice Mission Philippines arranged the raid on the 17th June 2010 that the IJM Lawyers denied in court under oath that they were not present in the raid

Attached is the IJM report and the photograph of IJM Field Offices smiling as they proceed to put 248 innocent fellow female Filipino customers in jail for playing a game of pool and watching live bands


June 17th 2011 22 hrs

These innocent victims even included wives and foreign nationals who were simply watching the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup then IJM claims they were rescued so why were they all allowed to go home to their families and forced to sign a disclaimer

Why did IJM need to get ABS-CBN News Patrol to make live video’s of the raid, then have the photo of Hillary Clinton from the State Department all over National TV claiming that the Philippines will remain at Tier 2 for Human Trafficking and not get USD 250 Million. All to help IJM to get more donations to support their scam lifestyles at the expense innocent Filipinas

We the real victims of IJM have to praise the lord though that you are not interested to rescue male customer’s as the you would have needed twenty trucks to cart them away like animals

That evening of the 17th June 2010 there were over 600 Filipino and 400 foreign male customers and the male employees, not one male customer was asked for any identification or proof their age by IJM

Why were the male customers and employee’s allowed to go free, obviously IJM is not interested in male customers as they know they can not treat them like animals

In fact it appears IJM does not rescue Filipino Males or foreign males as it appears to IJM only females are victims of human trafficking in the Philippines, maybe you could explain your company policy for victims of IJM

Maybe Mr. Jim Clancy and Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton could explain the difference between male and female victims as it appear IJM is only interested in innocent female victims to threaten maybe they are not so confident to rescue men who in turn maybe armed with weapons

We wonder Mr. Haugen why EVERY victim you and IJM have so called rescued that evening were allowed to go free by the local authorities after signing waivers, surely in America you can not just rescue customers and put them in jail like you do in the Philippines

The only females detained were the three IJM kidnapped female dummies that had already signed your prepared affidavits against innocent Los Angeles Café employees

How did the three victims manage to make such precise affidavits at such short notice during the middle of the night in a police station where there are no computers or modern laser printers for public use?

Yet again an IJM scam to secure convictions of innocent persons for their own commercial gains by making affidavits in advance and force innocent victims to sign for their freedom

Mr. Gary Haugen you recently brought your daughters to Guatemala via Dallas, Texas on American Airlines where you had Mexican Food, if you bring them to Manila be careful not to visit the World Famous Hard Rock Café, TGI Fridays, Chili’s Bar or California Pizza Kitchen, all American Franchises, they were competitors of Los Angeles Café before IJM had all our female customers put in jail, as we catered to exactly the same customer base

You and your daughters might be picked up like animals and hauled away in an open truck like the Nazi’s did in the second world war while been filmed on national TV or maybe CNN with Jim Clancy by your local IJM Franchise to gain more publicity and donations from America

In IJM’s press release after the raid on Los Angeles Cafe you said you and IJM rescued 17 minors that evening

Mr. Gary Haugen it turned out that NOT ONE of the 248 customers you rescued from watching FIFA World Cup football, playing billiards and listening to Live music turned out to be a minor

Filipinos have their constitutional right as you do in America to socialize even in the World Famous Hard Rock Café it would have been a violation of a city ordinance to allow minors out between 10 pm and 4 am in public areas without an adult companion

For your information Mr. Gary Haugen in the Republic of the Philippines you can drink Alcohol legally once you have reached the age of 18 while in the United States of America you have to be 21 years old

Why do you not go to Las Vegas to see Mayor Goodman and have all the MINORS under American law arrested for binge drinking on the street of Las Vegas and wearing short skirts as they are surely victims of human trafficking at such a minor age, do your daughters drink alcohol

When you took your young daughters for TEX MEX food in Dallas, Texas before going to Guatemala where you considered being human trafficking your children, as we are sure the establishment sold alcohol.

Mr. Gary Haugen come to the Philippines with your daughters and take them to TGI Friday’s for dinner so we can file a complaint against you and have you also arrested under RP Act 9208 for qualified human trafficking, you then can face your own consequences as so many of your victims have suffered

We will then ask your IJM Philippines franchise office Director Ms. Castro to have some minors sign false affidavits for money against you to have you arrested then taken away in an open truck and to a police station where the jails have no air-conditioning for a few days

Mr. Gary Haugen explain how you can call it being rescued when you have 248 innocent women kidnapped under the threat of a loaded M16 Rifle and then forced into a truck to be driven under armed guard to a police station, do you do this in America

Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM had innocent women trucked away under heavily armed guards like the Japanese did to Filipino’s and American’s in World War II with no warrant of arrest but an excuse from IJM Philippines that they have been rescued from human trafficking, we hope you are proud of yourself as an advocate of Human Rights

Then ironically have them released several hours later after they had to sign a waiver not to take legal action against you and International Justice Mission for kidnapping with the Philippine Department of Justice

We will now bring our case to the International Crimes against humanity against you Mr. Gary Haugen and the International Justice Mission

Mr. Gary Haugen you had innocent Filipina customers from a legal establishment taken away like animals, 71 of them were married to both Filipino’s and foreigners

Mr. Gary Hagen you and IJM did not kidnap any of the Female Foreign Tourist amounting to more than 100, Los Angeles Café was tourist destination

There Female Foreign Tourists were watching the FIFA World Cup Soccer they will never visit the Philippines again thanks to you and IJM, another crime you have done as this is economic sabotage to our Country

What if we Filipino’s go to Las Vegas and have your foreign tourists arrested for having a good time, what would Mayor Goodman say to us if we did the same as you do in our Country the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen one female customer was from Thailand and was initially kidnapped/rescued by IJM operatives as she appeared by her looks to be a Filipina.

Your IJM operatives released the Female Thailand National, as they have no right to kidnap a foreign tourist who is in a Philippine Department of Tourism registered establishment

Where will you and IJM raid next the world famous white sands of Boracay, that is full of both Filipino and foreign tourist’s What will be the offense human trafficking while wearing a two piece bathing costume

We believe you and IJM Philippines want to destroy the Philippines Tourism Industry and make us once more be a colony of the mighty United States of America, why do you all not go back to your own country

Any Filipina that evening who could show any foreign ID to the IJM operatives was not kidnapped/rescued by IJM Philippines, all due to your malicious prejudice thinking that all Filipina’s are prostitutes but for your info not all Filipina are prostitutes.

Jim Clancy and CNN should investigate you and your scam organization (IJM) for including two Filipina legal employees both of legal age under Philippine Law that were forcibly kidnapped/rescued by IJM Field Officers

We also call on CNN, Jim Clancy and State Department of the United States of America to investigate International Justice Mission for Money Laundering and violating the American Foreign Corrupt Practices Act by threatening to have US aid money stopped unless local governments give in to the IJM demands in all their World Wide Field Officers where their audited accounts clearly show how the donations are money laundered in travel expenses as can be clearly seen by their filed accounts.

The Philippine law is CLEAR; to be an accredited NGO in the Philippines your total administrative costs of your total expense is not allowed to be above 30%

IJM Philippines had salaries alone in 2009 of P 23 million pesos of P 68.8 million pesos in Grants on top of that the total administrative expensive exceeded 62.5%, you should loose your NGO accreditation forthwith we are filing a legal complaint with the Securities and Exchange Commission

Only income from grants are tax free, you had P 158,000 Philippine pesos in interest income which is taxable, you did not pay tax but violated the tax code, Los Angeles Café paid millions and millions in taxes to support the development of the Philippines

Both female victims of IJM were physically threatened and forced to commit the crime of perjury under oath together with a 17-year-old female minor that was kidnapped/rescued by IJM operatives by physical force from the village office where she was staying by IJM Field Officers.

Three scared and innocent victimized female Filipina were turned into prostitutes by International Justice Mission to enrich the organization and gain more funding from the United States of America

Mr. Gary Haugen you have been interviewed on CNN by Jim Clancy and boasting you are the champion in saving slave victims and yet you with IJM kidnap and abuse innocent Filipina’s for your own enrichment this is a fact

Local Philippine law enforcers we have met to ask why this was done to innocent Filipino workers are disgusted with you and IJM Philippines

We quote: Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM Philippines is just demanding and threatening us unless we do what they say the Philippines will not receive US grants and worse is they (IJM) DO NOT care about their victims, they just use them for their purpose of securing publicity convictions. IJM and Mr. Gary Haugen only want convictions, publicity and news so they can secure more funding for their lifestyles

Mr. Gary Haugen three innocent Filipina victims of IJM where forced under pressure to sign affidavits that they worked as Guest Relations Officers at Los Angeles Café by your field directors, they were never shown any of the documents they signed under oath

Mr. Gary Haugen, Los Angeles Café has NEVER had a GRO employed, even that it is legal in the Philippines, that was not our business model which as patterned our business model around a famous American Brand called Hard Rock Café, good food, good music, good ambiance, and live bands.

NO EMPLOYEE was issued an ID prior to the following stringent documents only for pre application, Bio-data, NBI clearance, Police Clearance, Barangay Clearance, TIN Number, Social security number, 1 by 1 picture 2 pc, 2 by 2 picture 2 pc, Copy of birth certificate, DRUG test, map of residence.

Upon approval by the HRD Department, trainee application, Mayors permit, occupational permit, sanitary permit are obtained by the applicant her/himself at the Manila City Hall, orientation, valid LA Café ID and complete uniform

Los Angeles Café had a professional human resources department like any company employing 200 employees with all different departments employing chefs, cooks, dishwashers, waitress, DJ, bands, utility etc

Mr. Gary Haugen you and IJM stated that Los Angeles Café had 3 minors working as GRO receptionist in a place that does not even employ GRO’s

Mr. Gary Haugen, do you know what your IJM Philippines franchise is doing to you and your reputation as a human rights advocate

Mr. Gary Haugen are you aware or even condoning what your IJM Philippines franchise is doing to innocent victims here in the Philippines or are you also fake scam artist, you most be a criminal or you would close down you Philippine organization today and start all over again.


The three so called rescued victims that you and IJM forced to commit these crimes of perjury under Philippine Law are willing to face you eye to eye if you have the time from your busy five star life style.

Mr. Gary Haugen you have so far refused to have any dialog verbal or written contact with us except when your IJM Lawyers threaten us in court and in the Philippine Human rights agency where we have filed many cases against them and IJM Philippines, which you are an officer, and Board Member

IJM Philippines have poisoned the minds of the Philippines Human Rights Commission and threatened them with legal cases. There for we will bring our cases against you to all the International Forums

IJM and you as the leader can assist these victims who you claimed to have rescued by issuing them with American Visas, as it appears that every former IJM Philippines field directors salary package includes an American Visa and life style in the USA.

We will ensure, assist and help each of the three Filipina victims of IJM Philippines will have a valid Philippine passport

Mr. Gary Haugen you celebrated when Michael was release from a Kenyan jail where he was wrongly detained, you never celebrated when our innocent managers (including the one you said human trafficked billiard balls) where released from their detention through your malicious fabricated reports and affidavits

Mr. Gary Haugen you claim to be a HUMAN RIGHTS champion why did you not say God is great, IJM made an innocent mistake but now the innocent victims of IJM’s mistake are FREE after 23 days in jail for serving customers just like the employees at Hard Rock Café with food and drinks

Mr. Gary Haugen you never celebrated when the 27-year-old waitress was released and reunited with her 2 small children. She started in our company as a dishwasher but was promoted for her hard work. Was she trafficking dirty plates may we ask? Is this cause you are Anti Filipino as your staff here clearly are, they are just dedicated to serve the grand master Mr. Gary Haugen

IJM Philippines spent nearly P 7 million Philippine Peso’s in 2009 on travel expenses from the Grants of P 69 million Philippine Peso’s (USD$ 1.6 Million Cash) from IJM United States office.

Do the IJM donors know that LESS than 10% of your grants to the Philippines are declared to HELP people, the remainder are salaries and administrative expenses like expensive offices, business class travel, first class hotels, expensive cars and the latest mobile phones

Mr. Gary Haugen why do IJM not have a field operation in the United States, we are sure you would be busy there; you don’t have to frame people, plant evidence and corrupt people like you do in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen why not plant evidence sign false affidavits in the Unites States like you do in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen in between your surfing holidays, visit Mayor Goodman in Las Vegas and open a field office on the Strip, we have copied Mayor Goodman’s office open letter so he can be ready to greet you and your field officers at the McCarran Airport

Mr. Gary Haugen we wish we had the intelligence YOU claim to have, to audit every conviction that IJM has been a party as every case we read about from the courts there are many irregularities in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM Philippines have been sued in Cebu for perjury

Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM has planted evidence against Los Angeles Café, both of you fabricated affidavits, you and your field officers are a bunch of deceitful liars

Hamilcar Monceda, we salute the fantastic man, for 11 years and millions of customer, HAMILCAR tabled GRO’s in Los Angeles Café which we do not have, how he did it can only you the boss know as there are no GRO’s employed in LA Café.

Hamilcar Monceda is now being sued in the Philippine courts for perjury with International Justice Mission Philippines for making false affidavits under Oath

If you would like to invite Hamilcar Monceda to America before he goes to jail in the Philippines for Perjury you may wish him to do under cover surveillance on the following establishments in Las Vegas ,,

You can put us in jail but until YOU do Mr. Gary Haugen bow your head in shame and apologize to GOD for

Mr. Gary Haugen you can never jail our Filipino Bayani spirit

Mr. Gary Haugen we look forward to welcoming you on your next visit to our Country the Republic of the Philippines we are not the Republic of International Justice Mission

Mr. Gary Haugen sleep well with your conscience we will not rest until we have justice against you and the International Justice Mission.










and the IJM Philippines Gang of Lawyers

Atty. AnacletoRei “Jojo” A. Lacanilao III

Field Office Director

Atty. LiwLiwa O. Agbayani


Hamilcar “Hamil” Moncena

Field Director

Suite 1902-A East Tower Tektite Bldg.

Philippine Stock Exchange Center

Ortigas Center, Pasig City

+632 637-3983 / 636-5732

+632 638-5615

Fax +632 633-7707

Carmela Andal Castro

Former Field Director

Reynaldo Bicol, JR

Officer in Charge & Director of Interventions

Unit 501-502 Emerald Building

F. OrtigasJr Av, Ortigas, Pasig City 1600


Mr. Andrey and Jennifer Sawchenko

Spokesperson and Officer in Charge

Unit 501-502 Emerald Building

F. OrtigasJr Av, Ortigas, Pasig City 1600


GMC Plaza, MJ Cuenco Avenue, Cebu City

Mr. Gary Haugen,

We the victimized citizens of the Republic of the Philippines and the victims of kidnapping by force from Los Angeles Café, Manila during the instigatedraid on the 17th June 2010 by the International Justice Mission American Franchise in the Philippines hereby write to you once AGAIN

Mr. Gary Haugen we write to you and your International Justice Mission Philippines Mission directly even you refuse to have any dialog with us your victims in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen you completely ignore your Los Angeles Café victims like some God Father gangster in America, therefore you prove that you condone what your Philippine Franchise office of Ambulance chasing lawyers led by the foreign Canadian Lawyer Mr. AndreySawchenko do illegally to us Filipino’s

Mr. Gary Haugen IJM Philippines is registered with the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission with a board of directors amounting to five foreign Passport holders acting as dummies under Philippine Law

Mr. Gary Haugen the IJM Philippines Board reside throughout the World so they can not be held accountable under Philippine Law for the anti Filipino and human rights atrocities you with your cohorts commit in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen we present to you the IJM Philippines Board of Foreign Directors

Jorge Atiencia of ApartadeAeree 356072, Bataga Columbia

Dale Hansen Burke of 36 Quincy St, Chevy Chase MD 20815 USA

Richard Campanelli 213 Midvail St, Falls Church MD 22046 USA

Sam Dimen of 102 Highland Road Ryes 10580 USA

Robert N. Hagenau of 267 Fairmont Av, San Carlos CA 94070 USA

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Cafe was a 100% owned Filipino taxpaying operation owned and operated legally under the Laws of the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Café was a Department of Tourism accredited bar and restaurant certainly not a venue for human trafficking as claimed by your International Justice Mission Philippines Ambulance chasing gangster lawyers and your Canadian Lawyer Mr. AndreySawchenko

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Café was victimized by IJM Philippines under your leadership with your American trained cohorts and ambulance chasing gangster lawyers

Mr. Gary Haugen through the IJM Philippines ambulance chasing gangster lawyer’s malicious reports with their fabricated/planted witnesses, finally planting kidnapped minors from the street as evidence to secure convictions at any cost to human dignity

Mr. Gary Haugen watch on the American made YOU TUBE web site how you Americans arranged the kidnapping of more than 250 innocent Los Angeles Café Filipina female customers and then had them herded away like the Nazi’s did to the European Jewish women in the Second World War in trucks through the streets of Metro Manila while been filmed on GMA 7 National Television

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Café Filipina (Female),employees (Waitress - Disc Jockey - Band Singers - Dish Washers - Utility – Barmaids) were paraded like animals on display for the media by IJM Field Officers in open deck trucks through the streets of Manila to justify fund raising for your money raising American organization so called non tax paying NGO International Justice Mission Religious Sect

Mr. Gary Haugen you and your IJM had innocent Filipinas freedom taken away in the disguise of been rescued like the genocide regime of Pol Pot did to his own people in Cambodia and the Serbian Christians did against the Yugoslavian Muslims in Bosnia, are you proud of your Christian Evangelista organization called International Justice Mission that is anti Muslim and Filipino

Mr. Gary Haugen we assure you one day you will also be arrested by the International Community and taken handcuffed to the Hague in Belgium for Crimes against humanity like Slobodan Miloševicthe Communist Dictator from Yugoslavia

Mr. Gary Haugen we your victims will not rest until we have our justice against you and Mr. AndreySawchenko your Jewish Canadian non taxpaying trained gangster lawyer/field office based in Cebu, Philippines with his wife Jenifer Sawchenko

Mr. Gary Haugen your foreign dummiemayabang lawyer Mr. AndreySawchenko based in Cebu should go back to Seattle and practice his law there instead of putting innocent Filipino’s in jail in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen you had our catholic employees arrested like animals for no reason except working legally to support their families as bread winners in a place of work like millions of other establishments around the World

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Café had all the Manila Government permits to operate and offer excellent service to our guests from all walks of life from all around the World without discrimination to religion or skin color

Mr. Gary Haugen to add insult to injury the Filipina victims among our staff, female staff that is who were employed by Los Angeles Café as dishwashers, utility, waitresses and barmaids were forced by the Field Officers of IJM to do a DENTAL check up at the Manila Police Headquarters to prove they were of a certain age, even some of the women were more than 30 years of age and dressed as a dishwasher/cook

Mr. Gary Haugen both you and IJM had the Los Angeles Café innocent kidnapped victims go through your media show with malicious fabrications and planted evidence like animals

Mr. Gary Haugen you then gave your personal promise to the Philippines Department of Justice that if IJM had convictions against so called rescued victims from Los Angeles Café you would secure US$ 250 Million in GRANTS from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the US State Department

Mr. Gary Haugen you promised the Philippine Government US$ 250 Million in return for any convictions the courts could obtain using the name IJM Philippines even against innocent Filipina’s and IJM would plant evidence against to have them convicted there for raising more funding for your five star lifestyle of you and Mr. AndreySawchenko

Watch this Video

Mr. Gary Haugen see what your IJM Philippine franchise ambulance chasing lawyers and its leadership did to our Los Angles Café employees, you treat all Filipina like prostitutes, NONE of our employees were prostitutes, NEVER call us that again Mr. Human Trafficker Gary Haugen and Mr. Andreyand Mrs. Jennifer Sawchenko

Mr. Haugen, when you check into your luxurious five star hotels during you donor funded trips we are sure there are Filipinas in the receptions of the hotels, restaurants and housekeeping department, do you call them prostitutes?

Good Morning Mr. Haugen welcome to Hilton Hotel San Diego, thank you “Puta” if she is Filipina is your answer? You are a racist fascist like all the dictators throughout the World

Mr. Gary Haugen did you watch the video you had made for public viewing, did you see the un-hygienic teeth inspection your IJM dentists forced our employees to endure like the Nazis did to the Jews in the Second World War when they removed the gold from their teeth

Mr. Gary Haugen surely this is against their human rights and dignity, do you think you are a Dictator in a foreign country, for your information all the permits to work were issued by Manila City Hall so why don’t you raid city hall as they issue the permits based on the documents the Filipino workers submit

Mr. Gary Haugen, both you and IJM Philippines now publicize in the national newspapers that for a fact IJM Philippines have their own team of so called qualified dentists to do dental checks on what you call rescued victims that you pick up as clients at 2 am under M16 guard

Mr. Gary Haugen you even film innocent victims being forced to verify that they are not minors even the person is clearly not a minor they are forced to undergo a dental check by IJM trained dentists

Mr. Gary Haugen what would you say if a 100% Filipino company came to the United States and dental checked your daughters at 2 am after they have been hauled away under guard of M16s and handguns from Hard Rock Café?

Mr. Gary Haugen you instruct your IJM dentists to force innocent victims to open their mouths and have the IJM paid dental equipment forced down their mouths, against their basic human rights while been intimated in a police station in the middle of the night by the IJM ambulance chasing gangster lawyers

Mr. Gary Haugen how can you, the IJM fleet of ambulance lawyers and the paid IJM dentists force a person against their own human rights to undergo a dental check in the middle of night in a Police Station without a lawyer been present, would you do this in America

Mr. Gary Haugen we believe in America you would be sued and lose your freedom but here in the Philippines you with your Jewish Lawyer Mr. AndreySawchenko can do as you like whiletreating us Catholic Filipinos like animals in our own country

Mr. Gary Haugen why do you and your side kick not go to Muslim Zamboanga or even better Jolo in the Southern Philippines then try to act the way you do in Manila, Clark, Cebu, Leyte and all the peaceful Christian areas of the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen your illegal actions against the basic human rights of Filipino’s to demand them to have a dental check as innocent victims in the middle of the night while you had them filmed by GMA 7 Network for broadcast on both National and International Television

Mr. Gary Haugen both you and IJM Philippines paid for your own publicity with the media we have affidavits from journalists to confirm how you manipulate the media for the IJM World-wide publicity and money raising

Mr. Gary Haugen, IJM Philippines even up loaded the kidnapping of Los Angeles Café employees and customers from the television news show of GMA-7 that IJM paid to film to the internet site YOU-TUBE which clearly shows the persecution by the IJM dentists of innocent human rights victims

Mr. Gary Haugen the Los Angeles Café employees the majority were earning no more than 9 USD dollars a day in 2010 were forced against their human rights to under go national/international media coverage without their consent and finally forced to open their mouths for an inspection by IJM dentists

Mr. Gary Haugen the Los Angeles Café employees were subjected to persecution, dental checks and humiliation to justify the IJM Philippines agenda of gaining maximum media publicity at all costs to raise funds for their huge personal expenses as shown in the latest IJM Philippines Income Tax return to the BIR of the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen you pay the Philippine Government zero taxes even though IJM Philippines violate the NGO criteria in the Philippines as you with your IJM Philippines Ambulance chasing gangster lawyers are so mayabang and don’t care about the Philippine laws as you think you have control of the Department of Justice with all your donations

Mr. Gary Haugen both you and IJM violate the United States of America anti corruption act of 1977 and keep promising the Philippines Government US$ 250 million in aid money, does Hillary Clinton know that you speak for the American Government in promising aid money from President Obama’s tax payers

Mr. Gary Haugen the humiliation experienced by the Los Angeles Café IJM victims to their families, neighbors and friends will never be forgotten for the whole of their lifetime because you and the IJM Philippines ambulance chasing lawyers had them paraded in public like the Nazi’s did to the Jews in the Second World War

Mr. Gary Haugen the Los Angeles Café employees worked hard and legally at Los Angeles Café for more than eleven years, a place to be proud to work in Manila, not some Sex Den that you and IJM publicized all over the news media to justify your master publicity campaign to gain further funding

Mr. Gary Haugen you had all our female employees branded as prostitutes even our dishwasher, cook, cashier, accountant and waitress?

Mr. Gary Haugen, to run around in the middle of the night and pick up clients from restaurants is clearly a foul business model, we would have invited you and your gang of lawyers with open arms during office hours

Mr. Gary Haugen you could have had access to all our computerized data files and your gangster lawyers would have seen how our professional human resource department was operated by educated employees including two retired department of labor lawyers

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Café was very meticulous with all our 201 files of the staff but you could not do a professional examination you needed the publicity so you had to have Los Angeles Café raided at 10,30pm in the evening with machine guns

Mr. Gary Haugen which you and your dummies where aware of is that curfew for minors starts at 10 pm, you where just waiting for this, not knowing that the proud Filipino owned and trained security do not allow minors to enter Los Angles Café even for a simple meal, we know that Hard Rock Café does allow but our standard was higher.

Mr. Gary Haugen is every Filipina woman with a sexual reproductive system considered to be a prostitute by the Evangelistic IJM Religious Sect called International Justice Mission

Mr. Gary Haugen why did IJM Philippines brand our college graduated management also as prostitutes, why were these educated females herded away like human Cattle to the market for the slaughter, are you copying what Pol Pot did to the educated citizens of Cambodia

Mr. Gary Haugen you had hundred’s of innocent Filipina’s kidnapped at gun point from Los Angeles Café in 2010 while ALL the Los Angeles Café employees, males as well as females had all the following requirements completed and submitted on their own free will to the professional Human Resources Department of Los Angeles Café

1. Mayors Permit to work issued by Manila City Hall

2. Sanitary Permit issued by Manila City Hall

3. Occupational Clearance issued by Manila City Hall

4. National Bureau of Investigation Clearance by NBI

5. Police Clearance by PNP

6. Barangay (village) Clearance

7. Sketch of residence

8. Training and orientation (given FREE by LA Café)

9. Issuance of LA Café ID

10.Issuance of LA Café Uniform

11.Fingerprinting for the Computerized salary system

12.Logged in to the computerized system for their respective department and work hour

Mr. Gary Haugen,Los Angeles Cafe had employed more than 10,000 workers over the past 12 years until you and IJM decided to make them look like animals and brand them all as prostitutes with your fabricated malicious LIES to justify more funds from the United States of America and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

Mr. Gary Haugen,Manila City Hall issued permits were worn at all times by each employee, male as well as female for the customers to identify them and get the best service possible from highly motivated well trained Filipino staff who you Mr. Gary Haugen branded as prostitutes!

Mr. Gary Haugen how can you justify the kidnapping of innocent Filipina’s by an American Non Government Organization and Non Tax Paying Payers in the Philippines like Mr. AndreySawchenko who has a Philippines issued BIR TIN No 253-766-303

Mr. Gary Haugen Shame on you and your Ambulance Chasing IJM Philippines Lawyers

Mr. Gary Haugen there were NO GRO’s employed by Los Angeles Café this is such a deceitful lie that thousand of Los Angeles Café customers can sign affidavits to over the past 12 years

Mr. Gary Haugen there is nothing illegal with employing GRO’s (Guest Relations Officer) in the Philippines for your information and yet we Los Angeles Café never employed GRO’s as this was not our business plan

Mr. Gary Haugen in America where you now hide or go continuously on holiday, the mighty USA you call GRO’s Lap Dancers or in your girly bars strippers, Los Angeles Café did not have any such performers as yet again we tell you this was not our business plan

Mr. Gary Haugen the concept of GRO’s and Dancers were not the Los Angeles Cafes business model, we had the same business model as Hard Rock Café, good food, good service, billiards and live music together with merchandising promoting the Philippines at no cost to the Philippine Government

Mr. Gary Haugen your gang of IJM ambulance chasing lawyers in their excitement publicized Los Angeles Café as a Sex Den in the Philippine Star and every National newspaper before the raid had even happened in 2010

Mr. Gary Haugen the concept of GRO’s and Dancers were not the Los Angeles Cafes business model, we had the same business model as Hard Rock Café, good food, good service, billiards and live music together with merchandising promoting the Philippines at no cost to the Philippine Government

Mr. Gary Haugen, Los Angeles Café for many years sponsored International and Filipino sports men such as Congressman Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, Efren “Bata” Reyes, Django Bustamante, Dennis Orcollo, Darren Appleton, Karl Boyles, Earl Strickland. Reigning World Champion Mr. Bustamante’s son was working in the kitchen of LA Café as a cook, Bustamante is a United States HALL OF FAME BILLIARD PLAYER, inducted in 2010, and his son was hauled away like an animal too by your gang.

Mr. Gary Haugen your commission paid field office director Mr. HamilcarMonceda is a LIER, we will all go to jail for life for YOU Mr. GARY HAUGEN if your Mr. HamilcarMonceda can produce 1 (ONE) GRO that was employed by Los Angeles Café

Mr. Gary Haugen your Mr. HamilcarMonceda volunteer gangster field office does NOT have to produce 2 (TWO) Guest Relations Officers from Los Angeles Café as 1 (ONE) will do to confirm his affidavit under oath that Los Angeles Café had GRO’s

Mr. Gary Haugen he can not produce one GRO from Los Angeles Cafe as there has never been one GRO employed as we reiterate having GRO’s was not the business model of Los Angeles Cafe

Mr. Gary Haugen your IJM Philippines employee Mr. HamilcarMonceda stated in his affidavit where he committed another serious crime in the Philippines that of perjury that you rescued 251 Female GRO’s out of which 18 were suspected minors

Mr. Gary Haugen, Los Angeles Café had NO GRO’s and the 248 female paying customers (3 were trafficked by you and your ambulance chasing gang of lawyers from IJM Philippines of which we have written affidavits confirming how you kidnapped these innocent persons to justify your operation to raise much needed funds from America)

Mr. Gary Haugen No minors were ever inside Los Angeles Café again this is not our business model for what purpose would we have minors in a bar and restaurant at 10.30pm

Mr. Gary Haugen you and your IJM Philippines ambulance chasing lawyers plant minors for your own gain and the publicity read your Twitter (, Facebook and your IJM Press releases

Mr. Gary Haugen and Mr. AndreySawchenko all you talk about is female Filipina minors which your ambulance chasing gangster lawyers kidnap, then plant them in an establishment such as Los Angeles Cafe then rescue them to sign the false affidavits prepared by your ambulance chasing gangster lawyers in advance at your Ortigas Office

Mr. Gary Haugen, Mr. AndreySawchenko with your wife Jennifer and all your ambulance chasing gangster lawyers should and will all go to jail when eventually you will be exposed for who you all really are with the human rights atrocities you are committing in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen not one customer at Los Angeles Café was a MINOR this is a violation of Manila City Hall Ordinance not human trafficking by Management, cashiers, owner, billiard manager and the dishwasher’s

Mr. Gary Haugen you and your ambulance chasing gangster lawyers conveniently forgot to mention that there was 600 male customers at Los Angeles Café that evening in 2010

Mr. Gary Haugen 450 of the male customers were Filipinos/OFW’s enjoying an evening out in their own country until your American sponsored ambulance chasing gangster lawyers arrived with their own minors to plant as evidence of so called human trafficking, yet you are the ones trafficking the minors
FIFA World Cup 2010, June 17 Game Results: Spain Lost to Switzerland 1-0, Uruguay Beats Hosts South Africa 3-0

Mr.Gary Haugen, Los Angeles Café had over 250 male and female customers watching the FIFA World Cup games live on June 17 2010 on the big projector screen TV on the second floor where you claim Los Angeles Café had so called VIP rooms with GRO’s

Mr. Gary Haugen there were no and was never any VIP rooms, we treated all customers as VIP, that was the business model

Mr. Gary Haugen the female FIFA football lovers such as the famous AZKALS supporters were kidnapped then hauled away like animals in the middle of the game that started 10 pm before by your IJM Philippines gang of lawyers/field officers who now claim in their affidavits that they where not at Los Angeles Café or MPD Station 5 which is a true lie under oath

We will publicize the affidavits you prepared for the 3 ladies whom nobody in the whole of LA Café 1500 customers that night had ever seen inside, all 3 whom your ambulance chaser called GRO even though LA Café has NO GRO, can you explain that Mr. Haugen

Mr. Haugen your employee Mr. HAMIL said he tabled GRO’s but LA Café had no GRO’s can you explain how your lawyers and criminologists work as they seem to be out of touch with reality and truthfulness.

Manila is not Taliban controlled area sponsored by You Mr. Haugen and your gang for increasing your donations.

Mr. Gary Haugen the Los Angeles Café billiard manager who was held by an IJM gangster lawyer who screamed she was doing qualified human trafficking for racking billiard tables still has her medical report where your lady gangster lawyer held her arm so hard it drew blood

Mr. Gary Haugen we have CCTV coverage to prove all our claims in court even that IJM Philippines ambulance chasing gangster lawyers are working hard to influence the Manila Court Fiscal’s with holidays throughout the Philippines and huge promises

Mr. Gary Haugen the IJM Philippines ambulance chasing gangster lawyers even had computerized prepared affidavits for the kidnapped minors to sign to put everyone in jail for life for violating RP act 9208 then having the affidavits filmed by the IJM sponsored press for immediate publication

Mr. Gary Haugen seventy-one female LA Café customers you hauled away under machine gun watch were married but Mr. AndreySawchenko you don’t care, if they are Filipinas they are all prostitutes for you, are your American daughters prostitutes? They are female, what about Mrs. Haugen and Mrs. Jennifer Sawchanko, if they go to our former competitor Hard Rock Café they should too be classified as prostitutes or is the classification for Filipinas only?

Mr. Gary Haugen If you carry a gun are you considered to be a murderer therefore if a Filipina brings her body is she considered be a prostitute, IJM Philippines appears to brand all FILIPINA women as prostitutes in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen and Mr. AndreySawhcenko why do you want to be operating in the Philippines when you consider all us Filipina’s prostitute, you are both so evil and prejudice

Mr. Gary Haugen how about your IJM ambulance chasing gangster female lawyers they also bring their sexual tools everywhere they work to be prostitutes how about that Mr. Gary Haugen, all females are born with sexual reproductive systems

Mr. Gary Haugen we doubt your buddy and IJM Philippines special gangster employee Mr. HamilcarMonceda with all his false affidavits signed under oath had ever been to Los Angeles Café

Mr. Gary Haugen, your Mr. HamilcarMonceda does not know what he is talking about in his affidavit about Los Angeles Café, he will eventually go to jail for perjury and then as a plea bargin with us he will expose how IJM Philippines operates their scam operation for money

Mr. Gary Haugen in the Philippines it is a serious CRIME to LIE under oath and sign false affidavits, unless you think you are above the law like your IJM ambulance chasing gangster lawyer

Mr. Gary Haugen your ambulance chasing gangster lawyers think they are protected by donating funds to the courts organizing foreign trips to the Philippine Department of Justice officials as you boast on Twitter and Facebook –

Mr. Gary Haugen offering / bribing with money to receive favor’s is a violation of the United States of America anti foreign corruption act of 1977 but you don’t care you think you are some dictator

Mr. Gary Haugen you and your ambulance chasing IJM Philippines lady lawyers should tell Mr. HamilcarMonceda that he will be now facing a long prison sentence in a Philippine jail as we will not stop until we have justice against this gangster with his lies and his perjury under oath

Mr. HamilcarMonceda lied under Oath in the Manila court this will be his downfall because your lady lawyers promised him nothing would happen to him in the courts as they have donated funds to protect themselves against their illegal activities

Mr. Gary Haugen the mighty IJM Philippines told Mr. HamilcarMonceda that all the Judges, Fiscals and Department of Justice Lawyers all the way to the Secretary are all under the control of IJM Philippines gangster lawyers so he has nothing to fear from lying under oath in a Philippine Court

Mr. Gary Haugen we will never stop going after you and Mr. AndreySawchenkountil we have our JUSTICE against Mr. HamilcarMonceda we hope he will co-operate and tell the truth about your IJM operation in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugenwe are now negotiating with Mr. HamilcarMonceda for his freedom from a Philippine jail when he exposes the real truth about you and IJM Philippines. You are now hiding Mr. HamilMonceda in Zamboanga but we have found him

Mr. Gary Haugen all 248 female customers were allowed to go home in the middle of the night after identifying themselves to the local law enforcement agency and having their mouths inspected by IJM’s dentists

Mr. Gary Haugen your IJM victims were not released from jail until after many hours of humiliation and being hoarded on trucks like the Jews in the 2nd World War by the Nazis to the gas chambers or in this case the American International Justice Mission Sect herding around Filipno’s in their own country around for a dentist inspection by the famous IJM dentist’s

Mr. Gary Haugen your gang of lawyers under your leadership Mr. Haugen should read the City Ordinance and not frame innocent 12 year old Philippine institutions such as Los Angeles Café a tax paying legal business.
“Parents of minor caught violating curfew ordinance in Manila face raps”

Manila’s City Administrator Jesus Mari Marzan has warned parents of minors who will be caught for violating curfew laws they will be charged in court if they cannot discipline their children.

The warning was aired by Marzan during the weekly “Peoples Day” forum at the city hall after several barangay chairmen complained of laxity in the implementation of the city ordinance on curfew.

Marzan said if the minor offender will be caught for the second time the order was to bring him to the Rescue and Acton Center of the Manila Social Welfare Department (MSWD) for temporary shelter while cases are being prepared against the parents of the offender.

“It is the responsibility of the parents to see to it that their children (of minor age) are in their house at 10 p.m. to 4 a.m.,” Marzan said.

The barangay government has the responsibility in the implementation of the ordinance through the barangay peace keeping force.

The ordinance covers youth below 18 years of age and the minors accompanied by elders are not covered by arrest.

It was disclosed by some barangay chairmen during the forum that riots and rumbles happened during the curfew time and mostly involved are youth below 18 years old.

The problems were shared by many barangay officials as peace and order become hard to implement, especially when hundreds of youth who have formed their own gangs clash with their rivals to assert supremacy in their areas.

Marzan during the forum tasked MSWD Director Jay de la Fuente and the 11 MPD station commanders to assist barangay peace keepers in strictly implementing the curfew law but with restraint and patience in handling youth violators. Pat C. Santos

Mr. Gary Haugen the totally un-true, malicious, perjury, fabricated report that IJM Philippines made to our beloved Mayor of Manila against Los Angeles Café signed by your field director Carmela Andal Castro to obtain her green card to the United States of Amercia and our 150 plus employees was a clear vendetta against a legitimate operating business for the financial gain of IJM

Mr. Gary Haugen you and IJM Philippines ambulance chasing gangster lawyers do not care about Filipino’s all you care about raising money for your extravagant life styles

Mr. Gary Haugen shame on you and IJM Philippines for asking donations from honest citizens to support these acts of perjury and lies

Mr. Gary Haugen both you and IJM are no better than the scam artist Mr. Bernard Madoff who eventually was found out by the American Courts and sent to jail where you will join him one day

Mr. Gary Haugen, Mr. AndreySawchenko, God is our witness he will punish both of you and the IJM lawyers for your sins

Mr. Gary Haugen why do IJM only employ Orthodox Christians, the Philippines is multi-religious society and Los Angeles Café had employees and customers from all religious faiths without discrimination

Mr. Gary Haugen you only want to employ people you can control and brainwash to do your dirty work as you have taken no action against the illegal things done in Manila and Cebu by the foreigner Mr. AndreySawchanko

You have not taken any actions against HamilacarMonceda

You have taken no Action against Rey Bicol JR

You have taken no action against Carmela Andal Castro

Reynaldo “Rey” Bicol Jr. was actually promoted for his criminal deeds to Officer in Charge of IJM Philippines, was that the promotion for the media mileage you got to increase donations by hurting Filipinos

Mr. Gary Haugen, what do you tell the 300 street children that Los Angeles Café at our expense fed every Sunday for 10 years through the LA CaféPalugaw (soup kitchen) program

Mr Gary Haugen YOU answer to these street minors instead of kidnapping them as they now starve from hunger thanks to the mighty IJM ambulance chasing gangster lawyers

30 % of total administration


Mr. Gary Haugen You do not pay income tax to the Philippine Government Los Angeles Café was a large taxpayer for the development of the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen for your information under the Philippine Law only 30% of a NGO expenses can befor administration

Mr. Gary Haugen, IJM Philippines as a registered NGO hada total administration expenses in 2009of 59,701% and in 2010 55,93%, both without employees/volunteers salaries

Mr. Gary Haugen to qualify for accreditation as an NGO in the Republic of the Philippines, an NGO must be organized and operated exclusively for one or more of the following purposes:

• scientific;

• research;

• educational;

• character-building;

• youth and sports development;

• health;

• social welfare;

• cultural; or

• charitable purposes.

Further, no part of the net income of the NGO may inure to the benefit of any private individual (Section 34, Tax Code and Section (1)(b), Revenue Regulation No. 13-98). Accredited NGOs are also subject to other requirements, including restrictions on the amount of administrative expenses that can be incurred (limited to 30% of total expenses) and limitations on the distribution of assets upon the organization’s dissolution (Section 1(b), Revenue Regulation No. 13-98). [3]

- Therefore Mr. Gary Haugen and IJM Philippines is violating the generosity of the Philippines to operate an NGO taxfreeand should pay taxes, salaries alone was 34% and spending P861.000 for publication where most goes to press releases in Philippine Star is not doing evangelistic work and help oppressed people. In 2010 the salary cost raised to 41 % of total grants





Mr. Gary Haugen where are the promised USD$ 250 million dollars

Mr. Gary Haugen bothMr. AndreySawchenkoand Mrs. Jennifer Sawchenko are foreigners in our country do they know that they are putting innocent Filipinos in jail in their own country and that we are not happy with them both living here in the Visayas and we are determined to have them both deported back to Canada

Mr. Gary Haugen, it appears your gang of Filipino and foreign lawyers are nowbeginning to split up

Mr. AndreySawchenko who is registered at the IJM Philippines exclusive luxury Ortigas office unit no 501 Emerald Plaza Building with the Department of Immigration

Mr. Gary Haugen we have secured a copy of Mr. AndreySawchenkos immigration papers whilehe is now paying people to avoid his criminal cases in Manila saying he is only representing IJM Cebu and has nothing to do with your gangsters in Manila

Mr. Gary Haugen at the IJM Philippines2011 annual prayer meeting at The Union Church in Legaspi Village, Makati City Mr. Will and Joanie Feuerstein were bringing Jesus Christ to the Philippine prisons

Mr. Gary Haugen theFilipinoprisoners are now brain washed by your Religious Sect and ironically Mr. Gary Haugen with your IJM Gangster Lawyers you are the NGO putting innocent people in jail in the first place

“I will sing of Your Love and Justice, O Lord, To You I will sing praise. “ Psalm 101:1

Mr. Gary Haugen can you explain to the Filipino people and all your World Wide donors why you refuse to meet with your victims in the Philippines

Mr. Gary Haugen, we suspect that as an educated person you know how to read as you clearly can post on twitter and facebook if not we do know educated Filipinos not prostitutes who can explain this to you:
Elements Of Human Trafficking

On the basis of the definition given in the Trafficking in Persons Protocol, it is evident that trafficking in persons has three constituent elements;

The Act (What is done)

Recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or receipt of persons

The Means (How it is done)

Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim

The Purpose (Why it is done)

For the purpose of exploitation, which includes exploiting the prostitution of others, sexual exploitation, forced labour, slavery or similar practices and the removal of organs.

To ascertain whether a particular circumstance constitutes trafficking in persons, consider the definition of trafficking in the Trafficking in Persons Protocol and the constituent elements of the offense, as defined by relevant domestic legislation.

Mr. Gary Haugen you as the leader of IJM should explain to your IJM Philippines gangster lawyers and Mr. AndreySawchenko that you operate with the five foreign dummies representing themselves to the local Securities and Exchange Commission of the Philippines not the United States of America

Mr. Gary Haugen where does human trafficking come in with serving food and drinks to customers from all walk of lives listening to live music, playing billiards and watching Spain play football at the 2011 FIFA World Cup

Mr. Gary Haugen, you and your gang are human traffickers, you are not only ambulance chasers you coerce people:

The Means (How it is done)

Threat or use of force, coercion, abduction, fraud, deception, abuse of power or vulnerability, or giving payments or benefits to a person in control of the victim

Mr. Gary Haugen THE MEANS above is the business model of IJM Philippines do you not think that scared women who are kidnapped from a restaurant then loaded on to the back of a truck like an animals at 2am under gun point is vulnerable and will then sign any prepared affidavit by your IJM Philippines mafia lawyers under threat of physical harm


Mr. Gary Haugen the above are professional billiard balls, cues and a Brunswick American made billiard table

Mr. Gary Haugen can you explain where under the United Nations legislation how as a person one can human traffic’s billiard balls

Mr. Gary Haugen where does the element of Human Trafficking in billiard equipment come from

Mr. Gary Haugenhow can a fully documented single mother the manager of the 9 billiard tables Los Angeles Café be sent to jail by IJM Philippines for 23 days for qualified human trafficking living without a shower or basic human rights

Mr. Gary Haugen meanwhile the IJM Philippines gangster lawyers tell her to sign false affidavits against the owner of Los Angeles Café for human trafficking so they can secure her freedom or she will rot in jail like a cockroach until IJM Philippines has a case in court for a conviction

Mr. Gary Haugen IJM Philippines give money to local Philippine Government agencies and spend for government officials holiday trips to Zamboanga, Cebu, United States and you call this partnership not bribery

Mr. Gary Haugen American companies would call this BRIBERY or Corruption, IJM Philippines call this corruption “PARTNERSHIP”

Mr. Gary Haugen, you and IJM Philippines are also violating the United States foreign corruption act of 1977 with your promise of United States of America humanitarian aid now used as money laundering for the benefit of IJM money raising efforts

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

An Overview

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977, as amended, 15 U.S.C. §§ 78dd-1, et seq. ("FCPA"), was enacted for the purpose of making it unlawful for certain classes of persons and entities to make payments to foreign government officials to assist in obtaining or retaining business. Specifically, the anti-bribery provisions of the FCPA prohibit the willful use of the mails or any means of instrumentality of interstate commerce corruptly in furtherance of any offer, payment, promise to pay, or authorization of the payment of money or anything of value to any person, while knowing that all or a portion of such money or thing of value will be offered, given or promised, directly or indirectly, to a foreign official to influence the foreign official in his or her official capacity, induce the foreign official to do or omit to do an act in violation of his or her lawful duty, or to secure any improper advantage in order to assist in obtaining or retaining business for or with, or directing business to, any person.

Mr. Gary Haugen you break all of the above acts and our pro bono American lawyer who was a customer in Los Angeles Café is preparing the necessary legal cases against you Mr. Gary Haugen and your religious sect

Mr. Gary Haugen expect the FCPA To contact you and your fellow Directors in the very near future

Denis J. McInerney

Chief, Fraud Section

Mr. Gary Haugen, can you explain to us and to all your followers why you refuse to talk to us, we operated a legal business that contributed to the growth of the Philippine economy for more than11 years

Mr. Gary Haugen Los Angeles Café averaged 1500 customers a day, male, female, black, white, and brown from all walks of life, that is 6,022,500 customer we served in 11 years

Mr. Gary Haugen with pride tell your sect gang of gangster lawyers how you fabricated a falsified report to the Mayor of Manila

Mr. Gary Haugen you admitted in your letter that you targeted LA Café from 2006, may we ask why, are you jealous that we had the most successful restaurant and bar operation in Metro Manila if not Asia

Mr. Gary Haugen ask your IJM Philippines religious sect gangster lawyers how they managed to coerce innocent people to sign fabricated affidavits under gun point to claim they where GRO’s in an establishment they have never even visited

Mr. Gary Haugen and your field director HAMIL have magic 3D eye vision, we had 6,022,500 million witnesses known as customers on top of the 10,000 of Filipino employees that were legally employed over the last 11 years at Los Angels Café that we are not involved in human trafficking

Mr. Gary Haugen only you and HAMIL have claimed to see illegal activities at Los Angeles Café then you claimed that we traffic minor’s as a business model

Mr. Gary Haugen this was the most absurd report you made to the Mayor of Manila so as to prove your affidavit you had IJM kidnap minors from the street and then plant them outside Los Angeles Café as they could not get inside our building

Mr. Gary Haugen thousands of Los Angeles Café customers everyday saw nothing illegal or your claims of human trafficking until your IJM Philippines gangster lawyers paid for false affidavits off kidnapped minors

Mr. Gary Haugen, explain to your donors why you are spending their hard earned money for your luxury lifestyle and the benefit of their donations had the Los Angeles Café Filipina employee, 27 years old married female fully documented mother of 2 waitress locked up like an animal in a cage

Mr. Gary Haugen you and your IJM gangster lawyers made sure she was only to be served rotten rice unless she signed a complaint affidavit prepared by your IJM lawyers against the owners of Los Angeles Café that she is a trafficked minor

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

Mr. Gary Haugen the former Los Angels Cafe employees who you called pimps and prostitutes to the Mayor of Manila and in all the Philippine national press also have fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins and other relatives and they are now branded for life as a scum of the earth thanks to you and IJM Philippines gangster lawyers

Mr. Gary Haugen how would you feel asa father if we Filipinos brand your daughters as prostitutes just because they have the tools with them to operate as such

Mr. Gary Haugen how would you feel as a father if the Philippines storm troopers came into a restaurant and kidnap them under gun point from their favorite Tex Mex Food and call them prostitutes for eating a meal while watching American NFL on large screen TV at Hard Rock Café earning a living

Mr. Gary Haugen, NONE of our los Angeles Café employees were pimps or prostitutes, all where fully documented, many college graduates who you branded and continue in your court affidavits as prostitutes

Mr. Gary Haugen your IJM dentists forced Los Angeles Café employees to open their mouths like cattle, they were no more prostitutes than your daughters, you think all Filipina are prostitutes, you are anti Filipino

Mr. AndreySawchenko your side kick registered at Unit 502 Emerald Building, Ortigas is also anti Filipino and he thinks we are just monkeys under the United States thumb even though he has obtained Canadian Citizenship

To quote Mr. AndreySawchenko, he said it was just an inconvenience that our co-worker the fully documented married mother of 2 was locked up like an animal in a Manila jail

Mr. Gary Haugen how would you feel if your daughters were locked up like animals with only rotten rice to eat, would that too just be an inconvenience

Mr. Gary Haugen did it matter to you that it was only a Filipina locked up and not prominent AMERICAN female like your WHITE Caucasian daughters

Mr. Gary Haugen we will pay for your business class tickets from Washington DC for your whole family to come to the Philippines so we can tour you around the Manila City jail

Mr. Gary Haugenwe would like your family to meet the Los Angeles Café employees that you and IJM Philippines called pimps and prostitutes


Mlop Tapang Sihanoukville Cambodia

Maggie Eno, Mlop Tapang, Sihanoukville,Cambodia,CE

Margaret Eno's Mlop Tapang is a real success Story. Mlop Tapang Cup with syringe 2

It shows that everything is possible in Cambodia when you play the right tunes. Margaret (Maggie) Eno, another Backpacker turned NGO early on understood what it takes to make a Dollar move. She,too has no Qualification in dealing with children. She worked in nursery and has a degree in anthropology, none of it could be verified.

White Foreigners in Sihanoukville, particulary single men or those that are married to a Cambodian woman are so scared of beeing labled a person that grooms or abuses children, that they first clear their status with Maggie Eno and than with the local Police. As soon as there is a child in the relationship, particulary a child that the Cambodian woman might have had before the relationship, all signs are ringing ALARM ! You are immediately suspected of using the woman as an access to abuse her child. It's that sick ! Eno is supported by both Thierry Darnaudet and Sebastien Marot which have pretty much interest to get a white guy busted and accused of beeing a pedophile in order to finance their existence here. That will raise awareness for their Organisation and bring in more donations.

different people of which we know that have been arrested,sentenced and incarcerated, Dr. Gavin Scott, Alexander Watrin, David Makhout and Matthew Harland all of the latter 3 confirmed they had good contact to Eno, worked on projects for Mlop Tapang and were on friendly terms before out of the blue they got arrested and charged. That sheds a light on her that only few people in Sihanoukville know because those convicted and incarcarated do not have a voice anymore.
In each case it was one of her "social worker" staff that was the main witness of the proscecution against each of the above convicted. To all other expat she appears like a second Mother Theresa. An aura she has proefessionally established about herself.

We will try to get each of the 3 convicted to tell their side of the story for you to read.Hear my Story - Victims of a Witchhunt

When Eno arrived in Sihanoukville as a Tourist she quickly noticed the Fruit and Bracelet selling Kids under the shady Tree at Serendipidy Beach. Irresistable as these Kids are she quickly fell for them and started to entertain and care for them. The Bar Uncle Bob's was right next to that Tree and she quickly connected to the american owner which has moved on, years ago. With Starfish Cafe, another NGO in Sihanoukville she found the 3. party to establish the "Sihanoukville Response Group" that would combat the Myth:"child abuse by western men in Sihanoukville", Cambodia. Later APLE's Thierry Darnaudet and Friends/Childsafe Founder Sebastien Marot would also become a close ally. Not a word was mentioned that barely less than 1% of child abuse in Cambodia is done by "Foreigners", including other Asians, and that more than 99% of child abuse is a local, Cambodian problem. But the latter doesn't sell well in western mediaThe role of Mlop Tapang in Sihanoukville , and even today nobody in the west really cares.

Contrary to this picture,
People like Maggie Eno don't think that parading street children from her Mlop Tapang Institution at Tourist Hotels where they have to perform Khmer Dances and more to Tourists pim-mlop-tapang-show.jpg is Child Exploitation and Child Abuse ! pims-restaurant-with-mlop-tapang-street-childr.jpg

That exposes the hypocrite in her !

Cruising the streets of Sihanoukville with her green Toyota Camry baring a Sheriff like "ChildSafe - Thump up" Sticker on each side of the car
maggie-eno-car-sihanoukville-mlop-tapang.jpg (a current campaign of Childsafe states: Children are no Tourist Attractions), it seems she missed class when Children became obsolete for NGO's to post as Tourist attraction as Mlop Tapang used them in Pim's Restaurant.Mlop Tapang Street Children perform at Pim's

With the help of Italian hardknock Francesco Caruso
Francesco Caruso (ADM Capital Hongkong) francesco-caruso.jpg , see his profile here:Francesco Caruso ADM Capital Profile
as financial advisor who has a reputation of having the charm of a Pit Bull Terrier and knows the Charity Trade (incl.UN)inside out, she got the Donations coming in.

Early on she managed to squeeze competitors (NGO's) out of the game and create a network of scooping up as many children in the Sihanoukville Region as possible. Her 160 strong force of "social workers" ( a part of the "Protect" spy force) on yellow Motorcycles comb every inch of Town and infact the whole Sihanoukville Province as if they own it. No child goes unnoticed and every name and adress registered means better chances raising funds. Meanwhile the Social Workers doubled up, there are now always 2 to a Motorbike; perhaps to avoid corruption among her own staff.

The System set up by Mlop Tapang concentrates in getting the Cambodian Children to their brand new built Home for Streetchildren. They don't really care about the safety of the kids they shuttle for- and backward since all children have to stand on the platform of the truck with no seat to sit down. That increases the Volume of Children that can be transported...., like a cattle transport truck. Hopefully it will never be involved in a traffic accident !
Mlop Tapang Truck

Mlop Tapang is sooo proud of their Transparency, but the last Report on Cost, Income and Balances is from 2007 (now beeing 2011). Her Website claims:
We pride ourselves on being fully transparent and are happy to provide all of our supporters with annual reports and audits. (How about publishing it on the website ?) Transparancy is therefore only available after you have handed over your donation. In January 2012 this claim on transparency vanished from the Mlop Tapang Website alltogether. Now you have to be a Donor in order to get a financial statement.

Many of the Donors that pump money into Mlop Tapang (only those that are not a subbranch of Mlop Tapang or Associate NGO's like Friends) seem to be totally unaware of what this NGO actually achieves. They simply believe what they get in Brochures and Reports, of which all are manufactured by the NGO itself.

Mlop Tapang Donor List
The work being done at M'Lop Tapang would not be possible without the support of donors from around the world. We are grateful to everyone who has contributed so generously to allow M'Lop Tapang to continue our work with the children of Sihanoukville.

Principal Donors 2010/2011

ADM Capital Foundation (francesco caruso's hongkong based fundraising org.)
ANZ Royal Bank
Australian Cambodian Foundation
Barclay's Capital
Canada Fund
CW Asia Fund
Foundation Aiutare I Bambini (francesco caruso's italian NGO)
Dave and Kerry Rickards
Deutsche Bank
Dubai Exiles Rugby Football Club

Global Fund
Global Development Group
Richard P. Haugland
International Child Care Trust
M'lop Tapang Income Generation (Mlop Tapang's Vocational Training Ctrs)
Friends International (Sebastien Marot's Friends org. in Phnom Penh)
Kadoorie Charitable Foundation
Kid Unlimited Trust

Mani Tese
Planet Wheeler Foundation
Penny Richards
Redlands School
Ride Aid
Sovereign Art Foundation
US Embassy (Phnom Penh) who else ?
Under The Tree (Mlop Tapang in english) they donate to themselfes ??)
Vulpes Investments

Thank you as well to the Provincial Government of Preah Sihanouk Province, Department of Social Affairs, Department of Education Youth and Sport, Department of Health, Cambodian Police Department, Department of Tourism, Department of Labour and Vocational Training and the many local business for their support and encouragement.

Polarizing is part of her indoctrination Program with the Kids. Her controversial Role play "The bad Barang" (equal to "the bad Foreigner") that the Kids had to perform at her Home for Streetchildren was the Start of how Children at the Beach can exploit Foreign Tourist by threaten them to aleart Police because they are suspected Pedophiles. The Kids over the Years have become more and more aggressive and challenging. Later Eno claimed the play was the Children's Idea !

This is not true ! Everyone can make the test. Go out to the provinces and walk into a shop, restaurant or simply on the streets. You will always be greeted by smiling kids shouting "Hello" to you. When you however see Mlop Tapangs Truck full of Children driving bye and wave at them, none of them waves back or even smiles ! All you see is stone faces !

The Kids know they cannot be held responsible for their behaviour. Nobody cares that at the same time they steal from the Tourists where ever they can get their hands on,. and in reality are simply used as a bait to entrap Tourists. The Police is simply ignoring this Problem.

Exploitation of western Tourists is totally acceptable here where any source of income is welcome.

Eno's Activities related to the Press at the beginning where not really professional when she gave an interview in one of HongKong's financial Newspapers where she gave detailed information of how cheap gluesniffing kids could be bought for a night in Sihanoukville.

Here a snippet from a typical Interview/Report
At just nine years old Pouen was living on the streets and sniffing glue daily. The soft-spoken boy with almond eyes had left home after his mother died and his fisherman father took to hard drinking and beating him.

On the streets Pouen fell prey to one of the pedophiles who roam this seaside community. Siahnoukville is famed as much for its sex trade as for its pristine beaches and azure waters. Then, his drug habit got worse.

Pouen's story isn't unusual in Cambodia, where 34 percent of the population survives on less than US$1 (HK$7.80) a day and extreme poverty pushes many girls into prostitution. Nearly half of all Cambodian children are malnourished and one in eight dies before their fifth birthday, largely due to preventable causes.

Estimates are that 20,000 children live or work on the streets of the capital, Phnom Penh, while in Sihanoukville, 240 kilometers south on a peninsula that stretches into the Gulf of Thailand, outreach workers have identified about 500.

"The issue of street children is a serious concern,'' said Caroline Bakker of UNICEF Cambodia.

"Whether they live or work on the streets, they are more vulnerable to sexual exploitation, violence, crime, drugs, HIV/AIDS and other health problems.''

Pedophilia is a particular problem, said Maggie Eno, founder of M'lop Tapang, which works to protect street children, who can be bought for just US$2-US$4 (HK$15.60-HK$31.20) a night.

(and than comes another Myth she created in 2004):

Cambodia is notorious as a haven for pedophiles in large part because of a general climate of lawlessness and a culture of impunity after three decades of civil conflict.

Now, the government is working hard to change its image, with posters, pamphlets and city guidebooks warning in red type: "Sex with children is a crime.''

In the last few years, the United States and many European countries have introduced laws that allow child sex offenders to be prosecuted at home for crimes committed abroad.

Several Western tourists have been prosecuted but many more have bribed their way out of the Cambodian courts, Eno said.

"It's a frustrating problem for us,'' she said.

Although children are generally not found in the many city brothels, Eno said, the ubiquitous motorcycle taxi drivers eagerly offer to find boys or young girls for male tourists and with poverty widespread, young people can easily be picked up on the beaches.

"Poor people are poorer than they were 10 years ago and they have lost hope,'' said
Francesco Caruso, country director of Village Focus International, a non-governmental group based in Portland, Oregon.

Remark from your Webmaster:
Francesco Caruso is also the Director of the Italian and ADM Capital Foundation in Hong Kong, where he lives most of the time. He is rarely seen in Cambodia


"Over 50 percent of the population is 18 or younger. The lack of hope is a recipe for disaster, claims Eno.''

But it's hope that M'lop Tapang wants to bring back to the poorest communities.

Khmer for "in the shade of a tree,'' M'lop Tapang over the last two years has scooped up Pouen and 250 other street children, offering them shelter, food, medical care and education. Eno believes M'lop Tapang could ultimately look after twice that number.

"When we first found Pouen he was very underweight, he had terrible bronchitis and skin infections,'' Eve Saosarin, an outreach worker with M'lop Tapang said of the now healthy boy, just back from a month with a drug counselor in Phnom Penh.

An important part of M'lop Tapang's philosophy is reintegrating children with the families they have left behind, Eno said. The group works with families to help them through crises that might end up in the loss of a child to the streets, or perhaps worse, to human traffickers.

The center also offers mothers and older sisters training in sewing, giving them an alternative to the sex industry, which even for adult women is a significant source of employment in Sihanoukville.

"If a family is in debt or a relative is sick, there are few choices for the women,'' Eno said.

"There are a huge number of brothels and they know they can always get work in one of them. Prostitution is a normal step for a girl starting at about 16 years old.''

Eno founded M'lop Tapang in June 2003 with just US$7,000 in private donations and two Cambodian employees. Now, the project operates with an annual budget of US$60,000 and 23 staff, including a full-time nurse, four full-time outreach workers and teachers. (her budget in 2011 is estimated 10 Mio $)

"For poor Khmer children there are not many options,'' said Lieutenant-Colonel Tesh Chantorn.

Now a provincial deputy commissioner for the Ministry of the Interior in Phnom Penh, for eight years he worked closely with M'lop Tapang as head of a military police unit in Sihanoukville.

"Maggie is there for them, she helps them, she gives them opportunities.''

M'lop Tapang's main center provides day support for children who live alone on the streets or with their homeless families or those whose family income derives from street work such as begging or collecting cans for recycling. Children using the center range in age from six to 18.

"The challenge is to make it more fun to be at the center than on the streets, to make them want to come,'' Eno said.

"That's stiff competition. On the streets they're free to do as they please and use drugs when they want.'' A second facility provides a night-time shelter and late-night medical care.

M'lop Tapang will shortly open a third day center for older street children, many of whom are harder targets. These children often use amphetamines, the other drug of choice here along with glue. Many of them also carry knives and live in appalling conditions.

Children are not allowed into any of the centers if they are carrying knives or are high on drugs or alcohol. For the most part, Eno said, the children respect that rule and go only when they are sober.

A survey taken by the Phnom Penh non-governmental group Mith Samlanh Friends in 1998 estimated at the time that 32 percent of street-working children were using drugs and alcohol.

Some observers think that figure may now be much higher. Part of the problem is that the drugs are cheap." A tube of glue costs about 12 US cents and will last a day or more."

Cheap amphetamines in the form of crystal methedrine have become a plague throughout the region. Sold for less than a US dollar, the potent drug, known on the street as Ya Ma, or "crazy medicine,'' is priced within reach of the money kids can make on the street.

Hoping to tackle these significant health issues directly, M'lop Tapang's new center is located close to where the older children are usually found - behind the city's principal market.

M'lop Tapang initially will target the 20 children who outreach workers know need help, offering them meals, laundry facilities, a shower block, medical care and activities, including a room full of computers.
hese kids have been living really rough,'' Eno said.
"They're not ready for literacy so the education will focus more on life skills, HIV, trafficking, drug use, hygiene, nutrition and child rights.

"We want them to see this as a youth center.''

Yet another part of the M'lop Tapang effort focuses on nearby slum communities. Staff and children write and perform plays designed to educate parents and others.

Teachers also host well-attended workshops for parents on subjects relevant to their family lives.

"Most of our parents are very supportive,'' Eno said.

But M'lop Tapang's main daily work involves collecting children from the streets and keeping them out of harm's way.

Each morning, a bright yellow truck picks up dozens of children and takes them from the slums to the main center, which is located in a quiet, tree-lined residential neighborhood. There, they are fed breakfast and some are given their uniforms and sent off to school.

M'lop Tapang pays for all the schooling expenses for the children it sponsors, including uniforms and books - costs that are prohibitive for many Cambodian families.

Others wait for the afternoon session at the local public school or are considered not ready for mainstream schooling and are taught at the center itself.

Eno, a powerhouse of a woman at just 1.54 meters tall, went to Cambodia from Britain with a degree in social anthropology, another in nursing and hopes of making a difference. She ended up with a nursing job with an NGO in Sihanoukville, the nation's only maritime port.

The seamy side of beach life is not immediately evident, although Eno recognized the dangers immediately.

She started by taking food to the children she found living on the beach, giving them basic medical care and talking to them about pedophilia.

Pouen was among the first children Eno wanted to help.

Although it remains to be seen whether or not M'lop Tapang will keep Pouen away from drugs, he at least is still a regular visitor to the center and he's healthy now.

It's the chance to make a difference in lives like Pouen's that keeps her going, Eno said.

"If you grow up in a slum or in the streets in Cambodia, your future is pretty clear to you and it does not look great,'' Caruso said.

Doug Mendel, a reliable aid to Mlop Tapang, see his efforts here:
cambodiandonationdec06.pdf [50 KB]
Comment from your Webmaster:
What did Maggie Eno think giving this Interview to the Hongkong Financial Newspaper, including a pricelist ? Getting sick Bankers from Hongkong to Sihanoukville to abuse Street Children that can be bought for almost nothing
? How s***#d or outright irresponsable can anybody be ?

And is it not equally EXPLOITATION of Children to send the Mlop Tapang trained kids to do evening performances at Tourist Restaurants, as she did with PIM's Restaurant
pim-mlop-tapang-show.jpg (Pim and his wive are staunch allies of NGO's, cause that's where the Money is)? pim-and-wive.jpg pim.jpg Apparently the massive Donations Mlop Tapang receives are not enough, so she rents out the kids.
In 2011 Mlop Tapang decided to open up their own Restaurant near the Sihanoukville Golden Lion . The Restaurant is declared to be a Training Place for Cambodian Ex Street Kids and opens only in the evening for a few hours. Mostly however it is used as a Meeting Place for other NGO so one can remain among themselfes. No more business for people like PIM's which last time ran an unsuccessfull bar business. (maybe if NGO's don't work anymore, Sex Tourists will fill the gap ?)

Needless to say, nobody really cares or even looks at the dark side of these NGO's which concentrate to get Donations/Money comming in. Mlop Tapang has mushroomed to : 160 Cambodian Social Workers
mlop-tapang-social-workers-and-snitches.jpg ,Volunteers and additional foreign staff. Her activities, as well intentioned they might be just give the Cambodian Government an excuse not to engage in extra Social Services, Schools etc. They simple just bag the extra money for themselfes.

Starfish Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Erika Hilmerson, Starfish Cafe Sihanoukville, Camb

Starfish Project, Sihanoukville
Child Sex Tourists Bus in Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Erika Hilmersen, a Swede from Nykoeping can fool the swedish public and media (Aftonbladet) but not anyone in Sihanoukville. In 2005/6 she bought Land above the City at the Water Station (aparently under the NGO Name since Foreigners cannot own Land in Cambodia under current law) which she later wanted to sell for a hefty profit. With all the Evictions going on in Cambodia, where People are thrown off their Land and have their Houses burned she is not shy to pull such a deal through.

The Donations she received through her Fundraising have enabled her to repeatedly upgrade her Starfish Cafe to a trendy NGO Cafe. Furthermore, she allowed herself a Cambodian Kid (Orphan ?) which she parades on her stylish new Yamaha Fino Scooter, of course without Safety Helmet,although required by law since 1.1.2009. Her Aid to the needy is not really transparent to anyone. She claims to help People in a nearby Fishing Village Stung Hav. A few pictures of corrugated steel huts and a few people smiling are a part of the decoration at starfish cafe and supposed to intimidate the visiting Tourist to donate for the good cause. They even have a full wall of mugshots of their staff, but here again the people heading Starfish unfortunately have no picture.starfish-staff-org.jpg

Here is how Starfish represents itself:
The Starfish Project was founded in 2000 as a community-based humanitarian organisation. Starfish focuses its activities on facilitating access for Cambodian people in Sihanoukville and neighbouring provinces to existing social services and resources, and providing direct person-to-person assistance when such assistance is not available through governmental or other non-governmental channels.
Starfish is a locally registered NGO (non governmental organization) in Cambodia since 2006.

The Starfish Project relies entirely on private donations from individuals and businesses to perform its activities.

The Starfish Bakery & Café was started in 2001 as an income generating project for the Starfish Project. The Starfish Center provides employment opportunities for Cambodian people with disabilities as all outreach workers, bakery/café, internet and massage employees suffer from some form of physical disability which makes it difficult for them to obtain meaningful employment elsewhere. In the Starfish Center visitors can enjoy healthy lunches, delicious pastry and cakes, massage or use our high speed internet.
In reality the disabeled staff (which is really nice !!) is used as a bait for Tourists to show their support for Starfish and hand over a "Donation".

Friends Child Safe

Sebastien Marot, Friends Child Safe Cambodia

Friends-Cambodia, Phnom Penh (inventor of the Childsafe Campaign)
p3091731.jpg childsafe-moto--shirt.jpg p1020518.jpg p9220332.jpg

Sebastien Marot another french Traveller turned NGO, who studied political science and worked for the french diplomatic corps in Asia decided to give his political carrier the boot, come back as a Backpacker and start his own NGO "Friends" instead. In 2011 the model expanded not only in Cambodia, but also Thailand and Laos and (via partners) to Honduras. He quickly joint forces with Maggie Eno's Mlop Tapang which is handling the Childsafe Motodop issues in Sihanoukville. (see more:Friends Child Safe a BBC report:
Cambodia taxi drivers fight abuse
10/23/2006 | BBC


[22 October 2006] - The Cambodian seaside town of Sihanoukville has adopted a new strategy to deter sex tourists.

Motorbike taxi drivers have been enlisted as the first line of defence for the town's children.

They have been trained to recognise dangerous situations and take the appropriate action.

Cambodia has a reputation as being a safe haven for sex tourists, but recently a number child sex offenders have been successfully prosecuted.

Earlier this week, a court in Sihanoukville jailed a German man for 10 years.

Now the people of the town are taking further steps to make their community a safer place for children.

The ChildSafe scheme uses specially-trained moto taxi drivers to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity.

Change of scene

The scheme's been started by M'lop Tapang - an organisation which looks after Sihanoukville's growing number of street children.

Its director, Eve Saosarin, says ChildSafe will help to attract the right kind of tourists to the town:

"When the bad tourists come to Sihanoukville, the good tourists will not be interested. So by protecting our children and letting the bad tourists know that Sihanoukville is not a place that's easy to do sex or to get to the children - then I think the good tourists will come."

Moto taxis are the main form of public transport in Cambodia's towns and cities.

With their drivers protecting children at risk, it is like having a community worker on every street corner.

And as more people join the ChildSafe scheme, the organisers hope they will eventually drive away sex tourists.

Friends Cambodia encourages tourists to patronize approved businesses instead of giving food or money to beggars ! see:p4150181.jpg

Marot has absolutely no professional qualification in any social field which would enable him to run a home for vulnerable Streetchildren in his own country, France.

Later he invented the "Childsafe" Program. Mostly concentrated in Phnom Penh preying on foreign Tourists through a well thought out multilayer fleecing system. Your Donation will even pay for the rent of the former Luxury Villa Residence of the European Commission in Phnom Penh, which now houses the Romdeng Restaurant (and swimming pool) of "Streetfriends" Cambodia.creativecuisine.jpg friends-ad-orphanages-romdeng-restaurant.jpg Hands Up Holidays



Jonestown - linked to the CIA and World Vision

And what about the Jonestown Massacre and World Vision?

(Source: Jonestown Massacre by Fiona Steel, published at Court TV's Crime Library)

Allegedly “Jonestown” was part of a CIA mind-control program: the CIA infiltrated The People’s Temple, to carry out their experiments.

CIA theorists claim that Jim Jones had many questionable associations with the CIA throughout the years he was establishing The People’s Temple.

The Temple had a strong association with the World Vision organisation that many believe to be another CIA front.

"Jim Jones had a very interesting past which was overlooked by the media: Jones was ... sent to Brazil where his house, transportation and groceries were provided to him by the U.S. Embassy, and he frequently traveled to Belo Horizonte, the CIA headquarters in Brazil.

"Jones had been contacted in Ukiah by 'Christian missionaries' from World Vision (World Vision is a CIA controlled front operation), an evangelical order which had performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia."

More on the subject:

Jonestown, CIA, World Vision, Hinckley and Bush

One of the strangest CIA connections to Jonestown was World Vision, an evangelical order which often fronts for the CIA. They performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia while Operation Phoenix (the murderous project that left up to 40,000 people dead) was in full effect. In Honduras, they maintained a presence at CIA contra recruiting camps in the war against the Sandinistas. In Lebanon, the fascist Phalange butchered Palestinians at World Vision's camp. In Cuba, their refugee camps hosted numerous members of the anti-Castro terrorist group Alpha 66 of Bay of Pigs fame.

After the Guyana massacre, World Vision developed a scheme to repopulate Jonestown with CIA-linked mercenaries from Laos. Laos, of course, was where the CIA was running its "secret war" during Vietnam, which for the most part was a smokescreen for a widespread opium trafficking operation.

One particularly important World Vision official was John Hinckley, Sr., an oil man, reputed CIA officer, and friend of George Bush. You may have heard of his son.

Less than four months before Hinckley Jr. became known as Jodie Foster's biggest fan, another member of the World Vision order, Mark Chapman, gunned down John Lennon in what may have been a practice run for the bigger hit on President Reagan. One of the policemen who found him was convinced that he was a mind-controlled assassin. Chapman was clutching a copy of the novel “Catcher in the Rye,” which was also owned by John Hinckley Jr. (The book was written by J.D. Salinger, who worked in military intelligence with Henry Kissinger during World War II.) Before going to trial, Chapman pleaded guilty after a voice in his head (which he attributed to God) commanded him to do so.

Considering the history of World Vision and what went on previously in Guyana, it is possible that the real purpose behind repopulating Jonestown was to create another breeding ground for brainwashed zombies like Chapman and Hinckley. Near Jonestown there was a place called Hilltown, a compound of 8,000 blacks that followed cult leader Rabbi David Hill, who held his flock with an iron fist. Hill had so much power that he was referred to as the "vice prime minister" of Guyana. There was also another place in Guyana called "Johnstown," as well as similar operations in the Philippines and Chile. It appears that Jonestown (and World Vision's later attempt) is hardly the exception to the rule of using obscure locations in Third World nations as laboratories for covert cult operations.

World Vision Palestine Refugee Camp

Massacre of palestinians in shatila

Sunday, January 11, 2009

World Vision, Greece and the CIA.

World Vision, said to be a front for the CIA, ran the refugee camps at Sabra and Shatila

Does the CIA have front organisations hard at work in Greece?

Those interested in seeking a force behind the problems in Athens etc., look no further than World Vision

World Vision is a DC based quasi Christian CIA front with Middle East offices in Nicosia which has been running seminars, conferences ete all summer on "Empowering Youth".

Mark David Chapman and the murder of John Lennon


John Lennon and Mark Chapman

World Vision reportedly is a front for the CIA.

World Vision "ran the refugee camp in Sabra-Shatilla where the fascist Phalange were allowed in to kill the Palestinians...

"They ran the Cuban and Thai refugee camps in the United States.

"Mark David Chapman, who eventually shot John Lennon, worked at the Thai refugee camps out in Arkansas that World Vision operated there.

"They ran these camps brutally, forcing people into political education against Castro, refusing to feed people, beating people...

"The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps.

"There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp...

"Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush..."

World Vision conversion racket in India

World Vision Ad - Phnom Penh This Ad costs 6.000 USD per Month !

World Vision India
The truth about World Vision
by V. K. Sashikumar

The author is a noted investigative journalist for Tehelka. This article was prepared by him for (the online arm of CNN-IBN, owned and funded by the Southern Baptist Church in the US) under the title “Preparing for the Harvest”, which IBNLive so far has not published it as it exposes World Vision’s Christian missionary activities in India. Donars to World Vision India – Rs 256 crores collected in 2008 – believe it to be the premier NGO working in India for the upliftment of the poor and downtrodden.

In fact it is the premier Christian missionary organisation working in India for the harvesting souls for Jesus. Since the killing of Swami Lakshmanananda and the resultant communal violence in Orissa in August 2008, World Vision’s funding and missionary activities have come under the scanner of the Home Ministry in New Delhi. — Ishwar Sharan

World Vision, the world’s largest Christian church mission agency, has traditionally been closely linked with successive American governments. The former US Ambassador for International Religious Freedoms, Dr Robert Seiple, was World Vision chief for 11 years till 1998 when he was picked by former president, Bill Clinton, to head the office of International Religious Freedoms. Around the period when Seiple was the president of World Vision, its vice-president from 1993 to 1998 was Andrew S. Natsios. He is now the administrator of the US Agency for International Development (USAID). For more than 40 years, USAID has been the leading government agency providing economic and humanitarian assistance to developing countries.

World Vision’s focus is children and community development. It is involved in more than 162 projects in 25 states. It projects its community development programmes as “holistic development”. This is implemented through Area Development Programmes (ADP). Each ADP works in an area that is contiguous geographically, economically or ethnically. These programmes provide access to clean drinking water, healthcare, education and setting up of income generating projects.

But infused with such development works is the spiritual component – Bible classes.

In India, World Vision projects itself as a “Christian relief and development agency with more than 40 years experience in working with the poorest of the poor in India without respect to race, region, religion, gender or caste.” However, Tehelka has in its possession US-based World Vision Inc.’s financial statement filed before the Internal Revenue Service, wherein, it is classified as a Christian church ministry. In any case, its mission statement is self-explanatory: “World Vision is an international partnership of Christians whose mission is to follow our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, in working with the poor and oppressed, to promote human transformation, seek
justice and bear witness to the Good News of the Kingdom of God.”

Though World Vision has consultative status with UNESCO and partnerships with UN agencies like UNICEF, WHO, UNHCR and ILO, the fact is that its financial records reveal that it has funded evangelical activities all over the world including India. World Vision uses its international clout and its close links with the US government through USAID to network with governments and corporate entities in the developing world.

World Vision has an ongoing channel of interaction with the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII); in its 2003 financial report it states that “the Rural Development Department of the Government of Assam recognized World Vision India as a leading development agency in the state and has recommended that World Vision be the choice for receiving bilateral funds. The government has also sought World Vision’s assistance in creating a proposal for US$ 80 million for development work in the state.”

The income and expenditure account for the year ended September 30, 2002 shows that its total income was Rs 95.5 crores, which included foreign contribution of Rs 87.8 crores. For an organisation that claims to be only involved in development and relief work, it is quite secretive about its positioning and exact nature of activities.

When approached by Tehelka as part of its undercover operation for an interview, World Vision India’s national director, Dr Jayakumar Christian, after having agreed to the interview backed out because he wanted copies of the fictitious Christian magazine that Tehelka claimed to be representing.

However, what goes unnoticed by the governments and the corporate world is World Vision India’s evangelical missions as part of its development agenda.
Proselytisation (conversion of faith) is an integral part of its provision of development services under its much-touted ADP programmes. Though none of the literature published by World Vision India even mentions its evangelisation missions, foreign publications of World Vision India proudly proclaim its “spiritual” component.

Take, for instance, World Vision New Zealand’s report (4 September 2002) on the funding of ADP in Dahod, Gujarat. Under the head, “spiritual development” the report states:

Held a vacation Bible school for 150 children from different villages. The children participated in games, Bible quizzes, drama and other activities. Organised a one-day spiritual retreat for 40 young people and a children’s Christmas party. Each of Dahod’s 45 villages chose five needy children to attend the party.” In Dumaria, Banka district, eastern Bihar, “the ADP supports local churches by running leadership-training courses for pastors and church leaders.”

What has an Area Development Programme (ADP) got to do with running leadership training courses for pastors and church leaders?

Incidentally, World Vision New Zealand funds ADP programmes in the tribal pockets of India. The New Zealand Government’s Voluntary Agencies Support Scheme (VASS) jointly fund the two-year project, the NZ government matching World Vision contributions on a 2:1 basis. There are many other instances of evangelical programmes run by World Vision India.

In the Gajapati ADP, situated in Gumma Block of Orissa’s Gajapati district, a World Vision report admits that “Canadian missionaries have worked in the area for just over 50 years and today 85-90 percent of the community is Christian. However, local church leaders had little understanding of the importance of their role in community development. ADP staff build relationships with these leaders to improve church co-operation and participation in development initiatives.” Here World Vision organised two training camps for local church leaders in holistic development.

In Mayurbhanj, again in Orissa, World Vision regularly organises spiritual development programmes as part of its ADP package. The World Vision report says:
“Opposition to Christian workers and organisations flares up occasionally in this area, generally from those with vested interests in tribal people remaining illiterate and
World Vision supports local churches by organising leadership courses for pastors and church leaders.”

World Vision India is active in Bhil tribal areas and openly admits its evangelical intentions: “The Bhil people worship ancestral spirits but also celebrate all the Hindu
festivals. Their superstitions about evil spirits make them suspicious of change, which hinders community development. ADP staff live among the Bhil people they work
with, gaining the villagers’ trust and showing their Christian love for the people by their actions and commitment

This being the case it is not surprising that World Vision India was honoured with the 2003 Mahatma Gandhi Award for Social Justice. This award is hosted by the All India Christian Council. Incidentally, Joseph D’Souza who was AICC’s President during that year also heads an evangelical network, Operation Mobilisation, in India.
Operation Mobilisation, again, is an American missionary organisation. It was founded by Georg Verwer and today is a global ministry “committed to working in partnership with churches and other Christian organisations for the purpose of World mission.”

So think twice before opening your wallet. Quite a few Hindus in their ignorance end up funding Christian conversion rackets in India which are carefully hidden behind a smoke-screen of nice-sounding social or charity work. With these kinds of slick advertisement campaigns directed at the gullible but rich Hindus, the missionaries are only making them pay for their fellow Hindus’ conversion and thus unknowingly connive in the destruction of Hindu civilisation. World Vision has collected crores of
Rupees from stupid Hindus this year through their advertisements.

Shouldn’t there be a law in India to make it mandatory for religious organisations to openly state their religious nature and which religion they represent when soliciting money from donors of other faiths?

And shouldn’t a break-up of such ”charity” organisations’ spending in terms of secular and religious expenditure be available on their
websites for all to see? We all want to know how much of Hindu donors’ money did World Vision spend in holding Bible classes and constructing new churches compared to what it spent on orphanages.

What is all this secrecy and hush-hush nature of these organisations all about? What are they trying to hide? Why are they
trying to operate quitely under the radar?

The same thing I see in department stores and malls where on the payment counter there are collection boxes put up by various NGOs with Hindu-sounding names.

On investigation, I find that quite a few of them are actually Christian NGOs which are hiding their Christian identity from the Hindu shoppers. When I observe a Hindu stuffing a crisp note into one of these collection boxes, I think: “Man, you have just funded conversion of another Hindu to Christianity.”

18 Responses to Do You Know What World Vision is?

December 30, 2008 at 4:19 pm

Little bit OT but never the less a very interesting development,

Kandhamal killings split Orissa Maoists on religious lines
May 10, 2012 at 11:52 am

Swami Shanti Kali Maharaj or Santi Tripura (died August 27, 2000) was a popular Hindu priest who was shot to death inside his ashram near Jirania under the Sadar subdivision in the Indian state of Tripura. Police reports regarding the incident identified ten members of the Christian separatist organization, NLFT, as being responsible for the murder.
January 3, 2009 at 10:23 am

World Vision is much much worse than what this article – which focuses on it’s conversion activities – makes it out to be.
Try searching on ‘world vision’ CIA
It’s a CIA front involved in the worst kind of activities.
Dinesh Chanchalani
January 25, 2009 at 12:02 pm

Guess what – Rajdeep Sardesai is a World Vision donor!!
March 23, 2009 at 12:25 am

Another donor is Mahesh Bhupathi – an evangelical christian (btw, Sanjay, would prefer if you used that term instead of “white christian” which has racial overtones, and frankly their whiteness is not the issue, their evangelical-ness is. There are many white people in HIndu Dharma (DAvid Frawley, Stephen Knapp, etc.). So pl. don’t use racial terms, but more accurate terms which describe the religious convictions of these people. Thanks.

Back to the topic: Pl. Read this statement of Mira Bhupati – Mahesh Bhupati’s mother. It would be politically incorrect to accuse her of being communal, but read what she says, especially the part where she says that “in India, we have to fight with 33 million Gods.”

If the mother of a Hindu player had said such a thing, trust me the world would know of it. Here is the full letter by Mira Bhupathi.

I was born as a Christian, but a “sleeping” one, who had no time for church or even a Bible study. I spent years of my life being totally worldly and a man pleaser. I went to the lord only when I needed something. Most often I got what I wanted, but soon afterwards I forgot my blessings. I went to college and met with a Hindu boy married him and from then on my religion was forgotten, till one day doctor told me that I could not have a child due to several complications. I immediately started praying desperately and a while later miraculously my son Mahesh was born. After that God blessed my husband and me with Kavita, our beautiful daughter.

I know that when doctors say something is impossible, our Heavenly Father still says, “All things are possible”. After my children grew up and we returned to India after spending 15 years in the Gulf. I felt a voice speaking to me, telling me to witness to the world that Mahesh is the Lord’s child. The voice was very clear, but I didn’t want to hear nor obey it. So the Lord had to force on me. He allowed me to feel very lonely and unwanted. One day, after a family feud, I ran out of our house in sheer frustration to kill myself. I was driving my car with the only intention of having a head on collision with a bus or truck. Little did I realize that the Lord had different plans for me.

Suddenly I realized that the steering of my car had turned in my hands and the next thing I knew was that I was parked outside of my church (which I had started attending weekly). I was crying bitterly. Suddenly I heard a knock on my car window and it was a lady who convinced me to come tot her home. I believe that she was an angel from the Lord sent to rescue me in my pain.

She ministered to me and prayed with me. That night she invited me to stay in her home, which I did. Since I was so hurt, I didn’t want to go home. It was that same night that the realization dawned on me that it was my Lord Jesus who had rescued me from death. I committed my life completely to Him and promised my Lord that from that day I would belong to Him.

The next day I went back home and was lovingly greeted y my family who were very worried about me. I realized that it was only the Lord’s intense love for me that had
protected me. That was the day that my whole life changed.

I began testifying in the Churches about what the Lord had done for me. This was in March 1997. Although up until that time, my son had been only a national tennis player, on June of that same year Mahesh brought the first international Grand Slam title to India (our country of one billion people). This victory was won on Mahesh 23rd birthday.

From that day until now the fire of the Lord had been burning in me, and a tremendous passion for souls had been kindled in my heart. Since the Lord knows my heart and how much I love Him, He has begun to use me more and more. Already in five countries He has used me to share the Gospel. He had used me in every denominational church in India to challenge the biggest doctors, engineers, business people and even pastors and bishops.

The Lord has lifted me up form being just a very shy housewife to become a successful and confident evangelist for Him. The Lord is using me where no pastor or bishop can reach. As the celebrity mother of Mahesh Bhupathi, I have access to the highest officials in India. I have already been blessed to be able to give the Gospel to two chief ministers as well as to actors and to people in high positions. Mahesh is the only sportsman in India to bring 10 Grand Slam titles to our Country, only because of the Lord’s grace and blessing. Today he is a born again baptized believer.

My burden is for India, since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods. And the Lord is moving in such amazing ways. My walk with the Lord has not been easy. I’ve gone through the fire, but did not get burned. The Lord has always been holding my hand.

I am also very blessed to be associated with ADHONEP (The international association of Full Gospel Businessmen). I am really touched that ADHONEP has such a great burden for India. I am sure that the Lord will do great thing for them in return.

The Lord has blessed us with so much fame, name and position, that I feel I need to give Him in return as a family. Ever since I came to the Lord, He has blessed my children so much.

Right now I know that I am someone who loves the Lord so much that I can give up my life for Him. I was praying that before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me, but now with God’s grace, that number has increases sine the Lord has helped me to be an instrument in the salvation of thousands. Praise Jesus! “Now to Him ho is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us” (Eph 3:20).

Now when we pray I am blessed that so many deliverances take place and even cancers are healed. The Lord is really honoring me. It is four years since I consulted a doctor regarding any serious illness. I believe that the Lord always keeps His word. As I “seek the kingdom first” in my life, in return I am greatly blessed (Matthew 6:33).

The whole world may let us down, but our Lord Jesus will never ever let us down. This is my personal testimony. Not once in these past 10 years has the Lord Jesus ever turned His back on me. He has only lifted me higher and higher.

— Mira Bhupathi
August 10, 2010 at 7:14 pm

thank you for taking the time to tell youre life’s story it was touching, and has made me consider many things. again, thank you
duart maclean
March 27, 2009 at 11:38 am


I would like to hear from others who attend this site re: their views of Varun Gandhi.

My knowledge level is limited, but intuitively I feel that he is a target for the anti-Hindu lobby in India. I like him. I think he could re-awaken Indians to who they really are.

jagdeep sharma
February 20, 2012 at 7:11 am

i like this realy i respect this
March 31, 2009 at 8:08 pm

I think World Vision had pressed the panic button. the recession seems to have hit them hard.
I am seeing more WV ads than ever before. I am seeing them even on youtube!!
March 31, 2009 at 9:12 pm

Mira Bhupathi’s statement looks like a ponzi scheme’s introductory letter ! It could very well have come from Bernard Madoff ! It is no surprise all these christian orgs are looking beyond christendom as there are fewer and fewer practitioners there and even worse are getting shot at and killed inside their own churches ! So, what better place in the world than a country of a billion people to harvest souls, money and power.
May 20, 2009 at 5:42 pm

Very true. They are under the guise of a charity but in real, they are an outright Christian organisation. I am Atheist but I have strong views towards conservation of tribes, religions and culture. Lets face it, conversions destroy cultures whether the “organisations” agree or not. The whole beauty of the human race is that we are all so different and there is so much to learn. Such org.s must leave ppl alone and concentrate on mending faults in their own communities.
May 20, 2009 at 5:44 pm

In fact, I almost got pulled into World Vision last year as I was misled by their ads on TV here in Australia. They do not show a hint of the very purpose of the organisation. Very disappointing.
August 11, 2010 at 3:41 pm

Nobody can buy the Stocks of a joint stock company listed on Mumbai Stock Exchange except through a card holding “Dalal (Broker)”. Same way some poor guys think that one can enter heaven only through just one person! Of course there are sub-agents like his mother and father, over ten thousand saints, etc to help the poor souls reach the heaven!!

Ms. Mira Bhupati conveniently forgot that her clan could not fight with just one Arabian god. Still they are deaming of fighting 33 million Indian gods and subjugating over 850 million natives of India!!!!
G. Ramanath
January 18, 2011 at 7:01 pm

It is so very hard to constantly do the investigation before you giving the charity. That is the easy part and that is why I will not give money to big organisation, only to individuals.
February 22, 2011 at 10:16 am

I am hindu , i believe in human being, i saw many poor people this crishan peole give them money and converted to crishan religion ,and they told poor people that jesus is god ,your god krishna is black, jesus will help you these people don no that gita was 50000 years before and loard krishna that time rought is now we now very weel and other think if crishan people want to help poor people why they in need to convert the religin do directly ,this all are wrong and those who are converted from hindu to crishan i will challange them loard krishna waching your karam you will fanished soon and ,you are eating cow meet you will 100% you born in this kalyuga 100 times look all accept and back to our culutre hare krishna.
February 23, 2011 at 3:02 am

The only way to negate these hatred-spreading, soul harvesting fundamentalists is to donate to orgs like Ekal Vidyalaya. They are a grassroots org, doing amazing work in places where governmnet has failed to reach or make an impact. These places are the most vulnerable because they are in the radar of the evangelical jehadis.
Ekal Vidyalaya has been very effective in bringing our culture, our sanskar and modern education to far flung areas and can use all the help it can get.
April 1, 2011 at 3:36 am

- The Role of Evangelicals in U.S. Imperialism – Iain Buchanan
May 10, 2012 at 12:01 pm

The pope during his visit to New Delhi stated that the mission of the Vatican is to bring India under the Bible by 2025 and to bring whole Asia under Jesus by 2050!
They are working overtime funded by countries like Germany, UK and USA. In USA all the income – billions – of Christian hospitals are tax exempted.
These people did not flinch an eye when they had to pay almost a billion dollars to children who were sexually abused in USA. Imagine how many thousands were abused all over the world. Their voices would never be heard. The world population is around seven billion and Muslims and Hindus are more than 1.25 billion in strength. Buddhists including China are almost 2 billion. Why the Vatican wants to convert the whole world to its faith unless to re-establish a kind of colonization? They are not only waging a religious
war quietly, but also destroying all the old civilizations, cultures, langauges and what not. When the educated get awakened to this menace, these dirty tricks can stop.

Francesco Caruso (ADM Capital Hongkong)

Francesco Caruso and VFI Staff Caruso is the guy on the top left

n Italian national that has spent several years in Cambodia on the Coast and in the Capital with detailed inside information regarding italian NGO's operating in Cambodia has this to say:

Re: Francesco Caruso - Mlop Tapang - ADM - Village Focus - aiutare bambini

It Seems that some Italian – manipulating false information about pedophiles – found the
easy way to make business on Cambodian children.

The Cambodians are unaware of the manner in which their country is described in Italy. No one understands the Italian language, therefore no one protest.

Italians also don`t know anything about Cambodia.

If the Cambodian Information Ministry could be informed, should object it…

It is not any more a simply foreign affair to ignore.

The defamation influencing the tourist, damage the reputation and the dignity of Cambodia all.

Between Italy and Cambodia there are no commercial or economic interests or cultural exchanges. There is no embassy or diplomatic presence.

But Italy is the only state that do international adoptions in Cambodia now.

Because foster corruption, have been prohibited by other states.

Lat June in Phnom Penh, Deputy Minister Mr. Carlo Giovanardi, signed a new agreement, with the Cambodian Minister of Social Affair Mr. Ith Sam Heng, about make adoptions easy for eight Italians NGOs.
(Comment from your Webmaster: In Oct.2012 this was confirmed:

October 2012

PHNOM PENH (Cambodia Herald) - Cambodia will allow foreigners to adopt local children from January, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Secretary of State Long Visalo said Monday.

"The government has set an annual quota of between 100 and 200 children below the age of eight to the United States and between 50 and 60 children to Italy," he said.

Long Visalo said the United States, Germany and Italy had already adopted about 4,000 to 5,000 Cambodian children.

Cambodia banned foreign adoptions in 2009 to better regulate the process and passed a law on international adoptions on December 3, 2009. The law cracks down on child trafficking and bans adoptions for profit, providing harsher penalties for lawbreakers, and requiring adoptions to be handled by authorized and trained officials.


The interests between the two countries are:

- donations and humanitarian aid - sometimes only gifts – even at political level: bilateral meetings financed by the state or by NGOs – with public money.

- long distance adoptions. People from various places around the world, created this business in internet… Easy with a right words and good website!

Sometimes the money for which there is oversight which ends up in the wrong hands.

A lot of false information that encourage families to became liar and miserable just to get an advantage from their children.

Those Cambodian directly involved with such NGOs only notice the reality directly linked to their actions, often to draw a profit from it.

It is good that money come to Cambodia.

But there are different way to get it.

Honestly. Not from lie!

Not spreading prejudices between Cambodian about foreigners (the psychosis about every foreigner could be dangerous for children) or between foreigners too (even a grandfather with a niece is looking with suspicious in this era).

Please, don`t think that because some NGO use the money also for help the poor people, they are justify to collect its in every way.

Criminals that spread and manipulated false information about pedophiles – this is the only way to address those generating damages Cambodia – are free to say whatever they want.

They openly criticize the Cambodian Society and Institutions, the police and even the Prime Minister.

In any event often those who write, live outside Cambodia in some richer country (where they get the money for???); often hiding in the shadow, behind an NGO names.

The donation are used in Cambodia, to buy everything without control, even people.

A new kind of Economy started here.

Fortunately many NGOs in Cambodia are good – even some Italians. (comment from your webmaster: which one's are good ?)

Please don`t let the blame that some NGOs will attract with their dishonest behaviour (we hope the scandal will start soon), to cover the majority of NGOs that work well.

Why others NGOs - from more serious countries or with other targets – don`t follow the “Italian way to make money”?

The “mind” of the Cambodia slander – about the false informations in Italy – is Mr Caruso Francesco, originally from Torino.

From Hong Kong where he lives and apparently bought a house, for many years he devise campaigns for long distance adoptions and fights against tourist child sex, denouncing alarming abuses on the Cambodian children.

His foundation, “” (translate by “helpthechildren”. Somehow linked with “Save the Children” and a complex umbrella of NGOs, as well as APLE and Child Safe in Cambodia – whom more likely are not aware of the lies he tells, or pretend not to know – is connected with Sihanoukville based NGO, Mlop Tapang. On the internet he boasts being one of its founders in 2003 – together with an Irish Lady (Maggie Eno) and some Cambodians. (Mlop Tapang receives several million USD in Donations each year)

With the help of complacent journalists – some unknown professional, other being second level reporters for important newspapers or Tvs, relatives, friends, friends of friends, photographers, educators or virtual individuals (like in certain blogs, where the same person posts both questions and answers) – he spreads misinformation on Cambodia and Sihanoukville.

He is free to write whatever he wants – internet is a huge trash bin like no other.

Only in Italian language he is so aggressive. In English he does not write the same.

The NGO Mlop Tapang in their articles – in English, dozens posted on the internet – use different language to put their message across. They speak of education, schooling, projects.

What is serious is that in Italy somebody listen and believe him, sometimes giving him visibility and credibility, allowing him to make his profit (in September-October or under Christmas, when donations increase) and therefore to create more damage and prejudices to Cambodia.

He does not visit Cambodia, the country he speaks much about, that often; only few days in a year, when he has to give interviews with journalists.

“He takes care of the financial issues” they say of him at NGO Mlop Tapang in Sihanoukville.

In other words he is the “bank”, transferring money – made from false alarming and fake information – from Hong Kong to Sihanoukville.

Be assured that when funds are collected improperly, they will end up being used also in an improper manner by those here self appointed “champions of justice” who understand “morality” in the same way.

At NGO Mlop Tapang they received and spent a lot of Italian donations.

Money has no smell or color!

Responsibilities fall upon many individuals:

- those that profit from the situation, either directly or indirectly or secretly;

- the journalists, whom are paid to prepare certain scandalous media reports and cannot oppose to it as they are sent to Cambodia – and well treated when there – to “help the cause”;

- those impressed by all such prejudices, whom superficially listen only to one voice and do not further look into the reality of Cambodia – it will be sufficient to move away a few meters from the tourist areas – and thinking to do good, spread those information and unknowingly become a cog in the machine;

- those that keep quiet for fear or lack of interest.

A real example of trash journalism appeared on the Italian magazine “Panorama” on 9 December 2010, at page 162.


They want this to appear as news, but it is only damaging propaganda!

The article entitled “The hunter of ogres”, sounds like it was written directly by Mr Caruso.

Stella Pende – who signs the article for the magazine – maybe when she came in Sihanoukville, spent only few hours in the five stars hotel and in the NGO, only.

Here is a short portion (but all of it is false and incorrect):

- Francesco accompanies us with a tuk-tuk through the monsters’ favorite itinerary: the street where children are begging, the bar for tourists, the benches on the seaside. This is the map of infamy. The last stop in a gas station where, just a few days ago, an Italian was arrested: he hid there with 3 very small female children. One of them, though, managed to run away screaming “call immediately the Italian man”… “he is the one who save the children and is called Child Safe”… (all translate from Italian language)
Lies! Misleading, incomplete and manipulated data.

Let me say:

- the arrest of an Italian (Fabio Cencini) at the gas station occurred exactly on 4 March 2008 – two years, nine months and five days before the article. Not “just a few days ago”.

Old news! From Italy those moral detractors have been telling stories since this fact.(;

- in Sihanoukville there is no street where children usual beg for money. Only in the main beach sometimes happen, where the tourist are; they often go around to collect rubbish or sell goods, and disturb foreigner, maybe because they are sent, control and protected by adult and some NGOs;

- at the bar for tourists there are no children (the owner, a foreigner, will have problems with the Police otherwise).

Don`t worry; somebody could send them when the journalists come;

- the benches near the beach (there is no seaside) are not the itinerary favorite by the monsters, but just a normal place close to the beach; many adult are around all the time;

- nearby the CALTEX gas station (one of the two in the town centre) there are poor families who send their children to beg. Adults supervise and control them. The female children in question (you can see their picture on the internet although their face has been covered) were there until few months ago, looking for “troubles”;

- the “Italian man called Child Safe” lives in Hong Kong and not in Sihanoukville. Not one child know him?

- (of Mr. Caruso Francesco, Mlop Tapang and who knows how many other NGOs names) received 2 million euro donations – share with some other friends of children – from “Mediafriends” (non profit organization established by R.T.I. S.p.A., Mondadori S.p.A e Medusa S.p.A. belonged to Italian Prime Minister Mr Silvio
Berlusconi Berlusconi). Mondadori owns the media magazine Panorama.

- in 2010 (up to December) the number of foreigners arrested for abuses over children in Cambodia – 181.000 square kms, 15.000.000 inhabitants, 2.000.000 tourists – was 17 and not the false and exaggerate number that the article report.

See also “Le Iene” guests of Cifa NGO. Another example of italian-lies propaganda.

It is appropriate to report about pedophilia, but not to exaggerate the tones – although many normal people refuse to hear about it.

In case of suspicious it is necessary to adopt a conscious and responsible attitude and inform the Police, and not Caruso.

Cambodia means humanitarian help, donations and NGOs (non profit organizations).

Cambodia society is based upon the support model introduced by the UN (UNTAC) in 1992-94.

Since then, influx of foreign aid money increased every year.

Currently, half of the country budget is constituted of humanitarian aid…

China offer aid for make infrastructures; while the US introduced the new colonialism NGOs.

The public opinion is divided among those supporting and those rejecting this system – or perhaps from those who benefit from it and those who don’t.

Certainly the aid that come without work and worth, make people rich in a false prospective.

Brand new SUV like Lexus, Toyota and Range Rover, moto, computers, mobile phone, 5 stars hotels, luxurious restaurant, business class trips, waste of money, favors…

Poverty it’s a business!

Money keep flowing in!

A large chunk of this
money stops at the top, but some manages to trickle down to those at the bottom.

The system is sick and impossible to understand in its complexity.

It is so complicated that it looks like it has been carefully designed and planned, embedded with its own defence mechanisms.

It generates corruption, dependency and social divisions.

It allows buying respect, consideration, protection and impunity.

Some individuals protected by a well defended and impenetrable system without oversight have found fertile soil to enrich themselves, creating the appearance of a respectable image -unfortunately what you do it is not really necessary, it is all about how people see you, if you have money and authority you will be venerated.

Part of the profit earned behind the back of poor people and of those helping you in good faith, sometime is being reinvested to generate additional profit: business activities, purchase of land or houses, all under the name of Cambodian families or companies.

The NGOs spread everywhere, in any sector.

They are the real “mafia”. The new owners.

They rule. They “buy” people and protection.

Recently a new law regulating their activities, their properties and their financing methods is being in the process to be approved. Finally! The NGO's fighting it and even get help from EU,US and UN to prevent it. Nobody wants transparency !

Foreigners manage them (intl. NGO's) quickly and easily move from an NGO to another.

Usually, they don’t mix with the local population or with those who do not share their environment.

Foreigners eat in the same restaurants, frequent the same places, shake the same hands, congratulate each others, sometime cooperate, sometime tolerate each other without entrenching.

The newcomers, volunteers but well paid, in order to integrate themselves in the system have to accept it.

Many Cambodians work in the more than 3.000 NGO disseminated over the Cambodian territory. Sometime they are entire families, long distance relative, neighbors…

Thousands and thousands work in the large NGO system or trying to work for it. There are no real alternatives,except sweatshops in the garment industry where people are exploited and overworked and mass faintings of work staff are a common phenomenon.

Working for an NGO is more looked for than a post in a bank… salary is higher.

Do not believe any more to the 50$ a month salary.

Some NGO pay 250$ a month plus other benefits, such as food, rent, moto, medicines, dentist, doctor, free of charge facilites, etc…

There are many honest individuals, of course!

Cambodia people are mostly good and honest.

They benefit only of few privileges, for themselves or for those whom they care for but possibly get corrupted by the unmoral enviroment of the NGO in the process, too.

To take advantage is normal, more or less according to opportunity and moral.

Stealing from aid money – destined to this goal – or from foreigners in general (because they have more money) is normal; it is seems as less serious – even before the law – that stealing from anyone else.

Those poor and miserable being helped by the NGOs often get as more as possible and learn how to say thanks and accept only those with the power; keep tender they hands, lying and cry for help.

Cause to the situation, some families always send they children to beg for money – only where the foreigners are.

It is the simplest thing to make a living.
Thanks to Italian donations, NGO Mlop Tapang in Sihanoukville has become the richest and most powerful NGO in the city. In order to keep that status they keep the campaign against western men beeing monsters alive through their campaigns.

They bought tens of motos, cars and trucks; hired more personnel (now 160 so called social workers); cooperate with tuk-tuk drivers and food sellers (that pretend to catch foreigner pedophiles looking around for all single white man with suspicious).

They have built a new headquarter a few years ago with donor funds – a sort of an army barrack with cctv cameras and sofisticated alarm; increased their advertisement campaign again pedophiles; increased the number of those they assist (not only street children); expanded area of operation, started new projects; new activities; bought houses, guesthouses and lands, bars,restaurant, tour operator, hair saloon and various shops.

They organized courses for anti-pedophile squads, monitoring the territory of the whole of the Sihanoukville County. Their vehicles can be seen all the way up to Phnom Penh. Every name and adress of a child is registered so it can be used to raise funds. (like : now we support xxxxx children.)

They foster suspicions, diversity, a mental block, racism and lack of interest for any different culture – the western one – and for human being.

Protected from indiscrete eyes, they spread their message to children and adults. Probably they taught – a sort of brain washing – that foreigners are dangerous, morally loose and sick, going with children.

Children easy repeat what some adult teach them to say…

(“C`era una volta – Il paese dell`orco cattivo” – other italian special scoop about pedophiles from RAI TV, guests also of Mr. Caruso in Mlop Tapang.)


Tens of staff, with motos and red t-shirts, drive up and down the town losing petrol, until sunset…..

With the dark they disappear. Or they go to bed -as everyone else here.

Everyday, yellow trucks pick up children – those who want to go – to take them to their headquarter to play. More often, they do a kind of school-bus service for children (from the Public School to all around Sihanoukville).

They look with diffidence towards those foreigners who have mixed with the locals.

They never talk with expatriates or turists.

Sihanoukville street children in Ochheuteal Beach (the main one), are probably the country worse mannered.

But even in Siem Reap (in the tourist area only, they follow more or less the same behaviour).

Thanks to an NGO?

The Child Safe workers with their blue t-shirt, are busy to talk at their hand-phones. In the tourist destination they stand in public place; often outside National Museums or nice hotels. In the night time they disappear.

They say that people are poor and they can`t do anything to stop them to beg.

At the main beach, children have learnt not to be afraid of foreigners – only when they are in a group and in public places – to lack respect and to exploit them.

With Cambodians, they are respectful and well mannered.

At the beach bars is a continuing come and go of dozens of children, trying to sell the same stuff but don`t sell anything.

Who is behind them? Who give them the goods? Is it an NGO or it is a kind of racket?.

Sometimes they steal things; always telling one lie after the other:

- they need money to pay their school.

Cambodian khmer schools are free – except for stationery. The government couple of years ago had arrested teachers asking for money from the students. NGOs also provide for free education;

- they are orphans. (the biggest lie of them all !!)

Often their parent or who take care are close by, sometimes only few meters outside the beach. They are talking, cooking and playing card, waiting for children to came back. After a change of clothes (dirty for who collecy plastic bottles) and different goods provided (from bracelets to flowers, to bracelets again; from fireworks to food) they sent children to work again.

More than one time, I sow a mother that beat a newborn bady for make him cry and then ask for “gnam-gnam” from tourist.

I saw children wear nice clothes to go to Pagodas and then changed for beggar.

I saw children from normal families, ask money from tourist like a game…

- they have no food.

No one dies of hunger in Sihanoukville.

- or for medications.

Khanta Bochea Hospitals, 4 in Cambodia, all set up by Swiss Doctor Beat Richner who has been involved for more than 40 years, provide for free medical care every hear to tens of thousends of children. Everybody in Cambodia, poor or rich, know it and in case, reach the Hospital from everywhere (free transpotation also).

But others NGOs never tell people about it.

In case, they could not ask for more money to open a new children Hospital…

- they need money to help their family.

Many children pay the mototaxi to go home. Many go around talking at hand-phone. Many play electronic games. Just like children everywhere…

Stop to lie!

Stop encouraging misery!

Must stop giving money to kids! Don`t buy anything from children.

Send them away from tourist area; everyone would like them to study and play…

At times the children sit close to you without disturbing; other times they make fun of the tourists…

If don’t keep them away they can even start touching people (it is normal among Cambodians – it is a demonstration of sympathy and affection or the way to get something…).

For NGOs, and for who has prejudices, it is equivocal behaviors…

Young girls with adult-like make-up propose massages and pedicure…

They are not guilty. They are sent there by the adults.

This is the system.

Some NGOs benefits with the publicity from this situation.

Only there, attention!

Just outside tourist areas – likewise in the rest of Cambodia – you cannot longer find children asking you for a dollar or telling lies.

They grow up with respect – for those older than them – following Khmer Culture.

Cambodia is in a moment of huge development, in every sense.

Many do useful things for Cambodia, each do their small part…

Almost everyone loves and respects children, not only those self-proclaimed “friends of the children”.

There are hundreds of serious NGO, from all around the world, that working for the welfare of children.

We wish that in the future, the Cambodian Government improve the education-system encouraging the children and their parents to attend to the ordinary institutions and school.

With the global world communication, lies are short legged. People get to know quickly.

There are about 2.000.000 millions tourist in Cambodia every year; 200.000 of which coming to Sihanoukville.

Cambodia is no longer a poor and miserable country, mysterious and dangerous as it has been painted.
They will tell you that “things are improving, much better than before, thanks to the “friends of the children”, but there is still a lot to do”.

They will increase their propaganda…

They will change their goals, they have already started doing it…

Someone will continue to speak of “foreigner pedophiles paradise” and “ogres” but others -perhaps belonging to the same network – will add to children with AIDS; children use for organ trafficking; drug addicted children; children collecting garbage; children smoking yaba; children who don’t go to school; children who drink sewage water; children that have no medicines; children dying of hunger; children living in shanty towns, children that play with dangerous fireworks, children…


Please His Majesty King Norodom Sihamoni, do something to stop this false propaganda about Cambodia.

Please Mr Samdach Akkak Moha Sena Padey Dekjo Hun Sen, clean this shit.

Please journalists from everywhere, come in Cambodia to investigate and report about the real situation.

Please everybody, do something to stop this dirty business.

Help the children to became men and women, not beggars.

Prof. Bruno Mayer

Child Sex Trafficking and Abuse in the USA


What About American Girls Sold on the Streets in the United States ?

In the United States we see girls all the time who have been trafficked — and our hearts harden. The problem is that these girls aren’t locked in cages. Rather, they’re often runaways out on the street wearing short skirts or busting out of low-cut tops, and many Americans perceive them not as trafficking victims but as miscreants who have chosen their way of life. So even when they’re 14 years old, we often arrest and prosecute them — even as the trafficker goes free.

In fact, human trafficking is more similar in America and Cambodia than we would like to admit. Teenage girls on American streets may appear to be selling sex voluntarily, but they’re often utterly controlled by violent pimps who take every penny they earn.

From johns to judges, Americans often suffer from a profound misunderstanding of how teenage prostitution actually works — and fail to appreciate that it’s one of our country’s biggest human rights problems. Fortunately, a terrific new book called “Girls Like Us,” by Rachel Lloyd, herself a trafficking survivor, illuminates the complexities of the sex industry.

Lloyd is British and the product of a troubled home. As a teenager, she dropped out of school and ended up working as a stripper and prostitute, controlled by a pimp whom she loved in a very complicated way — even though he beat her.

One of the most vexing questions people have is why teenage girls don’t run away more often from pimps who assault them and extract all the money they earn. Lloyd struggles to answer that question about her own past and about the girls she works with today. The answers have to do with lack of self-esteem and lack of alternatives, as well as terror of the pimp and a misplaced love for him.

Jocular references to pimps in popular songs or movies are baffling. They aren’t business partners of teenage girls; they are modern slave drivers. And pimping attracts criminals because it is lucrative and not particularly risky as criminal behavior goes: police arrest the girls, but don’t often go after the pimps. (In fairness, pimping is a tough crime to prove, partly because the star witness is often a girl with a string of prostitution arrests who leaves a poor impression on a jury.)

Eventually, Lloyd did escape her pimp after he nearly killed her, but starting over was tough, and she had trouble fitting in. When she showed up at church in a skirt she liked, four women separately came over to her pew with clothing to cover her legs.

“Apparently skirts need to be longer than your jacket,” she recalls. “Who knew?”

Then Lloyd came to the United States to begin working with troubled teenage girls — and found her calling. In 1998, at the age of 23, she founded GEMS, short for Girls Educational and Mentoring Services, a program for trafficked girls that has won human rights awards and helped pass a landmark anti-trafficking law in New York State. On the side, Lloyd earned a college degree and then a master’s, graduating summa cum laude.

Lloyd’s story is extraordinarily inspiring, as is the work she is doing. One of the girls she rescued from a pimp later graduated from high school as valedictorian. But Lloyd’s memoir is also important for the window it offers into trafficking in this country.

Americans often think that “trafficking” is about Mexican or Korean or Russian women smuggled into brothels in the United States. That happens. But in my years and years of reporting, I’ve found that the biggest trafficking problem involves homegrown American runaways.

Typically, she’s a 13-year-old girl of color from a troubled home who is on bad terms with her mother. Then her mom’s boyfriend hits on her, and she runs away to the bus station, where the only person on the lookout for girls like her is a pimp. He buys her dinner, gives her a place to stay and next thing she knows she’s earning him $1,500 a day.

Lloyd guides us through this world in an unsentimental way that rings pitch perfect with my own reporting. Above all, Lloyd always underscores that these girls aren’t criminals but victims, and she alternately oozes compassion and outrage. One girl she worked with was Nicolette, a 12-year-old in New York City who had a broken rib and burns from a hot iron, presumably from her pimp. Yet Nicolette was convicted of prostitution and sent to a juvenile detention center for a year to learn “moral principles.”

Our system has failed girls like her. The police and prosecutors should focus less on punishing 12-year-old girls and more on their pimps — and, yes, their johns. I hope that Lloyd’s important and compelling book will be a reminder that homegrown American girls are also trafficked, and they deserve sympathy and social services — not handcuffs and juvenile detention. 

NGO no longer on Donors mind


Many NGO will shut down operation in 2013
Charities fall foul of public spending cutbacks and falling donations

Jamie Doward
The Observer, Sunday 9 December 2012

Two out of five charities fear they face closure if the economic situation does not improve.

The UK's flatlining economy is having a devastating effect on charities, according to research that suggests that two out of five face closure, with many set to disappear as
early as next year unless things improve.

A poll commissioned by the Charities Aid Foundation confirms that public spending cutbacks and falling donations are conspiring to devastating effect. The foundation
warns that as many as one in six charities believe they may close in the coming year, while nearly half say they are being forced to dip into reserves. One in three say
they fear being forced to cut services.

The figures will make gloomy reading in Downing Street, which believes the third sector has a vital role to play in delivering the prime minister's vision for his "big society".
The funding crisis comes as charities report that there is more demand for their services.

"Times are tough and people have less money to donate to charities," said John Low, Caf's chief executive. "This, combined with significant public spending cuts and
increased demand for charity services, is having a shocking effect on many charities, calling into question their very viability. Many organisations are having to dip into
their reserves, cut vital frontline services and some are even concerned about whether they can survive in these toughest of times."

Charitable donations in the UK dropped by a fifth last year, according to an earlier survey by Caf and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, from £11bn to
£9.3bn during 2011-12. As a result, more than eight out of 10 charities believe their sector is facing a crisis, with two in five (40%) fearing they face closure if the economic
situation does not improve. Nearly three-quarters (73%) believe that they are unable to fulfil their goals, while one in four have axed staff.

Smaller organisations are acutely feeling the effects of the prolonged recession, according to the poll. Research by Caf reveals that small- and medium-sized charities are
facing spiralling losses. They reported deficits of more than £300m in 2011, compared with a surplus of £325m in 2007.

Along with the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, Caf has launched a campaign, Back Britain's Charities, that calls on the government, businesses and the
public to get behind the nation's charitable organisations. It wants the government to modernise and promote gift aid and payroll giving so that donations go further. It is
also calling on businesses to support charities either through donations or practical means.

"Charities of all sizes play an essential role in our society, providing social care and education as well as helping some of the most vulnerable people in our communities,"
Low said. "We all need to act now to support Britain's charities so they can continue their vital work."

Adrian Nottingham, chief executive of the Manchester-based charity Mustard Tree, which runs soup kitchens and supplies food parcels to homeless and vulnerable
people, said his organisation was between two and three months away from having to close.

"Donations have remained stable but our expenditure is increasing," he said. "Food and fuel and transport costs are rising and grants have fallen. It's a perfect storm.
We're getting more clients but we can't increase our revenues. We've eaten into our reserves and the trustees will have to look at whether there is still enough to pay off
debts and staff. Harsh decisions will have to be made in the new year when we will have to lay off staff. It's a precarious situation."

CAF was instrumental in forcing a government U-turn earlier this year over plans to limit tax relief for wealthy donors who made large donations. It warned that the move
would have a devastating impact on the culture of giving in the UK.

The chancellor, George Osborne, has been seeking to encourage the public to donate more. He has expressed hopes that it will become the norm for people to leave 10%
of their wills to charity and has lowered the inheritance tax levied on the estates of those who do from 40% to 36%, to encourage the move.


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09 December 2012 12:22 AMLink to this comment

Perhaps not wholy a bad thing.

Charities might also look at joining together and working more efficiently. It is a pity when resources are spent in competing for money. Also there are rational concerns
as to how charity money is spent and how charities behave towards their clients and staff.


09 December 2012 12:33 AMLink to this comment

if they're hurt by spending cuts, are they or were they ever really charities?


09 December 2012 12:55 AMLink to this comment

I have little sympathy for many charities. Many, as Rory says, are run very inefficiently - and in every way (save their official form of organisation), operate as any other
normal business - complete with layers of management and ambitions to generate large amounts of revenue.

The largest charities seem to have grandiose buildings, large amounts of staff and significant budgets. CAFOD is one in particular, I visited their new offices a little over
a year ago (in the shadow of a Southwark cathedral) and I was astounded at the obvious cost of it all.

The very small organisation I work for (a true nonprofit, now registered as an IPS Mutual co-operative) at one point informally promoted Shelter and allowed customers
on the web shop to also make a donation during the shopping process (which we would then pass on in full). Sadly we had no donations - but we did have an email from a
woman at Shelter out of the blue, threatening us with legal action if we didn't stop our unauthorised usage of their logo - and explaining during subsequent discussion that
the minimum annual financial commitment they required was in the order of tens of thousands of pounds.

This should have never happened - whilst some oversight to stop gross misuse and abuse of their brand is necessary, where it's a genuine promotion the beneficiary
charities should be grateful and always seek to engage in a formal agreement! The reaction we received was astounding.

The same kind of patterns of behaviour seem to go for all large 'charity' businesses if you enquire about setting up an arrangement where you promote them and pass
on any proceeds; Christian Aid, Water Aid etc. all fall into this category. Their stance, and how increasingly they seem to do business, distorts the true meaning of
charitable work, leaves a sour taste in the mouth and really makes you wonder if the charity framework is being abused by organisations who really shouldn't be charities.

It all seems so hypocritical. After visiting some of these swanky HQs, it makes you think quite seriously as to exactly how much of proceeds goes into good causes,
and what majority goes into staff pay, business rates and the electricity bill.

These actions and business decisions also tarnish the good work of the minority of small yet highly actives charities who are genuinely struggling with tiny budgets but
even still maximising the benefit to struggling communities and individuals at home and abroad.

My own experience may be unusually discouraging but these are my experiences from working in the nonprofit sector for the past few years. Our small coffee business
started life as a nonprofit, is now a community co-operative and makes a tangible, measurable difference by contributing both through the Fairtrade scheme (with the
Fairtrade premium) and with a tie-in on-pack promotion, making frequent donations to a small but highly active charity providing clean water infrastructure and health
education in villages across Zambia.

We work on tiny budgets and very slim margins, but it feels like we're doing the right thing and making a big difference given our comparatively limited means. My
greatest worry is that for these large charities, the true meaning of what they're doing is always obscured by the need to constantly think like a for-profit business, with all
the other related commercial interests. It seems like a fundamental conflict of interest.

Far greater scrutiny of larger charities is an absolute requirement. Some charities have grown too fat from grants and state support for far too long - some charities don't
deserve to be granted charity status, they should be nonprofit or even limited by shares / guarantee. That would make them focus on the core issues and halt the 'mission


09 December 2012 1:05 AMLink to this comment

I used to have a restaurant. I was always appalled when the director of the charity had expensive meals and charged them to the charity. It also struck me that the
lifestyle of the charity director seemed way above what should be expected. Lived a £200,000 salary lifestyle while running a 8 employee operation.


09 December 2012 1:07 AMLink to this comment

It's called The Big Society. Government will get out of doing that work and charities will pick up the shortfall. Oh hang on, the government through local government
authorities is cutting back grants to charities and less if any central government money, so fewer charities. One big mess for anyone hoping to get help from a charity.


09 December 2012 1:14 AMLink to this comment

REAL charities ,ie local animal charities that rely on pure volunteers will always survive as they have never recd govt funds or pay staff. The volunteers always pay funds
in the charity themselves.
Maybe the " bigger "charities" could learn a few skills here


09 December 2012 1:14 AMLink to this comment

There is no doubt that some charities will face problems due to cuts in local or central Govt grants - however I suspect very strongly that this is an unintentionally
biased poll - an online survey of 252 senior charity workers is likely to miss completely the thousands of smaller charities who do not have a website or any staff - how
would the research agency have included them? The audience seems likely to be self-selecting - those who are affected will respond... The majority of the small charities
will never have had any Govt money - so are not affected by the 'cuts'. I suggest a close look at the methodology of this poll.


09 December 2012 6:26 AMLink to this comment

Charities should have some auditable metric in terms of efficiency for funds received and distributed or aid given to allow them to continue to register as charities and
obtain relief from public taxes. Registration as a charity gives an official stamp of approval to something that may in fact be fraudulent. A substantial number of charitable
trusts are tax avoidance schemes. The thriving market town where i grew up is now full of charity shops that were clearly established to avoid property taxes. Of course
then there are racist and sexist religious groups like the Church of England that should lose all charitable status immediately.


09 December 2012 7:47 AMLink to this comment

Just look at their accounts! They're all available. Value for Money is a pressing concern for all charities - but proving it takes investment in systems and staff to do
the measuring. And obviously given the choice between spending on this and spending on actually doing stuff most choose the latter.


09 December 2012 6:38 AMLink to this comment

When you actually choose to donate, especially on a repeating basis for the long term, you are rapidly confronted by issues about charities that you would never have
imagined. It is very hard to get complete information, or at least information that may be compared on a like for like basis about two charities doing the same thing. In any
case, we withdrew immediately from one commitment (before ever paying anything) to sign up with what looks like a much more trustworthy operator. As a rule, I avoid
any organisation with strong links to the United States.

I am not so surprised to see the deep skepticism in the comments here.


09 December 2012 6:59 AMLink to this comment

Many charities have lost public support as they are no longer seen as trustworthy, or that funds actually get to the needy. Some having millions stashed in an Icelandic
bank didn't help.

09 December 2012 7:44 AMLink to this comment

Completely incorrect. Charitable giving has dropped, but considerably less than comparable metrics of spend in other areas, which suggests people still trust
charities and give as much as they can.


09 December 2012 7:37 AMLink to this comment

As an animal lover, I only donate to shelters/sanctuaries that have a no-kill policy, or advocate veganism. I prefer to give money to a homeless person outright and they
can choose what they want to spend it on. If they want to buy wine or smokes then that is what will make them happy.


09 December 2012 7:45 AMLink to this comment

Charity? These days i associate the word with forced unpaid labour. Fuck'em.


09 December 2012 7:53 AMLink to this comment

Ah yes; these workshy, feckless charities, sitting at home all day with the curtains drawn.

Stop giving to Charity


19 December 2012 Last updated at 11:40 GMT

Viewpoint: A time to stop giving?

At Christmas people are especially likely to respond to charity adverts featuring tragic images. But they should ask themselves why, says charity founder Georgie Fienberg.

If I say "the 1980s" what do you think of? The Rubik's cube? Maybe any number of astonishingly bad hairstyles?

Or perhaps the famine in Ethiopia comes to mind? Shocking images of starving masses in refugee camps, and shell-shocked British journalists relaying a desperate cry for help to the UK public.

It seems to me that although toys, music and fashion have changed, when it comes to international aid and charity, we are still stuck in the 1980s. I believe it is past time for the charity sector to provide, and the public to fund, a new form of charity - one that is respectful, engaged and creates independence.

In case you think that this is an obvious message, check the advertising in the paper or at the train station.

You are told £3 a month can save this child's life. Sponsor a mosquito net. Give a meal to this orphan. Lonesome faces will stare at you from the newspaper page or the billboard.

Guilt, shock and pity are the motivating impulses. But you have been donating to images like this since the 1980s. So why has nothing changed? And where did all the money go?

These big questions demand answers. If good money follows bad, nothing will change.

This type of fundraising is antiquated, delivers the wrong message and is actually a net negative for society at large - both for Western societies and those in developing countries.

I want to see poverty shock advertising consigned to the history books, right alongside the 80s perm. Only then can we start to engage in a dialogue that answers those big questions about the real efficacy of charity.

This is my personal opinion but it is an opinion borne from my experience over the last 14 years, founding and developing the international child rights charity AfriKids and consulting for a further 50 organisations both in the UK and Africa.

I'm going to do something unusual for a charity founder. Next time you see a pair of hungry eyes staring at you from the newspaper centrefold I'm going to suggest that you do not donate.

Instead I suggest you write to your favourite charity and ask them three simple questions:
When will the project they are fundraising for stop?
How will they know when it stops that it was successful?
How will they share the information on its success or failure with you, the donor?

Live Aid in 1985: But has charitable giving moved on?

Any good charity can answer these questions. Many can, but unfortunately, in my experience there are many more that can't.

My journey in international development began in my gap year in 1997. I saw first-hand the ineffectiveness of internationally-sourced aid in a deeply poor and afflicted society in rural northern Ghana, but I was also struck that there were so many highly motivated, well-intentioned and knowledgeable local individuals and organisations

From the start, I wanted to empower local people to make the changes they know they need themselves. No one is better placed to identify causes and deliver programmes to support than people who live and work in affected communities. Adopting a partnership approach combines external technical expertise and assistance with local know-how and delivery.
Start Quote

Let's start simple - say no to pity fundraising - it belongs in the past”

This experience of partnership working is what makes me so dismissive of the pity advertising of the newspaper and billboard.

Pity funds a blank cheque to the organisation. The money neither respects nor rewards the work and dedication of local people. It does nothing to fund the right sort of outcomes. It is unaccountable to you and unaccountable to the people it is supposed to benefit. And it can be easily squandered and the next day a new image can raise the same money and the cycle continues.

Charities should also get serious about sustainability. As a concept, it is uncontroversial - teach a man to fish, or better still build his own fishing rod and all that.

However, while many aid agencies are keen to promote their sustainability credentials, I am certain that the results of these good intentions are still significantly short of acceptable. And that is because in far too many instances, organisations preaching sustainable development are acting in ways fundamentally at odds with the concept, and the public are still far too susceptible to images and causes of immediate need.

For me, though, sustainability does not mean solving today's problems. It means ensuring that local people can solve their own problems independently of external assistance. Opposing views on aid

Jeffrey Sachs
Dambisa Moyo

US economist, author of The End of Poverty, and former adviser to the Clinton administration. Sachs says many African countries are stuck in a poverty trap, and foreign aid is a necessary part of the solution.
Zambian-born economist who has worked at the World Bank and Goldman Sachs. In her book Dead Aid, Moyo argues that aid harms the countries it tries to help and should be replaced by business investment.

"There are certain places on the planet that... just can't quite get started. So it's a matter of helping them get started, whether to grow more food or to fight malaria or to handle recurring droughts."
"Most of what needs to be done in Africa should be spearheaded by African leaders. The fundamental problem is that the aid industry has become so pervasive that governments abdicate their responsibilities."

In practice, this means funding businesses. My charity chooses ones which meet social and economic objectives while also delivering a "multiplier" effect in the local economy. This effect will ultimately produce greater benefit than, for example, other more immediately profitable but limited enterprises.

The end result of this approach is that my charity is on track to be sustainable in the next five years. And with that, it will close in the UK in 2018.

If the wider development sector is ever going to achieve sustainability in practice, we are all going to need to take a radically different view to supporting more commercial-type enterprises, and contemplating the possibility of closure, than they do today.

Until both the industry approach and public perception of charity changes dramatically, I fear we will not unlock the key to effective development.

Both donor and charity have a role to play in this, but let's start simple - say no to pity fundraising - it belongs in the past. Today, the public and the people we seek to support, deserve more.

I used to say that you'd never see a billboard for my charity at the train station, until 2011 when we were donated the whole platform of billboards in Canary Wharf station in London. It was too good an opportunity to miss.

The slogans on our posters were "They can't depend on us", "Please help us walk away" and "Help us close down".

Somaly Mam Foundation - Afesip

Somaly Mam Foundation Pickup Phnom Penh

Somaly Mam Foundation
An insider report:
I have just returned from Cambodia working with AFESIP one of Somaly Mam's organizations. I want to warn people that although Somaly Mam has a compelling personal story and international profile as a champion of rights for sex trafficking survivors, her organizations are severely problematic. After 7 months in Cambodia attempting to help AFESIP build its psychology program I determined that the organization is so dysfunctional and emotionally unhealthy that my job was impossible. I met others who had attempted to work for Somaly Mam run organizations (Voices for Change and Somaly Mam Foundation - in Cambodia) who encountered similar (and worse) problems.

Please think twice about going to work or volunteer for any of these organizations. The reality does not match the public image. Feel free to contact the editor under the above web link.
A recent Report in the Cambodian Daily (April 22,23 +27. 2012) highlighted the SOMALY MAM Lie !

see:somaly-mam-1.jpg somaly-mam-2.jpg somaly-mam-3.jpg somaly-mam-4.jpg somaly-mam-5.jpg somaly-mam-6.jpg somaly-mam-7.jpg somaly-mam-8.jpg
Somaly Mam, herself a Victim of Human Trafficking by her own family quickly advanced to become what some call an "ICON on Human Trafficking and Child abuse issues in Cambodia" in the U.S. With the Help of her french Husband and many concerned People around the World she managed to set up a fundraising NGO (
Somaly Mam Foundation) in the US and spearheaded Anti Prostitution and Trafficking Demonstrations and Actions (with in Cambodia. After a major crackdown by Cambodian Police on a brothel in Phnom Penh many Cambodian Women where taken into police custody and later held in the "so called shelter" of The Women did not want to be kept there and tried to break out, while their relatives and friends tried to break them free from their virtual Jail. It's not a secret that many arrested Prostitutes in Cambodia get raped and abused by the Prison Guards and Police.

The LIE of Somaly Mam, which she had spread for years was:

1. that her daughter got kidnapped by some criminals as a punishment for her activities in the above case.

The truth is, that her daughter ran away with her boyfriend after the separation of Somaly Mam from her french Husband.

2. that 8 girls got killed by the thugs that freed them from the shelter.

None of this ever happened. She just made it up to ...... ? Yes, propably to raise more funds.

She managed to get even UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon to repeat the above claims in front of intl. NGO's and Country Representatives in New York.

Only after mounting pressure from her former french husband and the international media did Somaly Mam confirm that she made it all up.

At the End of 2012 the Somaly Mam foundation again made headlines, this time with another outrageous lie that she presented to the UN General Assembly:
Long Pros, a Cambodian Girl in her 20's for years was used by Afesip as the ultimate example of Slavery, Human Trafficking in Cambodia. She was a TV Talk Show regular and used by the US Media extensively. Now her Story that she lost one of her eyes because she was attacked while imprisoned in a brothel has been questioned and found untrue. Read the following snippets.

bayon-pearnik-on-afesip-nov.2012.jpg somaly-mam-12-2012-1.jpg somaly-mam-12-2012-2.jpg somaly-mam-12-2012-3.jpg

check out what "Phnom Penh" Insiders say to this >

Francesco Caruso ADM Capital Profile


Caruso (Allocation advisor)

Francesco Caruso, Director of the ADMCF Children at Risk program, since 2007. An Italian national, before joining ADM Capital Foundation Francesco lived for five years in Cambodia where he co-founded M’Lop Tapang, a project for street children that currently employs 160 Khmer staff and reaches over 3,000 children with a budget this year (which year ?) of US$1,000,000.
Since 2004, Francesco additionally has advised several American and European private and public foundations facilitating and monitoring charitable investment of over US$10,000,000 in Asian countries. Previous to his work with non-profit institutions, Francesco worked for six years in banking in North America and Europe. He holds an LLM degree (International and EU law) and a Masters Degree in Development.

Remark from your Webmaster: No word here that he runs his own childprotection - fundraising NGO aiutare bambini in Italy and is actually the boss of ADM Capital in Hong Kong.

Gareth Morgan Analysis on World Vision in Africa

Gareth Morgan - More Money is not the Answer for Africa
africa - 15 August 2007

It’s a pity that the CEO of World Vision in New Zealand, Lisa Cescon (NZ herald, Friday August 10th) has let the vested interest of her
position get the better of her when it comes to a balanced discussion of aid and the African continent.

With the vast sums World Vision spends on advertising it is clear the agenda is to maximise the amount of money it raises from New Zealanders rather than emphasise the value for money got from each aid dollar. The thought that any comment might make Kiwis think a little more deeply before throwing good money after bad is clearly too much for Ms Cescon to contemplate in terms of her corporate budgetary goals.

The reality is that after more than half a century of enormous dollops of aid money being spent on Africa the living standards of most of its citizens have actually slipped. This is worth a discussion at least of why the size of the West’s chequebook is not the answer to the citizens’ prayers on the fragile continent. Now I know religious organisations have an agenda beyond economic and social development but to disguise the capture of souls as something apart from religiosity is less than sincere and deserves highlighting.

Over 75% of Africans survive on subsistence agriculture – they do not have monetary surpluses to see them through bad years. This is the reality of their economic situation. So anything that ruins the harvest immediately disrupts the food supply chain – whether it be weather or political instability. In addition the very poor living conditions that accompany such meagre incomes, foster all number of diseases as we all know.

This is the reality that aid organisations, including World Vision amongst many others are grappling with. But the answer to these issues does not lie in the well-meaning citizens of the West throwing more and more money at the problem – so donation-maximising organisations such as Ms Cescon’s have their priorities wrong and indeed there is emerging evidence are causing problems as well as being of assistance.

For Africa I can see absolutely a case for monetary aid helping with famine relief, sanitation and disease control and there are plenty of great organisations (including World Vision) working in these areas. But beyond that it is clear that Africa and Africans are being corrupted by misplaced Western aid efforts that reflect more about the guilt in the former colonial powers as well as religious expansionism, than they do any needs of developing Africa.

In short there is too much brain-dead money going into the continent – particularly from those with a religious agenda And unfortunately that is a direct result of slick and convincing money raising efforts by organisations such as Ms Cescon’s in the West.

More effort though is needed to raise the productivity of African agriculture, to prevent the ongoing expropriation of mineral reserves from the countries without adequate compensation and spinoffs for locals, and of course sponsorship of African entrepreneurship – through microfinance in particular. These are the issues of Africa, not soul capture.

As for the unfortunate image NGO’s have generated amongst Africans there has been much written on this (see for example Dark
Star Safari by Paul Theroux or White Man’s Burden by William Easterly
) with the general theme that too much aid has landed a
bureaucratic workforce of arrogant NGO staffers in Africa, acting as lord and master over disadvantaged people and engineering a
whole raft of local lookalike behaviours by local bureaucrats – right down to the white Toyota Landcrusisers that race through villages
and are seen by locals as yet another demonstration of white supremacy

Now any organisation has to be able to take criticism and use it constructively – but Ms Cescon’s flat denials of what locals have said
about the aid effort to us, and of the findings of others like the authors cited above whose wages don’t come from aid monies, makes me very suspicious that she is precisely of the cohort that is being seen as undermining some of the marvellous efforts of aid efforts simply because their aid empire has become more important to them than the benefit rendered to those in need.

All organisations should be accountable – whether they be public companies, government departments or taxpayer-subsidised aid organisation. For the ongoing credibility of World Vision it would do Ms Cescon well to address the criticisms rather than attack the critic and leave New Zealanders believing that more money will solve Africa’s needs. It won’t.


You are invited to forward any comments, requests for elaboration to Gareth Morgan.

Exposing the Truth of the Child protection Industry (NGO) in Cambodia